Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pappa and Me

Aryan Dada is a typical mamma boy. Pappa never understands this concept of being a Mamma boy (Pappa calls Aryan Dada as “Roshesh” of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai TV serial!!!) or Pappa boy. But it was me , who proved Pappa that BOYS can be both MAMMA and PAPPA BOYS.

I am always behind Pappa. I exactly know when he comes from office, and I wait for him. Whenever I feel like talking to him, I keep my hand on my ear and pretend as if I am calling him. Whenever I miss him, I look for his photo and non-stop say papa papppa Pappa…..Infact I have not yet learned to say mamma, but I can always say Pappa, pappa, pappa……. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I want my Pappa to lift me and be with me!!! If he is on transit, I make my mamma’s life miserable!!!!

Hence in Arjun’s household, Pappa has his share too in bringing up kids and now he understands how it feels when I am extremely fond of him..
Pappa do you feel very happy???? Atleast I feel very happy to be with you!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Kolaveri Di

Well, here is the incident.

The girl called N, melts me a lot. I feel like giving her all the snacks that I take to school. Every day I ask my Mom to pack special snacks for her. Once I thought I will give her one Lollipop. The next day when I offered, she refused to it. Then again she asked me, I was happy and gave her. She took that and gave to another boy “K”…

My heart broke….Now My mamma says I should listen to this soup song!!!So that is what I am doing now….listening to "Why this Kolaveri..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Rockstar photo!!! Yes, it is me!!!

This week’s topic is “Jungle safari”. Me and my papa cut few pictures from young world and have prepared a chart.

Btw, Arjun can recognize a dog and also Dada (Me) with the noise that we make. Whenever he sees a dog, he says bow bow and whenever he sees me or hears my voice he says Dada, dada….!!! Do you guys see any connection???

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tale of Blue Nighty...

Well..it is Arjun now. When mamma leaves him and goes to office, he chooses to hold mamma's "blue Nighty" and sit in one place: The same "BLUE NIGHTY" that I used to hold and sit at my daycare when I was 1.5yrs......

Here is the link

What to say..." the Blue nighty legend is back"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cutting Ears

Aryan, “ Mamma, I only gave the library book to teacher, not the other HW book”
Mamma, “ Why?”

Aryan, “I forgot.”

Mamma, “OK”

After sometime, Mamma questions me, “ Aryan, how can you forget? Both the books were kept together in the bag. So, when you took your Library book, you must have seen the HW book right?

Aryan, “No, I forgot”

After sometime…

Mamma, “You know Aryan, Murugan ummachi ( Murugan God) is running here and there with a knife.”

Aryan, “Why?”

Mamma, “To cut the ears of kids who lie”

Aryan keeping his hand on ears, “Mamma, I forgot.”

Mamma, “What you forgot dear, I did not ask you anything. Oh, that topic of giving book!!! Did you really forgot or you didn’t want to give?
Remember murugan ummachi running here and there with a knife.”

Aryan, “Actually Mamma, I didn’t want to give”

Mamma, “Great…you told the truth. Whatever it is, Aryan always you should say the truth to Mamma and Papa. We know everything.”

Aryan, “Even Papa knows everything?”

Mamma, “Yes.”

Aryan, “Even Murugan ummachi knows everything?”

Mamma, “Yes, of course”

Aryan, “Phew”

At night…….
Aryan, “Mamma, cover my ears!!!!”

Mamma, “You don’t worry, you have told the truth”

Mamma thinking, “Is there any other lie that I did not catch?????

Updates so far…..

On my 5th Birthday, I was at Shiridi with my parents and my grandparents. We got good Darshan.

Evening went to Shanishingapur and from there to Mumbai. I met my little sister, Navya Kutti. She is my periyamma’s cute little daughter. I felt like lifting her and running away!!!!!!

Mumbai rains were awesome; just that it made us stay at home.
Now that I am no more a kid, my Mom says she doesn’t have anything to write about me!!!! She says, it is time to record Arjun’s antics. Well, I think, I am still a kid.

Arjun is very active, he is able to stand alone and able to walk with support. He eats anything and everything.

If you wave Bye to him, he reciprocates.

