Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Vocabulary

Word: Mom, Amma, mamma
Meaning: Amma
Used : When I need attention from her, When I miss her, When I see someone like her, When I see her photo album.

Word: Papa
Meaning: Appa
Used: Nowadys, when I see his phone, when I see my Mom’s mobile, when I see computer… Because now my papa is in the computer.

Word: ti
Meaning: Chella patti
Used: When I see her in the photo album. She is with me always and attends me always.

Word: ee
Meaning: Aayi. This is my Nagpur grandma’s name. Aayi means mom is Marathi.
Used: When I talk with her through the phone.

Word: Ca
Meaning: Car
Used: When I see a Car, When I see a Car picture from paper, when I see a Car in the TV, when I play with my Car. This is my favorite word.

Word: Shoo
Meaning: Shoo..
Used: When Shoo comes and when I go to bathroom to do that. Sometimes I do on the way to bathroom and my Chella patti comes behind to wipe it.

Word: Shi
Meaning: Shi
Used: After I do Shi.
I don’t signal my Mom that “shi” is coming. I stand up, she understands from my face expression. I tell her only after I do that or I make a funny gesture with my nose and she understands. I am yet to be potty trained.

Word: Boow
Meaning: Doggy
Used: When I see dogs outside the house, when I play with my doggy doll.

Word: Blalbooh googooo
Meaning: Random meaning….
Used: When I have to say something and I don’t know how to say

Word: Oohhh!!!
Meaning: When something disappears. Like, when the Nursery rhymes finishes, when cockroach comes and goes away.
Used: I keep hand in my mouth and say oohh..

Word: Ji
Meaning: Jeep
Used: Used when I see a Jeep picture in paper. This is my recent vocabulary.

Word: Aahhh
Meaning: Aahhh
Used: Sometimes I reply this way when my Mom scolds me. I also use this word to scold Sangeetha didi. This is my multi-purpose word. This word also represents the sound that is made by LION. Thus I use it when I see my Lion toy.

I think I have two three more words to add. My Mom feels lazy to do that now!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Reading Newspaper

The other day I overheard a conversation between my Mom and my Chella patti.

My Mom said, “I don’t know why I am getting Times of India newspaper at home. My son, Aryan, doesn’t allow me to read”.

Chella Pati replied, “ Pavam, what he does? He simply asks you to show the car picture that comes in the paper. See how happy he is when he sees the car. That too the big black car.”

My Mom says, “Yes yes, after seeing his black car, he roams the whole house with that paper shouting ca, ca. We have to tear that paper from the main page and give him. I have to read news in bits and pieces. The irony is he does not take yesterday’s paper. He wants fresh car from today’s paper, even though the picture is same as that of yesterday’s”. In addition to this, his chella pati prays god that everyday the car picture should come in the TOI paper. Doesn't TOI have any other news apart from posting car advertisements? What all god can do and what all his chella pati wants to pray god. Aryan is really crazy and his chella pati is more crazy. When will Aryans’s car mania stop?"

Mommy friends, am I that crazy ??? I simply ask for car picture from TOI paper

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day Care Phobia

My Mom and my chella patti are making plans to put me in day care from January 2008. The other day Mom was telling me that day care would have lot of kids. When I go to day care I should behave properly:

I should be brave,
I should not cry,
I should not disturb others. I should play with them.
I should eat my food properly. Every time they will not feed me.
I should sleep on my own. No jula and no krisha song
I should tell the caretaker when shi shoo comes.
I should play with whatever toys they give. They will not give me, lemon, Bottle, Mom’s photo, Mom’s comb, Onion, Spoons, Plates, Bowls and all such things to play with.
If I do not listen they will scold me or beat me?

I am little scared. What is this all about? Why should I go there?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nursery Rhymes

My Mom got me a Nursery rhyme CD. I love to watch it and I dance to it.

My favorite rhymes are:

1. Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill
Went up the Hill, to fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
Jill came tumbling after.

The other day, I was trying to mimic Jack and was doing show off fall to grab my Mom’s attention. However, I lost my grip, I fell down, and the car toy in my hand broke. My Mom came tumbling after.

Moral of the story: Jack broke his crown and I broke my car.
2. Two little hands

Two little hands,
Clap clap clap
Two little legs
Tap tap tap
Two little eyes..
“I don’t know what they do with eyes”
One little head
Shake shake shake…

When I hear this, I clap my hands and tap my legs. The other day, I did shoo shoo while tapping my leg. I was about to slip, but my chella patti caught me and saved me from falling.

Moral of the story: I think there is some link between hearing nursery rhymes and falling down.

3. My Red Balloon.

This is not my favorite rhyme. When I hear this, I get scared. I go near to my chella patti and sit on her lap.

Moral of the Story: Not all nursery rhymes make me happy. Some rhymes scare me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mom’s Hair

Combing my Mom’s hair has become my duty of the day. I love to do that. I pull her hair, try to put the hair band, and gives puppy to it.

Everyday she brings the comb and hair clip box near to me and says,
“Aryan, comb my hair.”

I happily do the honors and then I decide which clip she should wear.

The other day she was telling me,
“Aryan, why do you give me green clip for blue salwar”? What can I do, I don’t understand colors!!

To make things easier for me, she changed her hair style. She did a layer cut to her hair and thus all her hair keeps coming out. With this layer cut she can play “Shock Lagalagalaga Shock Lagaga” with me. I blush with laughter when I see my Mom pulling her hair and doing Shock lagalaga ..( A TV Ad for a Switch)

NB: As matter of fact my Periamma’s(Mom’s sister) hair amuses me a lot. She has long fluffy soft straight hair.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Car Jo Jo

Sometimes when I want to sleep, my mom puts me in her lap, shakes her lap, and says,

“Jo Jo Jo Jo
Kunju Kutti rei rei
Chella Kutti rei rei…
Aryan Kutti rei rei”.

This continues till I close my eyes and sleep. I simply bask in her lap.

Yesterday night I was playing with my Car toys. I have five cars now. I kept all the cars on top of my elephant pillow and was excited to see them falling one by one when I shake the pillow.

“Aryan, time to sleep.” My Mom said.

I did not bother.

After some time..

“Aryan, come on sleep now. It is already 10:30 PM”

My reaction was the same. I was busy playing with my cars.

Then my Mom came near to me and said. “Aryan we will do Jo Jo to car and make them sleep first.”

I did not know what she meant. Then she put all the cars in her lap and started saying

“Jo Jo
Jo jo
Car kutti rei rei
Aryan’s Car rei rei”

Within minutes all the cars slept. Then my Mom placed them on the top of my elephant pillow.

I was happy because my Mom put my car toys to sleep. Then happily I went and slept in her lap…

End of the fooling story!!!! Oops, Did I get fooled?

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Do you remember, once I had explained about Aliens called teeth that were growing in my mouth? If not see this post of mine.

I have eight teeth. Four in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw.
With the eight little teeth, I manage to eat lots of things, such as Kurkure, Muruku(That my Chella Pati made), Bingo, Cucumber, Tomato, Kissmis, Cashew nut, Biscuit, Carrot…..Lot more to add.

