Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MBA, Little sister, and Forgetful Mommy

OK I am on break, but I thought I will write some updates because my virtual mommies miss me a lot. Preethi Mommy made me come back. Thanks a lot to Preethi mommy because she officially declared that I am good……

NEWS: Yeppie Yeppie…I have a little sister now……Wait Mommies, don’t think otherwise.
My Mom’s cousin delivered a Baby girl on June 17th. We went to Bangalore, two months before for the baby shower.

The next thing is: My Mom is doing MBA, means Managing Brilliant ARYAN. What is the use? She hardly remembers where she keeps my toys
Let me narrate:
Last weekend we went to Nagpur to see my Nagpur Grandma, because she had undergone a surgery. (She is fine now). It was a short trip.
Now when my MOM takes my toys to places, why can’t she remember where she keeps my things? She misplaced my BLACK CAR and FIRETRUCK book. You know how much it means to me????
When we came back to Hyderabad, I asked my Mom to give me my Black car. She searched in the house and said she did not get it from Nagpur. This is the second time she is doing this. Once when we went to Bangalore, she forgot my giraffe and my Grandpa had to courier it later…
Now what will happen to Black CAR….I became very sad and started showing my true colors: That is, I lie down and cry, squirm like a snake. No one can pacify me for about 10 minutes…..
Then my papa made another black car with some broken tyres. I was kind of pacified and then became normal. After sometime I saw the bag that we took to Nagpur. I pulled my Mom near to that and asked her to see in that bag.
I said” Mama shee Back CAa”………”
That was the first sentence I said, and I talked in English… (The mystery of which language I will talk got solved. Talked in English, not Marathi, not Tamil)
Ok back to story. When she was searching for the black car in the bag, I remembered my FIRE TRUCK Book. When I asked her…She said the same. She left it in Nagpur……
OH God, please give her more memory power. IF this is the way she does her MBA (Managing Brilliant Aryan), soon she will fail in my test

Monday, June 2, 2008

Break Time

So many things are happening in life. My mom is very busy. I don’t feel like narrating also. I am just taking a break. Will be back after one or two months. Till then bye to mommy friends.
Few gossips of the blog world
1. Preethi Mommy is back from vacation.
2. Timepass akka got promoted to Timepass Mommy on May 20th
3. Cantloupe’s Mom presented her a Baby girl to play with; this also happened on May 20th.
4. 2 B’s Mom is moved to a new house…
5. Noon mommy's worry about KB's health has gone and as usual her worry about KB's food has started.
5. Chubby Aryan has shown his traits of an artist. Soon his master piece will be exhibited.
6. Last but not the least…I stated singing Bollywood songs. My Papa hates it…I always sing dard iissko, dard iisko……if my Papa is happy when I am saying one to ten, he should be happy listening to bollywood songs from my mouth. What say mommies???