Thursday, June 18, 2020

Cartoons that we watched

         Haje Maro
         Timmy Time
         Chota Bheem
         Word World
         Horrid Henry
         Huddy the Buddy
         Motu Patulu
         Little Einstein
         Jungle Junction
       Ninja Hatori
       Shin Chan
       Roll no 21
     Bablu Dabalu
       Berenstein Bears
       Mickey Mouse
       Thomas Train
      Shaun the Sheep
      My Friends Tigger & Pooh
       Mighty Raju
       Ben 10
       Handy Man
       OSO Special
       Oggy and Crockaoch
       Ena Mina Tika
       Pakadam Padai
       Mr Bean
       Peppa Pig
       Bob the Builder
       Tom and Jerry

Just though of listing cartoon shows that we watched in these many years!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Season 11 SPN Review

Ah! Season 11 was quick. In Season 10 finale- The Mark of Cain gets removed from Dean’s arm and The Darkness aka God’s sister is set free.


After the Darkness is released, she is infecting people, but she does not have a true vessel, so she took birth as Amara. Amara and Dean are bound because Dean only set her free and only God and his archangels can lock her back again. They must not kill her, if she dies a very powerful force will attack Earth. Sam gets infected by Darkness while Dean is helping a sheriff with baby Amara. Sam cures himself by burning holy oil and burning his skin. Sam prays god as he is helpless. This is the time; he feels that god is sending some signals to him. Little did he know that it was Lucifer who was asking Sam to come to his cage, as his cage has become loose due to the arrival of the Darkness.

Castiel is suffering from the dog spell, which Rowena put on him, and later Sam and Dean force Rowena to fix Castiel. The quartet (Crowley, Castiel, Winchesters) go to Lucifer’s cage with the help of Rowena. Castiel thinks Lucifer is the only hope so he invites him in.
So many twists and turns and finally we come to know that Chuck is the god himself. Chuck? Out of all these options?

Castiel becoming Lucifer and torturing Crowley was too much.

Hand of god is a one timer. Seriously? We thought that hand of god will defeat Amara!!

Team Defeat Amara (in attacking order)
4 witches + Rowena
Angels from Heaven
Crowley and his minions
Castiel aka Lucifer
The Winchesters
Supernatural (@SPN) | Twitter
First the weakest- witches with their spell “Attentuare” that will affect her. Then Crowley and his demons will join the party followed by Lucifer’s one on one attack. God will transfer the Mark of Cain to Sam, Dean as the commander. After doing all these, Amara accepts defeat and is ready to die but God was trying to lock her, so she whacks God and God is dying and exorcises Lucifer from Castiel. The sun was starting to shrink so Rowena is making a soul bomb to balance the equation. She gives this bomb to Dean and Dean accepts Death (First time). In the end he consoles the Darkness that God is family, so she treats God and brings back Mary to life.

SPN hyped the Darkness too much but in the end, she was consoled by Dean. Why? This looks so lame…

I am ending Season 11 with so many questions. Have started watching season 12, hope this is good and better than Season 11.