Sunday, January 20, 2013

Activity Demonstration

In my school; the activity demonstration was on Jan 19th. We are supposed to demonstrate the progress of the activity that we have enrolled for. I am in Taekawondu and Skating. My Mamma-Pappa along with Arjun came to witness it.

Arjun was blabbering throughout the activity, "Arjun wants to do taekawondu, Arjun wants to do skating........" and he wanted to come to the stage along with me and perform the Taekawondu.."

He even went to my skating sir and told, " Arjun wants to do skating".

When my sir lifted him, he started crying....and landed in Mamma's arm. One funny fellow he is...

Here are the pics:

Me performing straight kick..

Arjun thinking, " Will I ever get to do this!!!"