Now the alien is re-loaded. My Mom calls it Pre-Molar. Where are my teeth bitters? My Mom has placed it somewhere. The other day, instead of putting the ice cubes in the bottle, I put it in my mouth. Ahh..I felt so relieved. . .

It is paining and irritating. Oh my mommy friends, can you help me?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Papa is Inside the Computer

Nowadays, I can only hear my Papa. My Mom says that Papa went by aeroplane to US. So whenever I hear the sound of an aeroplane flying, I go out of the house to see it.

Sometimes I see my Mom, keeping something odd in her head and talking with papa. Mom calls it, headphone. Once she tried to keep that in my head also. At first, I was scared. Then I indicated my Mom to remove the headphone and I tried to see where my Papa is? Is he hiding inside the headphone?

Surprisingly, today I saw my Papa in the computer. I usually see animals in the computer, but what happened today? As soon as I got up in the morning, I saw my Papa in the computer. He was taking to me and was saying Aryan Aryan…. I gave one puppy to him.

My Papa is inside the computer not in US. Mom was trying to fool me. I will no longer go out to see the aeroplane and wave my Papa

Papa, when will you come out of the computer and play with me? I miss you Papa…..

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tagging game

My mommy friends are playing tagging games. They tagged my Mom about her 7 weird habits…How can I allow my Mom to write about her 7 weird habits in my blog? Poor Mom I will allow her..to express her thoughts.
So this is what Aryan’s Mom says.

I was first tagged by mnamma to list 7 weird facts about me. For this, I had to get Aryan’s permission to write in his blog. As Mnamma said, I thought I would finish writing it fast, but that was not the case.

First, I am listing the Rules of the game:

a. Link to the person who tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.(Thus I posting it here)
b. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
c. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
d. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So I am all set to go.
1.I cry simply—At times just for a silly reason, tears will gush out of my eyes like a water fall. For example just a mere word “WHY” would trigger tears.
2.It is very difficult for me to say NO to a person…straight away..I think, I think, I think and 8 out of 10 times I end up saying yes…
3.I sleep very quickly. I was the chairman of the microbiology dept in my college days and once I had to go to my university and meet the vice chancellor. I marched in his secretary’s room and she said to wait for few minutes. We were four of us and I opted to sit in a separate leather couch. I sat, closed my eyes and slept within 5 minutes. My friends still make fun of me about this incident.
4.I hate dressing up—Even though I have so many fancy makeup stuff at home, it is difficult for me to dress up in a perfect way. My hubby always scolds me for this habit of mine…
5.I am very poor at shopping. At times, I think so many times to buy something but suddenly at times I buy some odd stuff spending huge amount…and later on I repent my decision.
6.I am quoting the same well written words of UTBT as it is so apt to me also. “I have never been the person who comes up with intelligent answers on the spot. 24 hrs later I would have the best quip, best answer to any question. But the moment would have long gone!”
7.Starting trouble—When I have to do a task, the greatest problem is the starting trouble. I just need someone to push me from behind and then I will zoom away finishing the task
Time to tag others. I am tagging:

Moppet’s mom
Cantaloupes amma
Squiggles Mom
And ofcourse Tharani..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things That I don’t Do

As my chella patti came from Thiruvananthapuram (TVM), I am getting more pampered. She praises me a lot. She really loves to play with me. She amuses me with all the possible ways to make me laugh.

She says “Aryan, nee rumba chamatu, padutharathai illai (You are very good and you are not at all naughty)

Hearing this my Mom asked my chella pati, “ Excuse me, you are telling that your lovely grandson is not naughty”?

My chella pati replied, “Yes of course. Did you get a chance to see how other kids behave in this age? No, right? But I got a chance and I am still getting the chance to see a toddler of Aryan’s same age. (A toddler, named Adithya, stays near to her TVM house). Aryan is so Pavam (innocent) and silent. He is in his own world of books, animal toy, cars, some stupid plastic bottles, lemons, match stick box etc etc…”

So I was eager to listen what my chella pati was saying about my fellow toddler-Adithya. So was my Mom..

So these are the things that I don’t do and Adithya does

1.Tearing the newspaper.
2.Putting anything and everything in his mouth. Especially excavating dust from corner of the house and putting it in the mouth.(Poor fellow he must be hungry always)
3.Spilling water, whenever he gets a chance to do so. Thus, no source of liquids can be kept in his vicinity. The other day he spilled the Sambar it seems. . . .

Hhee…I don’t do all these things. But why don’t my chella pati understand that there is always a silence before a storm…Just now she landed from TVM right?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Transition period again

Today I am 15 months old and lot of happenings are taking place at home.

1.My Nagpur Grandpa and Grandma are here in Hyderabad to amuse me and to take care of me.
2.My Papa is going to US (Where is this place …yaar? I hear this name—US, many times) for a period of three months.
3.My chella patti is coming from Thiruvanthapuram today. Mom was saying that she has got a wooden bus toy, two car toys and a dress for me. Curious to see that…I will elaborate about it in my next post.
4.Then after my Father goes to US, my chella patti would resume her duty of taking care of me and my Nagpur Grandma and Grandpa will go back to Nagpur.

Oops transition period again….Have to switch gears between Marathi and Tamil. My chella pati knows only Tamil and Malayalam while my Nagpur Grandma knows only Hindi and Marathi...

“Aryan, be prepared and adopt the change”

I remember my Mom saying that change is a constant event that happens in life. But I will really miss my Papa and my Nagpur Grandparents!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I understand many things…

Why does MOM think I don’t know the world around? In fact many a times she doesn’t cotton to my language. Simply because I cannot say any other words apart from Mama and Papa doesn’t mean that I don’t know to express my thoughts…..

Yesterday evening my Mom went to light lamp. Everyday she does that and she tells me “Come Aryan we will pray ummachi and light lamp”. So I marched behind her. First she cleaned and wiped the temple, then she drew rangoli, then she made thiri—small thread made of cotton. (As unusual I asked her to give me some cotton to play). Then she poured oil in the lamp and she started searching for something. I exactly knew what she was searching for.

One another timepass for me is to roam the whole house shaking a matchstick box in hand. This continues till I see some thing else exciting and thus I drop the box. Someone else picks up the box and keeps it safe. Yesterday it was my grandmother who picked the matchstick box and kept it on the top of the computer table.

So now back to story…When I saw my Mom searching for matchstick box, I ran to the computer room. I saw the matchstick box on the computer table. My tiny hands couldn’t reach the table. There were so many things scattered on the table and matchstick box was one among them. It was kept on top of a newspaper. Somehow I managed to get hold of the paper edge pulled it. The matchstick box along with so many stuffs fell down.

“Aryan where are you and what are you doing?”, that was my Mom shouting from pooja room.
I was all excited to get the matchstick box. I grabbed it in my hands and went to her and gave her. She was so happy to see that. More than happy she was surprised and was thinking how come 14-15 months old baby understand that we need matchstick to light lamp.