If you ask him to come to you, he crawls very fast and comes. The speed of his crawling depends on who calls him. If I call, he comes to me with so much delight.

He likes to sit in one place and rotate like a clock.

He has two little teeth and hence I call him Old man!!!

Ok coming to me, this is the “week of Music” in our school. I have to dress like a rock star on Friday. Well, my mom said, she will get one funky wig and some funky cloths and asked me to pick one toy guitar and go. And I blatantly refused it. I said, I will dress normally and will have my flute with me!!!! What is use of becoming rock star, when I don’t sync with any such favorite rock stars?????

But she convinced me and dressed me. Will share the pic soon…..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Month

Hip hip hurray…..It is my birthday month. This month I will complete 5 yrs of my life. I have many disadvantages than advantages.

1.For anything and everything my Mamma says, “Aryan you are old now, do it yourself.”
2.She expects me to help her, in cleaning and doing other chores when she is around. I can no longer afford to have a messy room. Moreover, if crayons are around, Arjun would eat it…
3.She wants me to eat all alone and that too spicy food.
4.She wants me to take bath and wash potty alone.
5.She wants me to take care of Arjun, when she is not around…
6.She doesn’t even allow me to CRY. Even if I cry for something, she simply announces..”BIG BOYS DON’TCRY”..I feel little inferior when I hear this and I stop crying. But sometimes, I can’t help but CRY!!
7.Last but not the least…..she will make me sleep in a separate room from August 27th, 2011. Not sure how we both are going to succeed in this attempt.

However, the good things I feel about growing old is:

1.Arjun calls me Dada
2.I am growing tall like a giraffe…
3.I am getting more power like Chota Bheem
4.I can read now. Atleast three letter words and books related to those words.
5.I can recite one full story to Arjun
6.Last but not the least, I can boldly tell my mamma about what I want and what I don’t.
Sometimes, she also forgets that I am old enough to make decision. If I say I don’t want to eat, she forces, If I say I want to watch TV, she denies…

One rigmarole Mom she is. Today morning she even forgot that it is PT uniform on Thursday. She made me wear the normal uniform and I trusted her decision. Later when I realized that today is Thursday, I had to change it…One slow processor mom I have!!! Probably she is growing too old!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Smiling: I squeal with delight everytime I see Aryan dada and his antics. He dances for me, makes funny noises, jumps, gives his toys (Not his favorite toy though). It is one gala time whenever I see Aryan Dada.

Climbing: Now, I am in a climbing spree. No one can hold me just like that, as I climb on them. I reach till there head!!!

Crawling: That happens only when I see something exciting around.

It is still erupting, not yet out.

Last but not the least

Shouting/Screaming: That is the only consistent thing I like to do. For anything and everything I scream. If my mamma scolds me, I understand and I cry, I scream more. One vicious circle!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I don’t do any mischiefs. With 8.20 Kg, what can I do apart from sitting on my own from a lying position and analyzing what to explore. Once I analyze and target an object, I again lay down crawl and creep to get the target. I usually target Aryan Dada’s alphabet magnets on the fridge. Then I creep under the dining table and lick some dust, sit there for some time and slowly come out. But my mom or my grandparents are always behind me, when I am exploring the things around me. Anyways, no force can stop me from getting what I want.

At times when I am bored, I simply sit and blabber” akkkkaaa..athhhaa…babbba….”.

Every time Aryan dada plays with me, I squeal with delight. He calls me, Appuaan, Mooshi Ballu, Arjunaa…and what not.

I like to be with my Papa. I like to play with his mobile phone. If he says, “Keep quiet”, I am just quiet and good.

At any given point of time, I can identify Mamma’s voice. As soon as I sense that Mamma is around, I just don’t stay with anyone. I cry to my level best and pull my Mamma towards me. Mamma’s Magnetic power I guess!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Papa's Birthday

Happy Birthday Papa. I said these words as soon as I got up in the morning.
I went near to him, kissed him on his hands, and gave him the secret birthday gift that my Mamma had got.

Unlike last yrs birthday, where I had a "J" factor associated with me, this time I am behaving little matured. To see what happened last yr see here.

