Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Boy versus Bad Boy

My Papa asks me:
1.Aryan, you want Mama or Papa? The answer to this question depends. When Mama is giving me food or telling me a story, I say Mama. When Papa is swinging me in Jula or making me sit on cycle (Oh yes, I got my first vehicle. Will do a post about it), I say Papa. When both of them are sitting and asking me, is say..MaaPaa…or PaaMaaa

2.Aryan, Are you a good boy or bad boy. I used to say Goobo.(shortcut for goodboy) before, now I say only Baabo.( shortcut for badboy)”. Because whenever I say goobo, my Mom tells, see you are a good boy so you should eat food. Then she feeds me. Again she uses the same good boy logic to make me sleep, make me wear the dress that I don’t like, make me sit in one place and eat…all stuffs that I don’t like. Thus nowadays I myself I say Baaboo…I have declared myself to be a BAABOO (BAD Boy) and I am proud about it….What say mommies????

BTW—My Mom’s computer has gone nuts. It never ever shows any updates from the fellow bloggers and one fine day it shows some 4-5 post together. Thus I don’t have any idea about what my Mommy friends are upto. Heard from my Mom that there was a Mega Baby shower….

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is my Mom who is completeing her TAG HomeWork from Timepass Akka.....

Last Movie You Saw In A Theater:Chak De India
What Book Are You Reading:Nothing…Was reading “Memories for Geisha”, now stopped.
Favorite Board Game:Scrabble
Favorite Magazine: I don’t read magazines…..
Favorite Smells: Mud smell after rain, kerosene smell, Petrol smell.
Favorite Sound: Sound of Glass Bangles
Worst Feeling In The World: Unable to help out someone who desperately needs help
What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake?: What veggie I should make for Aryan
Favorite Fast Food Place: Keshav reddy’s Bakery
Future Child's Name:If girl, Sitara. If boy, Arjun
Finish This Statement. "If I Had A Lot Of Money I'd...”: I'd would give to everybody
Do You Drive Fast?:No, I don’t drive at all……I am scared of driving.
Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?: Yes…I sleep with Aryan…
Storms-Cool Or Scary?: Storms-Cool
What Was Your First Car?: Alto LXI
Favorite Drink:None
Finish This Statement, "If I Had The Time I Would .....”:Find ways to do study hard and reach my destiny..
Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?:I don't eat broccoli
If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice?:Brown
Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In: Chennai ,Trivandrum, Bangalore, Hyderabad
Favorite Sports To Watch:Nothing in particular
One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:She is a good timepass and has nice personality traits..
What's Under Your Bed?: Nothing…May be Aryan’s CAR…
Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?: Of course, I would like to be born to My AMMA and APPA.
Morning Person Or Night Owl?:Actually nothing. I don’t get up too early; neither do I stay too late…
Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up?:Depends
Favorite Place To Relax:Home
Favorite Pie:Apple Pie
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:Vannila
Of All The People You Tagged This To, Who's Most Likely To Respond First?:
K3 or Wunderyearz….Let us see who responds first….

Monday, April 21, 2008

PAPA –You are Sweet

I have the habit of holding something in my hand through out the day and roaming. My craziness varies depending upon my mood..
1. Sometimes I hold the Giraffe toy. If it is not in my Toy basket, I search the whole house and make a point that I find out.
2. Sometimes I hold bread and act like a breadcrumbs machine.
3. Sometimes it will be my Moms blue hair clip. I don’t pacify for a substitute clip.
4. Always I hold my Moms Red nighty. Most of you must be knowing how I hold the nighty like a treasure..
5. I have written a post about my Bikki holding..I need a full bikki..
The is never ending and everchanging..

So the point is My Mama got crayons for me. She colors the coloring book and I help her by giving the colors one by one. I can recognize blue, black, red, orange, white, brown, and green color. My favorite color is blue. I hold the blue crayons and roam the whole house…(Point to be noted)Yesterday when I was playing, I misplaced it somewhere, Then I went and asked my Mom “Cra Cra (Abbreviation from Crayons)”, She gave me the crayons box and went to kitchen. My Blue color was not there????. Thus again I asked her and not surprisingly she did not understand what I wanted. Infact she did not notice the change in my craziness choice. She was thinking I want Giraffe toy. That was my craze last week. She showed my giraffe toy, books ach and everything, but still couldn’t decode my mind.
I got irritated, I sat in one corner and started crying for 20 minutes. My Mom got worried. She thought could be my stomach is paining, could be Drrshti. She took out the drishti with salt…all bull….
Then at last she found the blue crayons and gave me. I was extremely happy and delighted. I cannot even explain my happiness….
Me happy..everyone happy…. I was holding the crayons in my hand and started my experiments with it. After sometime, the crayons broke. I went to Mama. She said go and give to papa. Papa said he will rectify and took both the pieces from my hand. Then he said..”Shoo Mantra Kali” ..and gave me the crayons back. I saw the crayon and started crying again. He was trying to fool me by just giving one piece and saying that he rectified. Doesn’t he know that I have been roaming with it the whole day and I know the size of the original crayon??? Then he took a cello tape and fixed the pieces. I was happy now…I love you Papa..I love you. You are so sweet..
Wait guys the story has not ended……

