Monday, November 26, 2012

Pappa you are Sweet-Reloaded

At the age of two Aryan Dada was crazy in his own ways. He used to hold one piece of toy/blue crayon/Mamma's blue nighty/ biscuits etc etc and timepass his whole day.

One day he was so cranky for his blue crayons, that my Pappa came from office and gave him one and pacified him.

Here is the link

Well, I am different. As I said before, I don't know colors, but I know different types of Boodha (Ghost). Also for any toy I play with, I need two more of same types. If I play with giraffe, I need Mamma Giraffe and Dada giraffe. If I see a book, I need two more. Sometimes I get pacified by different type of books, sometimes I need same type of book.

Friday was the day of Bob-the Builder.

I arranged Mamma concrete mixer, Arjun concrete mixer, and Dada concrete Mixer
Then I arranged Mamma Dump truck, Arjun Dump truck and Dada Dump truck. Then when I opened the Bob-the builder book, I wanted two more of same types now. I started blabbering--- bob-theebuil, bob-theebuil...boook book...

My mamma tried to pacify, showed me some other books with construction toys. To surmise, she kind of fooled me!! But Bob-the builder book was still chewing one part of my brain. I kept asking Mamma again and again, though I was not very cranky.

Anyway Pappa's office is not near like before and he can't come during his lunch time like how he came for Dada's blue crayons. However, in the evening Pappa got Bob-the Builder book...

I was very happy and elated..I was squealing with delight. Thank you Pappa. Pappa you are the sweetest....