This time, even Mamma did not order flowers and it is low profile celeberation. Probably that is reason this J factor is missing!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you Jessey Madam

My new class teacher, Jessy Madam, told me a story. It really helps me. My mom is amazed by the amount of trust and belief that I have in my teacher. Touch wood, she wants this to continue till the end.

Well, here is the story:

There was one rabbit, which was sad and scared to go to school on the first day. His Mamma gave two kisses on his palm and said, “Whenever you miss Mamma, just keep your palm on your cheeks.” The rabbit felt happy and secure by doing this.

I am following the same now. Before I go to school, my Mamma gives me kisses on my palms and I go to school with that secure feeling.

Also, whenever I feel like talking to her, I see that no one is around, and then I use my ID card as fake phone and talk to her. I give her updates about my lunch; about my school activity…the list is unlimited.

My Mamma fears that one day I will get caught for these fake phone calls…Will I?

Monday, June 13, 2011

School Again

School time again. This time, I was not very scared. Atleast I knowing how my school life is going to be. But when Baba, was dropping me in the pick up point, I tried to convince him not to send me. Somehow nothing worked:

Aryan, " Baba, I am feeling sleepy.'
Baba, " No, you are not."

Aryan, " I am feeling tired."
Baba. " Sit there for sometime."

Aryan, " Do you think school bus will come? It is already late, let us go home."
Baba, " No, let us wait."

Aryan," Baba, I want to do potty."
Baba, " No, we are already in the pick up point, bus will come in few minutes. Go to school and do"

Aryan, " OK Baba, I will go, but tell Mamma to call and tell the teacher that I don't want to stay more in school. Only little I will go!!!
Baba, " Phew!!! Ok."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aryan Dada- Arjun Dada

I, the little Arjun became Dada now: that means, I am now a big brother. My periyamma (Mamma’s sister) delivered a baby girl on May 24th. My mom is so happy about it. Hope I get to meet her soon. Someone smaller than me!!!

Today I completed 7th month. The alien called teeth is still trying to erupt from my gums. I am busy chewing anything that I can get hold off. I can chew/eat one full page newspaper, chew any amount of cloth, toys, mamma’s dress, Aryan dada’s finger, papa’s finger. The list is unending….

Aryan dada is one funny fellow. The other day my Mom, asked him to take care of me. I was lying on the cot. Aryan dada was asked to entertain me and make sure I don’t fall from the cot. Aryan dada was of course repeating Appuaan Appuaan….(That is what he calls me) and was dancing. I was squealing with delight to see him dance. I wanted to go near to him, so I turned over and over and DUMBBBB..here I am down. I fell down and still Aryan Dada is singing Appuaan Appuaan…and dancing.. He didn’t feel like stopping me from the first great fall!!!

Another thing that surprises me is Aryan Dada’s capacity to obey our Moms order word by word. My Mom was in kitchen and when I was cranky, she yelled at Aryan Dada.

Mamma, “Aryan, put the toy bag down, so that Arjun can play.”

Aryan, “Yes, Mamma”

Aryan Dada took the toy bag, and just put it on my head!!! Oouch, that pained a lot and I cried a lot. Well, my mamma ran from kitchen and took me in her arms and screamed at Aryan Dada.

Aryan Dada, “Sorry Mamma”

Mamma, “No sorry, come here first.”

When he came, she just banged one thick bonded book on his head, and asked him how does it feel now???

Aryan Dada, “Not good, anyways now you and Arjun say sorry to me!!”

BTW: Why should I say sorry? I am still surprised!! I got hurt and I still need to say sorry!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Learning Shapes

Mamma at home, so we were doing activities to learn shapes.

some timepass...

Note: I am having cat as my pet. Balloons are not oval!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Updates

Friday-Party Time

My Mom convinced me very well and I ended up NOT wearing any Chota bheem costume for the birthday party.
The party arrangement was good, with Chota Bheems pictures hanging everywhere. It started with a questionnaire section, where they would ask different question about the serial. I could get the answers for almost everything. When they played Chota Bheem’s title song, most of the kids danced and squealed with delight. I couldn’t dance at all. I felt little odd!!! I simply watched them dancing. My favorite time pass in any parties— “To OBSERVE OTHERS”
Then it was mask and tattoo time. Whatever mask we get, we would get the same tattoo. I got Bheem’s mask.:-)
Then it was Bow and Arrow play followed by collection of ladoos from tun-tun aunty’s stall.
I collected ladoos and gave my Mom. Well, she also did not eat, but Arjun ate little bit. Ah..yes, we took Arjun also for the party. He behaved well and was not cranky. Unusual behavior from his side!!!
Saturday—Was hectic