She kept on telling that “I did a good job good job….”Yes of course I helped my mom and did a good job, but why is she forgetting that I know and understand many things. I see her doing the same process everyday and I know that after you pour oil in the lamp you have to light it with a matchstick. I am no longer a Baby…I am a grown up toddler…Don’t you agree with me?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back after long hibernation

Lot to write about my travel experience. This time for a change we went to Nagpur by sleeper bus not by kingfisher airlines. We boarded the bus in the night and morning we reached Nagpur. This was the first time I am traveling in the sleeper bus. The cot was not as big as my house cot. After the tedious journey we landed in Nagpur.

It was fun in Nagpur, especially to pull my little sister—Shithija’s hair. Shithija is 11 months old and she comes near to my Mom. How can I allow her to be with my MOM. Thus my only aim in my life was to pull her hair and shoo her away.

I saw different kind of animals like:
Sparrow (My mom told it is a small bird)

Hen episode was admirable. My Grandfather knew my likings towards the Hen. So he brought one Hen for me. Thus running behind the hen was the second aim in my life.

Scooter episode—Me and my mom sat behind my Athai’s scooter and my Athai took me to silver shop to buy payal for me. Am I a girl to wear payal? Need to ask this question to Mom. Anyway sitting behind in scooter was dangerous. I saw bus coming near to me, Truck sliding past me. . .but my Athai had no fear for buses and trucks. She simply zoomed away in the scooter….

I also saw cycle Rickshaw there.

Altogether we stayed for 11 days in Nagpur and now I am back to Hyderabad. I am at home in my mama’s lap as I am having fever.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ice-Ice baby

These days so many people try to fool me. But will the clever Aryan ever be trapped? No way

Here goes the story:

Today my Mom called me ice ice baby, not because I like Ice-Cream, but because I play with ice cubes.
My craziness to roam around the house with plastic bottle is still there. Today morning
My Mom took the bottle from my hand, took some ice cubes from fridge and dropped it inside the bottle. I stared at her. Then she started shaking the bottle. I was very much excited to see the ice cubes moving here and there in the bottle and I liked the noise it made.

Leaving me alone with this new game, my Mom went away. I roamed the whole house shaking the bottle and making the odd noise. My papa did not like this game, but my mom thought this is probably something to keep me occupied.

Ahh..what happened after some time? I could no longer see the ice cubes, and thus no noise. I was sad and cranky. I went to my Mom again. Then she went near to fridge again, took the ice cubes from the tray, opened my bottle, and put more ice cubes inside.
Ice cubes reloaded…I like it….
After some time same thing happened. Ice cubes vanished!!! So the processes of reloading continued again.

My Grandma—The silent spectator of this event came near to me. She said, “Aryan bring the bottle here”. I thought this time she is going to load the ice cubes, but instead she took some small stuff from outside (She called it pebbles) and put it inside the bottle. Closed the bottle and gave me.
At first I was excited and I didn’t understand what was happening, but the joy of shaking ice cubes bottle was better than this one.

My grandma was trying to fool me!!!! I got angry, threw the bottle and ran away. Thus my mom calls me ice ice baby….

Another name to my list.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Things I like ..

1. I like to run behind butterflies
2. I like to squeeze and rub little ants that keep running around
3. I like to hold a bottle in my hand and walk around the house (The craziness of lemon has stopped now)
4. I like to pull my hair
5. I like to eat vebuthi (My mom takes it from a cover, which is in the ummachi’s (god’s) room)
6. I like to run away from my mom when she is trying to feed me
7. I like to play with match box
8. I like to take bath with Papa under the shower.
9. I like to play with mama’s bangles
10. I like to scold sangeetha didi (I make noise when she tries to lift me)
11. I like to squeal with delight when I see Bread. (Not because I want to eat, but because I like to make bread crumbs and scatter it in the house.)
12. I like to see people reversing a car, especially when the car makes sound like tikitiki, tikitiki…When I see this, I shout ca ca ca..
13. I like to play with my toy car sitting on my Papa’s tummy
14. And of course I like BLOGGING.

That is it for today..Hehhehe

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My Mom and my Father took me an exhibition yesterday. When I heard exhibition (a tongue twister word for me at least), I thought it should be somewhat similar to a temple or a hospital. (These are the two places I go most of the time) But this was totally different!!!! For the first time in 13 months I am seeing an exhibition, lots of people and kids like me with their parents. It was such a happy place.

I saw lots and lots of serial lights at the entrance. It was more than the one we have in our house.
We went inside. Mama was holding me in her hand. I signaled her to put me down so that I can walk all alone. Mama was skeptical because of the crowd, but I squirmed like a worm and managed to get down from my Mama’s hand. But still she was holding one of my hands and she was not ready to give me a chance to be alone and explore the exhibition. You know what, “sometimes we need personal space right”. (Refer to my Mom’s word in the previous post “I love you Mama”).

We went inside some place. Papa called it a Toy shop. I was tempted to pull everything in my vicinity and play with it. By now, my Mom took me in her hands and showed me few toys. I liked the Blue Bus the best, but did not show as much excitement as I showed towards the Animal toy. Thus my Mama got me the Animal toy.

It had the following animal dolls:
A Giraffe
A Lion
A Black Bear
A Dear
A Leopard.

I had seen all these toys in my animal book. Now I can lift the animals in my hands and play with it.

Then we saw something strange. Papa called it a Giant Wheel. Mamma was all excited to see that and she left me with Papa and went and sat on it. I was just staring at Mamma and suddenly she disappeared. Then again she appeared. In-between Papa showed his hand up and told Mamma is up. How come? Mamma is not a crow to be in the sky?

I was all confused. Anyway after sometime she came and I was little angry for leaving me alone with Papa. Then she said she will make me sit in the Cartoon wheel (Was not like Giant wheel). She made me sit on a duck and was rotating me. I enjoyed it…

Then Papa got Cotton Candy. It was different from the cotton that Mamma used to light lamp.

Then Papa got me a mobile phone. But it made some odd noise!!!!

After some time I felt sleepy we went home.

So the moral of the story is:
Exhibitions are different from temple and hospital
You can get Animal toy when you go to an exhibition.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where can I take my Mom and run away?

I woke up in the morning to see my Mama sleeping next to me. I went near her, laid my head on her stomach and woke her up. That is how I do everyday.

She took me in her arms, kissed me and took me to bathroom for shoo..shi…etc

Now my tension started. Again another day has begun and my Mama would leave me and go to office within an hour. She brushed my teeth, gave me bath and she also got ready. She wore her office dress.

Where will I go and hide my Mom? I took her to kitchen, I took her to bathroom, I took her out of the house. I just wanted to run away with my Mama before my granny holds me and takes me away from my Mom. But where ever I go with my Mom, my Granny follows me like a …..

She says, “Come Aryan, Mama has to go to office”

I started crying. Granny showed me Fish toy, the colorful Butter fly, my new picture book …..Soon I forgot that my Mom left me behind. After my Mom goes, I am happy with my granny playing and amusing her the whole day.

Another day in my life.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Two things I like to do.

