Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why Bear Don’t Have Tail???

Ahhh…..two days before, I completed 1yr 6 months….and my Mom and Papa forgot that?????
Anyway just waiting for my Papa to come and will complain about my Mom for forgetting my successful completion of one and half year in Aryan’s household…….

Ok, I am back. I really enjoyed the trip. First we went to Airport. I saw the big plane with close-up view. I wanted to go and get hold of the wheels, but my Mom said I am too small for it. As we boarded the flight, I was little scared and was little cranky. My Mom put some ear drops and I was all annoyed for this. As we sat down, I was excited to the lights above our seat. The journey started and I was all happy looking at my book and playing with my Giraffe and Bear toy…After some time the pilot announced that we are going to land and everyone fastened the seat beat. I helped my Mom to fasten her seat belt and then the whole problem started…

The flight did not land. It did not get run way clearance it seems (What is that…I am yet to discover)…So the flight started going around and around …and My mom and my chella patti was almost giddy. My chella pati was ready to puke and My mom was holding me tight and closing her eyes…I was not all affected. (I hope that ear drops worked…). I was all bothered about why my bear toy did not have tail.

Giraffe has tail, Camel has tail, Uumba (cow) has tail, Hippo and Dear have a small tail, even a small cat has a long tail, and then why Bears don’t have a tail. I pointed towards the Bear and was asking my Mom..eethu eethu…My mom did not understand. Then I pointed towards my Giraffe toy’s tail and asked my Mom..Eethu Eethu..My mom said,” It is a tail”.
So when I asked about Bear she said bears don’t have tail…I was not convinced with this answer and again asked her eethu eethu..I asked her the same question for about 10 times. My Mom was furious and irritated. She was not able to manage herself , how can she give me explanation for the Bear’s tail disappearance????

At last my Mom said,” Aryan do you have tail?” I got up to see that. I did not have tail. Ohhh…I DID NOT HAVE TAIL. I WAS SURPRISED. So bear also will not have tail. I was pacified with this answer. But still I wanted a Bear toy with a tail….so that I can pull it.. Anyway I started playing with my Giraffe’s tail…

Why can’t my Mom and chella patti put the ear drops? They could have escaped from this giddiness right…
Anyway we landed at the Kochi Airport and my Thatha (Grandpa) was there to receive us. As promised he got 7 cars for me….I was all excited. I took all the cars from him but did not go to him….I have not seen him for around 8 months now and thus was not comfortable going to him…
Then we took a train and went to Trivandrum…My Uncle was there to receive us. We went home….

Soon I will be back with more news….about going to Beach, seeing Peacock in Murugan temple, Going with my Mom for the prayers…Playing with my Uncle’s kids..”Achu akka and Kannan anna”, bribing my Thatha for more toys……..playing with the Yellow truck that my chitti patti (My Chella patti’s sister) got me..lot more…..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

On a Break

No mood for anything. I am just cranky. When I get up in the morning, I simply cry. I get angry with my Mom. To remove my crankiness my Mom got me a big Mamma giraffe. It is tall and has a long tail. I hold it in my hand and roam the whole house.

We are traveling to my Mom place, Thiruvananthapuram (in Kerala), on Feb 16th. My Thatha (Grandfather) is working in VSSC and he told he will get me a car toy. Should he not get me a rocket????

My Mom is going to offer prayers during Attukal Pongala. This year it falls on Feb 22nd 2008 and around 25 lakhs women devotees are estimated to offer this prayer to Attukal devi

Last year on the Pongala day my Mom gave me solid food. This year she is going to leave me with my Chella patti and go to temple and offer pongala nevaidhiyam to the Attukal devi. We will be back to Hyderabad on 26th Feb. Till then, Mommy friends be nice to kiddies..
From your Lovely Little Friend
Aryan Karmore

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rain, why did you do Shoo on my dress?

“Aryan, yesterday night rain came.” When My Mom said this today morning, I was all happy and I and jumped from my jula. I instructed my ChellaPatti (TI, that is what I call her) to open the door. She took me to the balcony. I saw the rain….for the first time….It was still drizzling.

Ooohhh…My dresses were drenched in rain. Seeing this, I went inside the house and signaled my mom to come and see the drenched dress…

“Aryan, rain came and did shoo on your dress, because you don’t do shoo in the restroom. So, whenever shoo comes you should tell us and go to restroom and do it, otherwise rain will come and do shoo on all your dresses.” This was my Moms reaction…

Rain, why did you do shoo on my dress? Sometimes I forget that I should do shoo in the restroom.
Anyway I love you rain. I really love to see you…My Mom loves to play in rain. She loves the earthy smell of the first showers. She promised that when my health is good, together we will play in the rain…

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Updates and Awards

My Mom has two more tags pending. One to write about a cherished possession that rewinds her thoughts and other to write about her love story..I am not restricting her to write,she is LAZY. But she will do it soon.
She is all happy and dancing because she got an award from Swathi mommy for being the best blogging buddy…
Hip hurray…Thanks Swathi mommy for making us happy.
Now My Mom officially AWARD this to ALL MY BLOGGING BUDDIES. Each comment and every person visiting my blog makes her happy. Thanks everybody. There was a time when she thought of putting an end to this blog as she thought that no one was reading it. Then she discovered the blogging world around her…and now she is proud to take this award.