Morning we went to Treasure house again for Story time. Swetha aunty told a beautiful story about Dumbo Elephant. I loved the way she narrated.
Dumbo elephant is cutest baby elephant with very big ears. Everyone made fun of him for his big ears. He had a friend, Timothy the rat and they play always. But Dumbo was sad as everyone made fun of him and he has to play the part of a clown in the local circus. One day Dumbo climbed up the steep hill and sat there. Timothy was searching for Dumbo all over, but finally when she found Dumbo there, she ran to him and said.. “Tiger is behind you..Run…” Well…Instead of running Dumbo elephant FLEW…his big ears was his wings. Can you believe it…Dumbo elephant flew with his big ears and landed straight away in the circus tent just to cherish in the applause... I felt so happy and was telling to Swetha aunty about my desire to see a giraffe flying like Dumbo.

Evening Mamma and Pappa took us to Circus.

I was just expecting Dumbo elephant to fly and come. But No, I just could see one elephant. Arjun was almost restless all the time.
Conversations in btw:

Mamma, “ Aryan, see how they are performing circus. It is so difficult Aryan.
Aryan, “Mamma, they simply don’t jump, they practice a lot.”

Mamma, “What did you like the best in Circus”
Aryan, “The Popcorn”

Sunday- Fun day

Morning I went to Janagnath temple at Banjara hills.

Evening was total fun, as my Papa took me to Fun city game zone. I could ride most of my favorite rides. We had food form MacDonald’s and went home.
In btw my mamma read me two books— Clifford and Thomas train. I loved both of them and I am waiting to return these books and get another set of Clifford and Thomas. That is all folks!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chota Bheem's Birthday Party

Today is Chota Bheem’s birthday party at treasure house. We recently became the member of TH and I feel very excited to go there.

I want to dress like Chota Bheem, but my Mom is little skeptical about making me roam without a shirt???

What is her problem in life? I am Chota Bheem, I should be without shirt!!! I should eat ladoos and take one bull in my hand, rotate it, and throw it away!!! What do you say??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Grouchy Ladybug- Review

Title—The Grouchy Ladybug
By- Eric Carle

This is the story about a Grouchy ladybug, which feels annoyed to share and wants to fight with someone who is bigger than him. The story begins at 5 am, when a Good ladybug goes in search of aphids and meets this Grouchy ladybug, who neglects the option of sharing aphids. The Grouchy ladybug tries to pick up a fight with the Good ladybug, and he feels that the Good ladybug is too small in size for him to fight. So he goes in search on creatures that are bigger than him.

As the time passes by, the Grouchy ladybug meets bigger creatures like, Praying Mantis , Sparrow, Hippo, Lobster, Elephant and so on. But he feels everyone is small to fight with him, though everyone is ready to fight. At last when he meets the whale….that is when he understands……..what it takes to fight

When my Mom first read this to me, I felt very excited because I was hearing about aphids for the first time…As I turned the pages I just couldn’t resist my excitement. I was excited to see, lobster with his claws, Rhino with his horns, the whale which was so huge….I was constantly thinking why the Grouchy ladybug thinks the other creatures to be small. When I questioned my Mamma, she said, “Wait till the end.”

I liked the whale the best, which simply kept quiet…..and suddenly it gave one whack to the Grouchy ladybug… I just burst out with laughter when my Mom read that.

The story ends with the Grouchy ladybug and Good ladybug sharing aphids and going to sleep. I felt so peaceful when the story ended like this and I was telling my Mom that if you don’t pick up fight with anyone we can be happy.

My mom replies back that, “Well, if you share and know how to lead a friendly life, it is fine. You can sometimes pick up fight with some Grouchy creatures, like how the whale did!!!!”

Difficult to understand my Mom’s logic, I just think that we should not fight with anyone!!!