I like to hold a small lemon in my little hand. Walk around the whole house without giving it to anyone. It’s really a timepass. In-between I try to put the lemon in the mouth and when I cannot put it completely I stop trying.

I like to run behind Sangeetha Didi when she brooms the house. My motive behind this is very simple. I just like to play with the waste and dust that she accumulates when she brooms. She always shoos..s me away.

Custard Apple Seed

“Aryan, Custard Apple is a round green color fruit”.
My Mom showed me the pictures and told me the different names of the same fruit.
It is called “Sita phal” in Hindi, “Sita palzham” in Tamil and “Aana mundiri” in Malayalam. (I have to remember so many names).

Today let me introduce another character in my life. Her name is Sangeetha Didi—She is not as tall as my Mom, but she came with us from Nagpur to take care of me. She stays in our home.

Yesterday Sangeetha Didi was eating Custard apple. I was excited by its black seed. If the seed is lying in the floor I can manage to take it with my two tiny little fingers. After eating the fruit she kept the seeds in her hand. I tried to take the seed from her hand. But she threw it in the dustbin. I tried to take from dustbin, but she kept the dustbin away from my reach. I got annoyed and went to Mom crying.

I took my Mom to Kitchen and pointed towards the rice box. (Custard apples were stored in that box). My Mom did not understand. Anyway it is not unusual. Many times my Mom takes time to understand what I am saying. Again I cried and was trying to open the rice box myself. Thank god she understood now and she opened the box and took out another BIG Custard apple.
Yepee..I was all excited. She started peeling the green cover and put the white matter in my mouth. I spitted that and asked her for the seed. I was staring at the black seed. My Mom did not give me the seed; she said seeds are supposed to be thrown away.

How I loved the black seed. It is so shiny and good. I was sad and angry. I went near to Sangeetha Didi. She was still eating. I went near to her and slapped her on her face. She was the one who triggered me.

Oops ahha….she shouted. Why did she shout? Believe me, I did not slap her hard!!!

She came to Mom complaining that the black seed is struck in her throat. Out of four black seed she had in her mouth one is stuck in her throat. What to do now? Then the whole drama started, She started drinking water, ate banana, tried to vomit…. All the efforts were in vain. My Mom is planning to send her back to her native place so that the doctors can get the seed out.

Ahhh…now I know the reason why they did not give me the BLACK SEED OF CUSTARD APPLE.

Two days before, my Mom said that plants grow from seeds. Do you think custard apple plant will grow from Sangeetha Didi’s mouth?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love you Mamma…

When my Mom is at home, I make it a point that I don’t leave her alone. Even if she is in the bathroom, I will wait outside just to make sure that she doesn’t fool me and go to office.

One fine day when my Mom was at home she was telling that she is going to make dosa.
The outcome—I have to be with Papa in the living room. OK, I agreed. I was with papa for few minutes, and after sometime when I missed my mom I walked and went to kitchen. Again my Mom dropped me in the living room and started making dosa…(Why she has to make all such things. Why can’t she eat whatever grandma makes?) This time I slowly followed her holding her dress. She took me in her hand and made me sit in the kitchen granite slab.

Ahh….. I got to see lot of things. Small colorful bottles and boxes. I was all excited. I tried to pull one by one and my Mom was telling me not to do. She became angry and dropped me back in the living room.
Now I was sure that my Mom is angry. How can I please her? Idea!!! I went to kitchen again smiled at her, went near to her, and I thought will give her one puppy on her cheeks.
But before even I could give her my sweet puppy, she became really angry.

She was telling me that “You don’t give me any personal space, you are always behind me, I have to cook, you don’t sleep during day also, this is not the way. Be with your papa or grandma….and go..”

My grandma was also in consensus with my Mom’s statement. Thus after this episode my grandma makes sure that I am little away from my Mom. She takes me away often and tells my Mom that kids should know to be independent and alone.

Readers help me; Did I grow big enough to be away…?.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What to write……

Am I Ruskin Bond., who is capable to write out of nothing? Am I Shakespeare who writes out of everything? Am I Mama who writes technical documents? .No no, I am Aryan Karmore who writes about himself. But what should I write now?

Should I write about the new board book that Papa got me?
Yes, here is the Book review.

Publisher—I don’t know…why do you need that info?
Contents—Picture of different animals.
Cover—I like the way it is designed, especially the cover. A white Rabbit cover.
The pages are strong and sturdy for my tender hands. I cannot tear the pages like a do with the news paper.
Contents—This is a good picture book, good enough to excite me. When I am having food, my Mama shows me all the pictures along with their names. So far I can recognize Tiger and Cat. Cat is my favorite animal. My mama makes the odd noise (Meow) when she talks about Cat.

The other day when I saw a cat passing by, I was really excited and jumped with joy.....
When will I see a Tiger passing by?????

FYI—I have the other books in the same series: Number, Alphabets and Vehicles.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Making Round Round and Round…

By 13 months of my life, I have different names….
Aaru, Apple, Aryan, Bambboo, Chiku, Kannanukutti, Kuttivalu, Krishna, and Ganesha…..

The last two names resembles God’s name right? She calls me Krishna because she says I am like him. Why Ganesha!!!! Oh, yes I was born on Vinayaka Chathurthi day. Thus Mom says my ears are also like an elephant. Do you guys feel like that…

Anyway now that I am Ganesha I thought I will do some of his pranks..

Oops, I forgot to tell you something..I started walking alone…Thanks to all the readers who wished and encouraged me to walk…….Thanks Noon and Anonymous…

So, back to Ganesha story. Yesterday when I was about to sleep, my Mom told me a story of Ganesha and Karthikean….A story about them fighting for a Mango. The clause is, Whoever makes three rounds of the universe will get the mango. Karthikean sets out with his peacock, but atlast Ganesha gets the mango because he makes three rounds of his parents instead of the universe. He thinks that his parents are his universe..
For me also the idea is the same. My Mom is my universe……

So today morning as soon as my Mom sat down to drink tea, I started chuttifying (Making round) her. I was thinking she would give me mango…But she gave me biscuit!!!!

She was very pleased to see me making round and round and round….she hugged me…and kissed me.

First of all for the past two days she is very happy because I am walking alone now…..
But MOmmmy..oh Mommmy….wait and watch till I walk and run and discover all the little things in our house.
I will make you go berserk…Hehheheheheh

Monday, October 1, 2007

Decorating me, is it a time pass????

The other day Mom was very excited…the reason unknown!!

She came home early from office. She had a few stuffs in her hand. I jumped to her with joy and she said , “Aaru today is Krishna Jayanthi. So I am going to dress you like god Krishnan”.

In fact Lord Krishna is my little friend. Everyday when Mama lights the lamp I see him sitting inside our temple. I love to hear his songs when I am sleepy. My Mom calls me little Krishna. Is that the reason she was planning to dress me like that?

1. Anyway she started first with my HAIR—She was trying to put some flowers on it.
My response—Did not allow to do so. I got irritated.

2. Then she started with my FACE AND BODY—She was applying some yellow cold stuff on me and called it chandanam!!!!
My response—Was blant and I was trying to rub it.