Today morning when papa dropped me in the daycare. I was having fever of 102C. I went inside the daycare crying crying….The daycare teacher called my Nagpur Grandma at 12:00 noon and told that I am cranky and thus my grandma picked me up from Daycare…This is my first summer in Hyderabad and I am somehow trying to fight it…

I came home and had my food. Then I asked my grandma for BLUE crayons. She gave me red, I threw it. Then she gave one piece of the broken blue crayons. Ahh..where is the other piece? Who removed the cello tape? I started crying again. We searched the whole house but still couldn’t find it… I was in full crankiness by this time. My Nagpur Grandma called my Mom and told her. She talked with me and told to wait till 5:30 in the evening.. I was crying again..
After sometime I stopped crying, but was feeling very sad. I sat down and was looking at my Fire truck book, thinking about my BLUE CRAYON. Suddenly Papa arrived…He came from office to give me the BLUE CRAYON. He got a new one. His office is 7-8 KM away from my house, but still in between he came and gave me the Crayon. He just kissed me and went away and told that will come late today..
I was very very very happy…..
PAPA I LOVE YOU..I love you. You are so sweet..

BTW—Me and Mama are travelling to Bangalore and will be back after a couple of days..So no blogging...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Belongings

So when I am instructed by my Mom to bring my things back from daycare, what I am supposed to do with the diaper that I pooped? I just wanted to follow my Mom’s instruction. Thus I cried and insisted that they don’t throw the dirty diaper. I wanted to keep that in my bag and bring it back home to show my Mom that I am a responsible kid. After all it is my diaper…But bad luck. The daycare aunty threw it, and attempts to restore it were in vain….

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Boy

I opened my eyes….I saw the fan in the roof. Looked round to see my Mom or Papa. Both were not there, I slowly climbed down from the cot. I went to the hall. My Mom and Papa were not there too… I reached the main door. The door was ajar. I went out and sat down in the balcony. I saw chirping birds, sunny sun falling on the walls. I saw some ants moving here and there…I tried to rub the ants and was playing with the rangoli that my Mom had drawn. I sat down and was basking in the nature’s beauty…
Then suddenly…..
Aryan, Aryan, nee enga irukkai..(Ahhh..Tamil Language. My Mom shouting and asking for me). I think my Mom was worried. I got up from the balcony and went inside the house. My Mom was searching for me in the god’s room. Usually she takes me there every morning as soon as I wake up. I went near to my Mom and hugged her. She hugged me back and was very happy to see me. She asked me, Aryan where did you go? I pointed towards the balcony….(BTW, Till now I have not mastered the ART of replying in sentences. I can say only words and use body language to communicate…)
She was happy and was telling,” Aryan you have grown big dear. 19 months, 2 weeks…You no longer cry in the morning when you wake up. You climb down of the bed alone and start your day without making fuss.”

NB: 1. My Mom and Papa watched TZP. My Papa always wanted me to grow in a Boarding/Residential school. So my Mom convinced him to watch the movie. Ok watched and the moral that my Papa says is : “ All parents cannot wait for an AmirKhan to find the disability with a kid. Parents should find and help the kid.
And Papa’s question to My Mama is, “How will this movie stop me from putting Aryan in Boarding school….?”
Mamma…is again confused about convincing Papa…

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


From shrieking and crying through out the morning, I have reached a level, where I just cry for a little while in Daycare..
I Like:
—To play with Gayathri. She taught a new rhyme. “My father is a docter, doc doc doc. My Mother is a teacher, teach teach teach…..” I simply say..eech eech eech….
—To slide—I love to slide. I have mastered the art of climbing on the Slide by myself. To master this, I did some practice at home by climbing on the sofa.
—To shout— Many a times I simply shout. My mom and Papa are wondering about the changes that occurred to me…
—To swing in Jula —Ofcourse Jula episode all of you know. The Jula in the day care is not sleepy. Thank god.
—To sit on duck—I say Quack Quack Quack when I sit on the rocking duck.
—To play inside the tent—My Mom does Igloo Igloo and she puts her dupatta on my face. I feel the same way when I go inside the daycare tent…
—To play with beads—I have seen beeds on my Mom’s neck. I try to pull it. She says it is her Mangal sootr and I should not pull it. Now in daycare, I play with different colored beeds and I enjoy this.
—To play with blocks—I try to fix one block on another, but when I am not able to do that, I get angry and throw away all the blocks. My teacher scolded me for this…Pooor me..

I no longer run away from kids, instead I try to play with them. If they come near to my Mom or touch my Mom I beat them and pull their hair…
Heee….Soon I may turn into ........????
You mommys can guess..