Now back to my updates
Day one:
Morning—After my convalesces, my Mom went to office. My Chella patti fed me the breakfast. As soon as she finished, I hurriedly drank some water, took my Mom’s nightdress, and went near to my jula. (I always keep my Moms nightdress with me when I sleep in jula). I asked her to put me in the jula and rock. My chella patti rocked and I slept.
Afternoon—As soon as I finished eating my lunch, I asked my chella patti to rock me in jula. Even though she knew that, I am not sleepy, she rocked me. She was thinking that I am tired and she rocked rocked and rocked…for an hour. Then she got angry and took me out and said Aryan what do you want. Why are you not sleeping…?
I did not hint her about my hidden thoughts. I just went to play…
Night—Same scenario, I want to sleep as soon as I have my food. My mom was there and she was questioning me for my quiescent behavior. My Mom rocked and I slept.

Thus I escaped from medicines…ahh big relief..

Day Two
The same drama continued till the evening. My chella patti was thinking, Pavam Aryan is so tired let him sleep. Now that he is kind of regaining his health, let me not give him medicine.
At night, when my Mom came she understood my tactics. Little did I know that even though I act as if I am feeling sleepy after food, my Mom will for sure give me medicines and then only make me sleep.
She said, “Aryan even though you are sleepy, you have to drink medicine till you are completely alright. Then only you can sleep”.

All my drama of feeling sleepy was in vain. I just managed to escape from medicine for one day. The next day my mom crushed my plans and she gave medicines promptly.

Are Mommies are smarter than kiddies!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Five Facts About Me

My favourite mommys- Noon, Cantaloupes Amma, and MummyJaan tagged my Mom. Cheating mommies cheating. This is my blog so the post will be about me. Therefore, I am taking up the tag and I am going to write about my previous post.

Rules For The Tag
Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5key words given : family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

Family: I love my Mom, my Papa, my Chella pati, and my Nagpur grandma. I have not written a posts about my chella pati and my Nagpur grandma but I have written about Mom and Papa.

Friend: This is a post about my friend Sangeetha Didi. She was staying in my house to help my Nagpur Grandma to take care of me. When my Nagpur Grandma went to Nagpur she also went because my Chella pati cannot understand her language. Once I got angry with her, but I miss her now.
Here is the post.

Yourself: All of you must be knowing about me now. Still let me point to my first introductory post.

Your love: Ahhh..she is sweet, cute and is having lots of hair. Her name is Athira. Oh I wish I could see her again. Opps she will be one year by Feb 9th 2008. Read my love story. I just managed to kiss her.

Anything you like: I love music, giraffe, concrete mixer (As a fact any vehicles), nursery rhymes…..To see my mom dancing and playing with me, to hear my Chella patti’s story..Read my Giraffe post..

Now tagging time. This time, I am tagging only Akkas not Mommys. I will give chocolates (as I promised before) and will tag:

Timepass Akka
Rayshma Akka (I know she is already tagged)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Poo ...Message

I am back with a bang. My health has improved. I do not have fever. Thank you everyone for your prayers…

You know what, not only my Mom but even I can also play tagging games…
Preethi Mommy made my day and she tagged me. She gave me flowers and positive vibes…..I love flowers ..

Everyday morning I pull my chella patti’s hand and tell her to take me down. There is a tree near by and we pluck flowers from it. I say poo..pooo..for flowers and hold it in my hand. After sometime, I crush those flowers and throw that away. My Mom told that I should not crush flowers and told me to give the flowers to god. What will god do with flowers???

For past few days, I did not go to pluck flowers and was sad. Thus, today morning my Mom told me that Preethi mommy has given me flowers and it is in the computer. I ran behind my Mom and switched on the computer. I was very happy to see the flowers in the computer.
Preethi Mommy, even though I did not crush the computer flowers I gave one puppy to it.

Now, I am going to give these flowers to my Mommy friends. I am sure they will feel happy to see this poo.

First of all, along with a puppy I will give this positive poo to my Periyamma. She doesn’t blog, but I am just blogging for her. All my posts are intended for her because she motivates me to write.

Now to my mommy friends…

I am tagging my favorite Mommy friends…

Noon Mommy—She is so so sweet and I really like the way she patiently deals with my big brother KB. Noon mommy, take my poo and give to others…

MummyJaan—She is one naughty mommy who tries her tricks with my sister Apya…She invited me to her house…HUGS to you…Mummyjann, take my poo and give to others….

2’b Mommy—I miss you a lot nowadays…She is busy. I will make dosa for her..2B’s Mommy, take my poo and give to other mommys….

K3 Mommy—Ahhh..I am bribing her for the yellow truck that Kutie has…K3 Mommy, take my poo and give me truck..hehhehehe

Wunderyearz—This flower is for jelly, my sweet little sister…

Swathi mommy—I am sure chubby Aryan will love the flowers that I give him…Swathi mommy when you are back from marriage take my poo…

Note: Other mommy friends, I will give you chocolates the next time when I play the tagging game. No crying OK…

Monday, February 4, 2008

I am sick

Thank you all mommy friends...for your prayers..
Eye infection stopped and lung congestion started...Mom took me for nebulization three chest injection...And two bottles crocin and Ibugesic finished..Still I am bed ridden or I can say Moms lap ridden. When will I recover? All my favourite food is no longer favourite..I have not eaten anything for the past 7 days...
With Luv
Crying Aryan...

NB: Oh I forgot to add. Hearing my pathetic condition, my Grandparents came from Nagpur to Hyderabad to see me. But can they drink my medicines...???? No right. Just the majority of people who are involved in the Drama of giving me medicine have increased now.
My Mom puts me in her lap and tries to give medicine, My Chella patti holds my head, my Nagpur Grandma holds my hands and my Grandfather sometimes try to close my nostril for smooth intake of the medicine...
The whole idea is really smooth!!!!!!
Papaaaa where are you???? When will you come???