3. Then she started with DRESS—She tied a cloth along my waist and called it Dhoti.
My response—I was extremely annoyed, as I was feeling odd without my shirt.

4. Then she started with JEWELS—She took her pearl set (I don’t know what it was, some white round stuff) and was trying to put it around my neck..
My response—I was in limbo. What is mamma doing to me?. Dressing me like lord Krishnan?

5. At last she dipped my legs in rice flour mixed with water and made me walk all through the house. I slipped many times but she held me tightly…

But by the time the whole drama was over. I was cranky at my peak…
Aryan was no longer Aryan. I was an angry Krishnan…. And I started crying and shouting… throwing all the stuff..

Here is a snapshot. Its me and me…looking like a cute Krishna…..right…but mamma….where is the stick that Krishna holds on his hands ?????

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Walking…a new ordeal

So the D-day Arrived. I was at Shiridi, a city in Maharashtra, on my first Birthday (27/08/07). My parents took me the Saibaba Temple. All my family members we there and as usual I was cranky as I saw many unknown faces in the temple. Another lesson I learned is that when I am out of my house I get to see many people. Some of them try to play with me or hold me. But how can I leave my Mom and go in their hands. I am stuck with my Mom like Fevicol glue.

Nowadays exactly at 5:30 P.M., I start blabbering mamma mamma and I search the whole house because that is the time my Mom comes from office. I hold my Granny’s finger and walk around the whole house. As you all know that I can walk with support now, but my Father wants me to walk without support. I hold his fingers and walk and in-between he tries to leave the support. I get scared sometimes and I sit down so that I don’t fall down. My Father says he will take me to doctor if I don’t walk by myself before 15 months. Now I am on my 13th month. So what will the doctor do? Will he give me Visyneral Zinc drops? I got scared by the idea of taking me to doctor and I thought I should show my walking capability to my father.

Yesterday, I started walking alone on the Bed. Now I can walk alone, say about 5-6 baby steps, if I am on the Bed. The moment I am told to walk alone on the floor I get scared. I hope one day or the other I walk alone..alone …alone. . . .. on any surface….

Monday, August 20, 2007

Climbing the Stairs

By now I have mastered the art of crawling. I can reach any nook and corner of the house. I love to play hide and seek with my Mom. I crawl and hide in a room. My Mom finds me and kisses me.
This crawling art, is being happening for the past two months. I can stand with support and walk with support, but crawling is my best time pass.

One day I saw a new kind of structure. My Mom calls it stairs
She happily climbed up and started calling me from there. I thought I can crawl and reach there as I was very confident with my crawling skill. But when I started the task, I understood the difficulty. Climbing stairs is not as easy as crawling in a the plain surface. I had to keep one hand on one step and other hand on the next step and had to exert pressure.
But slowly and steadily I climbed and reached near to my Mom. I was very happy and felt very confident. Now I climb stairs under my Moms or my Granny’s supervision. They enhance my confidence…

Now climbing stairs has become an exciting task for me …but my Mom gets scared sometimes. She will be watching me like an eagle…

Ahh, I forgot to tell you. I got a chance to see Eagle, Hen, and Puppies. They come near to my balcony…

Soon I will be back with my first shoe wearing experience…

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Mom says I am Naughty

After August 27th 2007, I will be one yr old. WOW one year of life. What all transformations and adaptations!!

My Mom says that I have grown very fast. When I was born
1.I did not even open my eyes for two days.
2.I was blind for 45 days and did not understand my Mom’s face. I was a dumb boy.
3.There was no Hand and Eye coordination in me.
4.I thought if a toy is dropped down, then it disappears. I was not mature enough to understand that it fell down and I have to pick that.

Now I understand a lot
1.I play Peekebo with Mama.
2.I play Hide and Seek with Papa.
3.I look up to see aeroplane flying.
4.I watch bows bows running and sometimes get scared.
5.I obey my mom when she is angry.
6.I like to play with Papa’s mobile and open Mamas wallet.
7.I crawl behind mobile toys to get hold of them. I have a Car and a Fish.
8.I pull Mama’s hair and bite Papa’s cheeks.
9.I stand and walk with support.
10.I am 74cm tall and 8.5 kg in weight.
11.I hold biscuit in my hand and eat myself.
12.I love to eat all the things that are lying on the floor.

One day I was doing R and D with a weird thing. I was trying to find out how it works. “Oops Aryan, …..Throw it away”.

With a loud shrill my Mom snatched that thing from my hand and threw it away. She washed my hand with soap and was very much scared and surprised. When I stared at her for this behavior she said I had caught hold of a dead Cockroach.!!!!

If I am not supposed to play with it why do they keep such things in my vicinity?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

At last moved to Hyderabad. . .

Bangalore to Hyderabad by Kingfisher Airlines was a very quick journey as I slept all the time. I was basking in my Mom’s shoulder and when I opened my eyes I could see a big empty house. I reached Hyderabad before even I could realize. So what got changed?

A big house and more space to crawl…..

My staple food on that day was “Processed Mixed Vegetable Ceralac”. No rice, No pulses and No boiled Vegetables. I was bored eating Ceralac. When I hesitated to eat my Mom simply said,” No Aaru, you have to eat this. There is no gas connection to cook for you” After making me eat or rather making me swallow, all of us went to a near by restaurant. Mama and Papa ate different types of colorful food and they pacified or rather settled me with a Vanilla Icecream.

So what does that mean? Hyderabad means no Gas connection?
Gas connection? My Mom is a big time user of jumbo and bombarding jargons which I am not aware of…….

Readers, please tell her to explain me in my baby language!!!! Will you?

You know one thing; I am no longer a baby now. I will be completing 12 months on 27th August, 2007.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

No time to write

I am back after a long hibernation. It is all because of my Mom. She is busy with her own things. When I stare at her with a questioning look about this behavior, she just says two words—Hyderabad and Interviews. What do these words mean?

She has no time to take care of me; she leaves early and comes late. At home she is busy with some books. My Papa is not to be seen for so many days. Mom says Papa is in Hyderabad and soon we would go there.

Hyderabad is a city. We are going to relocate there. I still remember the harrowing task of shifting from my old residence. Now have to go through the same task again.

So, bye bye Bangalore. The relocation will not affect my blog, I guess!!!

(My Mom promised that when we relocate we will travel in Kingfisher Airlines.)

NB: Now I walk little—those tiny baby steps help me reach my destination.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Are you guys waiting to see my photo? Isn’t it a little boring to read about me and my habits when you don’t get to see me? My remote girlfriend Lorna, wanted to see my pictures. Mom had send my pictures to China but Lorna Zhang will be happy to see me in my blog.

One fine morning my mom was telling to my father that she would bang his head if he doesn’t get a camera. She wanted to create my PORTFOLIO.

She wanted snaps with different styles and emotions like:

A group photo of me and my toys,
A photo when I am in the bath tub and enjoying the hot water bath.
One, when I am on my belly
Another one when I am crawling
Another one when I am squealing with delight
Another one when I am cranky
Another one when I sleep peacefully, A snap of me and my cradle
Another on when I am basking in my Papa’s hand.

Oh, it is a never ending list. At last being bugged with her lecture my father got her a good Digital camera. Now Mom is behind me clicking snaps one after another and recording what I do.

Anyway the idea of taking photo amuses me. I enjoy when they click, me being the center of attraction.

Do they have to take so many photos?
Yes I hope. Because you, the readers, are eager to see me. Aren’t you?

So here you get to see Aryan— the great.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My New Habits and My Habitat

That was a tedious day for my parents. They shifted the house from one place to another. It is the most harrowing task one has to do, that too when they have a baby brat like me.

But atlast they made it and we shifted to a place very near to my Mom’s office.

Let me list the advantages of this house

1.My Mom can come home for feeding me; she leaves to office late and comes early.
2.I can see cars and bikes speeding with the sparkling light at night. My mom takes me out side the house and feeds me food when I stare at these speeding vehicles with open mouth. This way, she ends up feeding me food even before I realize about my mouth’s open status.
3.I can see two “Bows Bows”. They are two doggies which roam in the streets.
4.I can see crow and squirrel on the tree which is opposite to the gate. But they come as soon as I am awake in the morning and my mom does not have time to show me. Still I get to peep at those creatures from the main door.
5.I have a new girlfriend cum neighbor—Archana. Let me quote few words about her.

She comes home to play with me. She is very cute. But this time please don’t misunderstand me. She is very much bigger than me unlike Athira. My Mom never told me how old is she. But I like the way she swabs my hair and the way she says Meow.Meow. I blush and squeal with delight when she is in. But still I have not reached that level to be in her hands. I need some more time to be comfortable with her.

Disadvantages of the new habitat.
1.I don’t have much space to crawl. Thus I end up hitting my head here and there. The other day I even fell from the cot.
2.Secondly as the bathroom is small, I have to take bath outside in veranda. Even though my mom uses lukewarm water for bath, if the cold breeze sweeps in, then I feel cold.

Let me think of more updates. Till then, bye.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Ninth Month

Yeppe..It is me. I have successfully completed my eight month. Today I am sailing in the ninth month boat. Mama told me that I was in her womb for nine months and four days. What did I do at that time? It should have been boring right?

But now I do a lot of things, here is a snapshot:

–I crawl and reach for objects that are exciting me (Almost everything excites me)
–I play with two toys simultaneously. I like those toys which make odd noise.
–I sit without support and eat food with my own tiny hand. I eat pieces of carrots and baked potato.
–I blabber mmama..dada…and grab their attention.
–I easily recognize my Mom, my Dad and my Granny.
–I don’t jump to strangers.
–I also understand the word NO. It is used when my Mom is angry with me.

Today being the beginning of ninth month let me describe about my Papa. I love my Papa. Papa is big and strong. He points towards his eyes, ears, mouth, hairs, and nose to demonstrate and teach me about the parts of a body. Every morning he holds me in his hand and I climb on his chest. He teaches me ABCD from a short picture book. I cannot sleep at night, if I don’t see my papa in the evening. He consoles me when I cry, he gives me bath when I feel hot, he plays with me whenever I want, he applies powder on me after I take bath, he rocks me when I am in the cradle, he kisses me when he is back from office. Just to summarize…He loves me very very much and I love to be with my papa. (Provided I am not hungry)

I am feeling sleepy now. Time to say a short bye.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Transition Period

So as the contract ends…thus my first granny goes to her place. Now it is my Father’s Mom’s responsibility to take care of me.

The outcome of this transition is unimaginable. But I am facing it bravely.

The day my Grandma number 2 arrived I cried looking at her. I was all attached to my first grandma. But did I ever know that she will leave me and go far away? No I didn’t. But she did exactly the same. When I was little bit comfortable with Grandma 2, she left me with her. Now I miss my first Granny.

Another outcome of the transition is the language they talk. They talk different languages. My Mom says Grandma number 1 talks Tamil, which is what my Mom talks, while Grandma number 2 talks Marathi and that is what my Father talks. Listening to what both of them say does make a difference to me. Now I don’t understand what to do. I find it very difficult to understand Grandma number 2.

What are this Tamil and Marathi? And why it is causing so much confusion to me? Can anyone help me? Do all the kids have the same problem?

I cannot communicate to my Granny 2 and let her know that I am feeling sleepy. The other day I felt so sleepy and was signaling her. My symptoms for sleep are —to squeeze my eyes, to yawn more than three times, and at last to utter the word “Inga”. Granny 2 did not understand what “Inga” meant. I felt so sad and irritated. I didn’t know what to do. I pulled her hair and bet her on her face and cheeks. I was very violent and naughty. I was trying to jump from her hands. She was not able to figure out what was going wrong with me. But patiently she sensed I am cranky and wants to sleep. So at last she put me in the cradle, rocked little and I slept.

The moral of story is—lack of proper communication causes grave problems.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My First Girlfriend

I met her for the first time in my house. Her Mom is my Mom’s friend. Her Mom came to see my Mom and thus my girlfriend came to see me. My Mom was saying that she is 40 days old. Athira is her name. She was very fair and has more hair than me. She was in her Mom’s hand. At first I felt like pulling her hair and scratching her face. But I observed and concluded that she looked different from others. She is smaller than me. Oh god, at last I saw someone who is smaller than me. I liked the way she slept. Her eyes were always closed. I went near to her and kissed her in her forehead and then tried to pull her head. She woke up and started crying. Her cry was loud and strong. My Mom stared at me and took me away. So that is the story behind my first girlfriend.

It was time for me to leave from Thiruvanthapuram. The return journey was in flight. Kingfisher Airlines is filled with bright cabin crews. I was attracted by the red color and tried to jump to one of the airhostess, but my Mom scolded me. So sad right? Sad and depressed, I went to sleep. I slept till I reached the destination. I opened my eyes when the flight landed safely.

Now I am back home, safe and secure. All ready to play with my father.

Soon I will narrate my Transition Period experience.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Do you think I am talking about Michael Crichton’s Novel—Travels? Absolutely not, My Mom would talk about it because I have seen her reading that book and thus I have heard her version of the book. But now I am talking about my Thiruvanthapuram travel experiences.

Today I met my Big Father and Big Mother. Big Mother is the term that I use for my Mom’s elder sister. And Big Father is my Big Mommy’s hubby. The best thing about my Big Mother is her hair. The soft luxurious hair lures me. I feel like pulling it and eating it. I pulled and pulled and tried to eat but couldn’t do it.

One of my traits is, not to jump into the hands of male communities apart from my father. Infact I am always associated with my Mom and my Grandma who are different from my Papa. But when I saw my Big Father, I jumped with joy. He is tall and handsome. He took me in his arms. The best advantage of being in his hand— I could tear the dangling calendar sheet (Was that the motive behind going to my Big Father? Maybe yes, maybe no.)

Then I met my Uncle. He was eager to see me. I couldn’t recognize him. Oh god, why did you give me short memory? When I was two months old, my uncle used to give me bath and I used to cry. That time I hated taking bath. Now my perception has changed.

My aunty is plum and beautiful with long hair. But her hair is oily unlike my Big Mom’s. My two cousins—Ashwathy and Sharavan were my time pass. They entertained me. Sharavan gave all his toys to me and pleased me. I was so pleased and I kissed him. Ashwathy sang a song for me.

My time to travel guys. . . I boarded the Auto. Auto is a black color three wheel object. My mother said it is a vehicle and is a mode of transportation. But what is a vehicle? So many things to understand in this world. Anyway I feel it is not as good as my Papa’s car. We visited my Uncle’s place. I met my girl friend for the second time. You would be wondering who my girl friend is? It is a surprise. Soon I will let you know. But let me tell her name. Her name is Athira. . .

I returned back home in Bus. We ran behind the bus and somehow got into it. My Mom runs quickly. Bus is bigger than Auto. It is also called a vehicle. But this is different from Auto and Car!!!!!!

There were so many people in the bus. Bus travel was very exciting. I was jumping with joy as soon as I entered the bus. My mom warned me to behave properly.

Tomorrow I will be back with my nuances of my flight travel.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Train Travel

I boarded the train. I was seeing the train for the first time. It was looking different from my house.

Slowly the train moved. It was dark all around and I felt sleepy. In midst of my sleep I got scared by another train but my Mom and my Grandma consoled me.

The next day when I woke up, I felt different. The train was moving and I could see green color everywhere outside the train. My mother told me that those are Coconut Trees. Then I saw a big water body. It was called a River. I saw a Boat in the river. I saw lots and lots of Crows. The Crow is black in color and I like the way it flies… Crow is a bird. My Mom told me that.

Then it was time for my bath, but my Mom said she cannot give me bath in train. I felt sad, but what to do? I think it was because of the scarcity of water while traveling in the train.

At last after a long journey we reached our destination. The place is called Thiruvananthapuram. My Grandfather was waiting in the Railway Station. At first I couldn’t recognize him. I just cried when he took me in his arms.

After reaching home my Mom gave me bath. I felt so much relieved after the bath.

My Grand Father’s head resembled my play football. He absolutely had no hair and thus I couldn’t pull his hair. I played with his head as I play with football. I held his head in my tiny legs and he enjoyed it.

So that is all about my train travel, tomorrow I will narrate my experience in Bus and Auto. Sooner or later I will introduce my first Girl friend.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beginning of the eighth month

I am in the eighth month of my life journey. Now I understand the world around me. I know my Mom’s face, her voice, her nose, her eyes, her hands, her dress and of course her friend—Heather Smith

The other day every one in my house was busy. My Mom was busy cleaning the house, my Dad was busy going out to buy something and my Grandma was busy with cooking. No one had time to cuddle with me and play with me. Usually I shout when I am not the centre of attraction. This time for a change I kept mum. I just wanted to know what was happening.

Then suddenly I heard the horn of the car and my Mom went outside, as if she was just waiting to hear this horn. She went out and came inside the house with Heather Smith.

Heather Smith? Who is this? I was wondering. Well, she is my Moms colleague. She came all the way from her place just to see me. She was so different from my Mom in looks but I could feel the warmth and love in her face. She was as sweet as my Mom. She has a son of my age. Probably not of my age, I am bigger than Miles (That is what Heather calls her son) by one month and six days. She took me in her arms. She played with me for sometime.

So now, I also recognize my Moms friend—Heather Smith.

In other words a seven month old baby understands and recognizes the faces of their dear ones. Heather Smith is no longer a stranger to me as she resembles my Mom is her action.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Apple and Amma

A for “Apple”. When I heard the word Apple I felt very funny or rather I couldn’t stop my laughter. I squealed with delight, jumped with excitement, shouted with joy. I laughed and laughed until my stomach pained.

My Father said, my Mom said, my Grandma said, “Apple Apple Apple”. They just wanted hear my rolling laughter and see my giggling face. I enjoyed every instances of the word—Apple, being pronounced.

Now when my Mom calls from office, she asks my granny, “How are you and how is baby apple?” Is he crying? Anyway Apple and Amma are good friends. So he will not cry.”

Note: My granny’s name is Amma. That is what my Mom calls her.

Thus evolves a new name—Apple, and a new pair—Apple and Amma. I heard my father saying that this pair is like Munna Bai and Circuit. Who are they? God knows.

Any way, the great Aryan is also known as Apple now.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Teeth—that is what this alien is called

One of my best time pass is to bite and lick every toy that see around. I like to bite my Orange birdie, Blue pillow, Yellow rattle . .It is a unending list.

“Recently Aryan has started to bite everything and anything. He even bit his great toe, can you believe it?”. With a strange look on her face, my Mom was saying these words to my granny.

“What is new in it? Now that he has grown old, may be he is having teething problem”, my granny replied.

With great enthusiasm both of them rushed towards me and opened my mouth.

“Yes, see this”, My mom shouted.

A tiny white tooth was budding from the gums of my lower jaw.

So this is called teeth….now I came to know.
But no one knew how much I am irritated by this white foreign body in my mouth. The problems I face due the so called teeth are:

• Extreme irritation in my mouth cavity
• Increase in body temperature-Am I feeling warm?
• I am not able to drink my Mom’s milk. She scolds me says that I am doing “Natak”.
• Sleepless night and restlessness.
• I am not active—That is what my Mom says, but I am active and my mind is always scanning the information around.
• Few feelings that I don’t know how to explain.

Is this upcoming structure worth all the pain? A point to pause and ponder. . .

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eating and Meeting Milestone, a Vicious Circle!!!

Scenario: Holding the squirming Aryan, in his moms lap and trying to push an unfamiliar substance in his unreceptive mouth.
Short term outcome: Aryan cries and eats, but he is healthy.
Long term outcome: A perfect script for disaster, as Aryan would never learn to swallow or eat something of his own.

I am Aryan, a budding individualist, who is six months old. Don’t you think I should sit without support now and start eating semi solid food myself? Yes, even I think I should. Let me see how I can accomplish this task.

When it comes to sitting, I love it. The fun part is I can see things clearly when I sit. (Of course I sit with support). My mom has promised me that she would stop feeding me on her lap the day I sit without support. So now I am waiting for that auspicious day. In fact, I am meeting my milestones, even though a little late. My processor is little slow. . . . It happens. All babies are not alike.

So, till I sit without support, I should enjoy this commercial iron fortified baby food, lying in my moms lap.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Water Intake - Jan 31st

“Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.. . . . . . . . . . .
Have you of heard these lines? It is a quote from the poem “The Rime of Ancient Mariner”, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. That is the condition of Aryan now. We all drink water, but this universal solvent is not advisable to my little son.”

These were the words of my Mom when she was expressing her dismay about not giving me water.

Then she moved hurriedly and dialed my doctor’s number.

“Doctor, can we give water to Aryan?” She asked
“Yes, of course now that he is 5 months old, give him whenever you give semi-solid food.” He replied.

But my mom was curious and knew about how it feels when you don’t drink water. Thus she took a spoon and a bowl filled with sterilized mineral water and came near to me.

I was excited. I wanted to know how it tastes. I see my father drinking bottles and bottles of water every day after dinner and thus I was curious about how it would feel.

I opened my mouth even before she brought the spoon near to my mouth. I was very much excited and pushed her hand and thus I couldn’t drink those precious drops. It slipped away and my dress became wet. Now it was my granny’s turn. She held my hand tenderly and gave me three spoons of water!!!!

But why is water not as sweet as milk? Can you answer me? I am still wondering why my papa drinks it.

Time for Solids- Formula Food is Boring- Jan 27th

Today I am five months old. I think it is time for solids now. I am too much bored of drinking milk.
Calcium is not the only mineral I need!!!! Isn’t? With this motive in heart, I was taken to doctor. He examined me carefully and said I am an amazing kid. I am smart, active, alert, naughty. . . . Forgot it, it is a long list.

My mom and dad were extolling the virtues of me, while I was basking in my grandma’s lap and overhearing their conversation.

The Food Chart prescribed to Aryan (5 months old) - Then he came up with a food chart. Starting with tomato, sweet lime, and orange juice for 15 days, I am supposed to swallow semisolid foods like ragi and rice kichidi with little Nacl (Salt). Slowly he wants me to eat baked potatoes and carrot. By the time I am 8 months old, I can enjoy some biscuits and bakery products followed by egg. By the time I am one year old I should eat whatever my Mom and Dad eats. This is what he lectured.

After listening to this entire list, my mom was very happy. I feel little fear in this happiness. I hope they follow the thumb rule "Watch the Baby - Not the Calendar!" My intestine is tiny and small. I hope they give me small quantity before they make it a habit. Oh god, what all I should bother?

Before leaving from the Doctor’s room I wanted to remind my Mom, to ask the doctor about my water intake. That is the reason I cried before leaving from the Doctor’s room. But the attempt was in vain. As usual they guessed that I am being fussy and tried to console me.

Now my next question is will they ever give me water? Wait and watch for my water intake experience.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am in Bad mood today- Jan 22nd

Today is Monday. Two days I was with my mom and dad. Today I have decided to trouble my Grandma. I am not going to be a good boy. My grandma is very sweet and patient. Sometimes I feel I am troubling her too much. Any way the trouble that I give her has become a part and parcel of her life.

My first problem is my EAR. It is itching so much and I am not able to scratch it with my tiny hands. My second problem is I am having dry cough and throat pain. I signaled my Mom yesterday itself about my illness, but she did not understand my code language. Yesterday my mother was asking me why I am cranky even though she is at home. But why is she not observing my body language? The bottom rule is being observative and keeping your eyes open. I will not be the same everyday. I am just waiting for my mom to come home. I am not going to talk to her tonight.

With a new ray of hope I emerged into this enchanting world and ended up to know that when you have ear infection and throat infection it pains lot. When no one understands me, pain is more excruciating.

Soon I will let you know what happens to me and my pain. . . . .

The Orange birdie and the Black Mickey

Here, I am back. Today let me narrate an interesting conversation between the Orange Birdie and Black Mickey. They are my toys and mom gives me when I cry.

Birdie- Hi Micky how are you?
Mickey: I am sad as Aryan plays with you more. He doesn’t even take me in his tiny hands.
Birdie: Yes, he loves me more. He likes my blue nose and licks it every time and talks with me.
Mickey: Why don’t you tell Aryan to talk and play with me? Even I am his toy.
Birdie: Ok let us ask him.

With this intention in mind both my toys are waiting for my mom to bring them near to me.

But what can I do? Black Mickey is scary.. I get scared and I am not able to lick its nose.. But I will try to be nice with him also. Here after I will not throw him when my Mom gives him in my hand. Let me be in good books. Aryan is a good boy.

Visyneral drops ..... Ohhhhhh. (18th January 2007)

Visyneral drops-Jan 18th

It is a zinc nutritional supplement which I need to administer everyday. But my question is, when I drink my mom’s milk—the best food, why should I drink such drops?

The smell of it irritates me. It doesn’t have the sweet aroma. It tastes bad and odd. My grandma (My fathers Mom) runs away from me if my dress stinks because of this horrible so called nutritional supplement. Initially the dosage was 6 drops, now I have to drink 0.8 ml. Are you not feeling sympathy towards me?

Infant’s medicines are supposed to be sweet. How I wish I could make Dr. Sachin Suresh swallow the whole 15 ml bottle. Oh god, who will understand my feeling. Everyday my mom religiously gives me. Isn’t cruel? Kudos to those little moms who forgot to give this stinking nutritional supplement to their kids.

NB: Picture of the drops and Aryan’s face when he drinks it. . . . . .will be posted soon.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Day ... 17th Jan 2007


Today let me describe myself. I am 62 cm long, weighing 7 kg. I was 50 cm and 3kg when I was born. Did I grow fast…..No no, now that I am 4 and half months old it should be alright.

Born on the auspicious day of ‘Vinakaya Chaturthi’, I am feeling lucky. When I was in my mom’s womb, I used to kick her and made sure to come out on this day because once my father had mentioned that I would be born on August 27th 2006.

I like to watch people around me, especially watch what my father does. TV is boring, as I don’t watch much. But standing and climbing on my grandma’s lap is interesting. My mom plays with me, but on and off she goes to kitchen. That time, she expects me to be alone and watch the big fan above. The vision of fan is not all that interesting when you watch that everyday. Do you feel it amusing?
That is the time I scream. I shout and make so much noise that at last she comes. If my grandma is around, I don’t have to shout much. She will pick me up even before I reach my peak.

Best moments in a day- Is when I get lukewarm water bath at 8:00 clock in the morning. I enjoy it. After that, I get the cream applied and then need to drink Visyneral drops (Vitamin drops).

Oh now it is sleepy time. Wait till tomorrow for more experience

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A day in my life... 16-January-2007

The Beginning, January- 16/01/07

As usual I got up with a shriek.
“Aryan don’t shout dear”, my mom said. In fact she says this everyday but she still likes the way I shout, scream, and scratch her face. …and what not?

Oops I forgot to introduce myself. I am Aryan Karmore, just now completed four months in December 27, 2006. I have two employees working under me on contract basics for every six months. One is my Mom’s mother (I am under her safe hands right now) and the second is my father’s mother. They have taken an oath with my parents that they would take care of me with care and love and that is the reason now I am here in this big world!!!

My Mom, she works, she goes to office at 8:30 am and comes back around six in the evening. I am not aware where she works, but everyday when she gives me oil massage in the morning she advises me to be a good boy. Not to play pranks with my grandmother and not to cry till my mom comes.

I am a good boy, who said I am not!!! I just cry for food, for sleep, for wearing dress, for changing nappies, for wearing cap, when I am bored, when I am feeling cold, when I see strangers and when my mom is not around and when I feel like seeing her….and cuddling with her.

So that is it for today, just introduction. Tomorrow I will be back with more stuffs……the time when I play and laugh…