6 Months Update

I am just 193 days old, but the whole house hold revolves around me, my habits, and my nap time. Poor grandparents, they are under my whims and fancies….After all I am Aryan’s brother right!!! Apart from managing my household, I can do the following:

I can recognize my Mom from any distance, even by her voice.

I can squeal with delight when I see Aryan Dada making faces and dancing for me.

I can sleep on one side and turn over often, but I have not mastered the ART of crawling.

I just try to sit; I no longer like to be in the sleeping position.

I can hold a rattle and look for it when it falls down.

Recently my Mom has started pushing the fortified semisolid food into my mouth. I am happy that atleast I am getting something to chew apart from drinking Milk.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Answers Please

I don’t share my toothbrush with anyone, I don’t share my towel with anyone, I don’t share my comb with anyone, then why should I share my Mamma with Arjun?

Why can’t I be a girl? Mamma can you get me one girl dress?

When will this Arjun become big and play cricket with me?

Why Papa came early today? Usually he comes at night right?

From where and why did you get me this Puff color. I thought you went to office. You got permission from you manager to go out of your classroom and get this color for me?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do I Share Enough?

Every evening I take my bi-cycle and go down to play with my friends. We do cycling for a while and then play something different. When I am not riding my cycle, the watchman uncle’s kid rides it. When I asked my Mamma, she said it is fine to share.
When he touches my friend’s cycle, they just fight with him and don’t even allow him to touch it. Well, I have questioned my mamma about this behavior and she simply says, “The more you share the more you get from god. Now Santa Claus will be happy and he will give good gifts during the Christmas. So continue sharing.”

Off late my Mamma notices that I am not taking my cycle down. The reason is: I don’t get to play with it. As soon I take it down, the watchman uncle’s kid snatches from me and he rides. He doesn’t even ask me whether I am fine to share or not. Sometimes I am simply not fine to SHARE.

The other day, I felt very sad, when the watchman uncle’s son was not sharing my cycle with me. All kids were riding and I was watching them with my pet. (I have some soft toys, one toy invariably is the PET OF THE DAY.)

Aryan, “Mamma, I am sad. Sharing makes me feel unhappy.”

Mamma, “Ok Aryan, don’t worry. If you are unhappy, then don’t share. You should have the courage to tell him to just ride your cycle for a while, not always. Just don’t give him completely. Sharing also has a limit. I am just asking you to share “A little”.

I am seriously confused about what this “A little” sharing means, when the other kids don’t even share anything.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a Start..

I get up at 4 in the morning, make odd noises, turn over and push my Mom and brother from my cot. Typically, this is how my day begins. What else a 5 months old kid can do? I am not aware what my Mom expects from me!!!!

Aryan dada is very nice to me. But today morning, he also got irritated and started scolding me!!!! God knows what he said.

Well, not only in the mornings, during the day also I show my true colors. I am fully active and I DON’T SLEEP AT ALL….

Neither I play alone nor do I play with toys. I need someone to talk with me 24/7. At present my Baba (grandpa) is taking care of me. I think my Aayi and Baba are underestimating my capacity to trouble them. They think if I sleep during day, I am a good boy. Well, this is just a start…hope they stay till the end!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Life of Aryan’s Brother

Well, that is not easy. At times, Aryan Dada comes very near to me. Sometimes he thinks to pull my head, sometimes shows some rattle, which invariably falls on my eyes. But whatever said and done, he loves me a lot.

Yesterday my mamma as usual went to office. My aayi was with me. As soon as she put me in Jula, I started crying. I cried incessantly for 45 mins. Aryan Dada immediately called my mom on her mobile.

Aryan, “ Amma, ethu rumba than kattharathu. Nee chikaram vaa…enodo kathu valikarathu.” (This kid is crying a lot, you come fast, my ears are paining hearing this.)

After this Aryan Dada took one of my Mom’s photo and showed me. He gave me her dupatta, thinking that I would be pacified by that. Well, he used to be like this when he was small.

Nothing helped. Immediately in 15 min, my mamma was at home. God knows whether she came home due to my crying or Aryan dada’s ear paining. As soon as I saw her, I stopped crying and started smiling at her!!!

She stayed with me for couple of hours and went to her office again after making me sleep.

Little talks that I overheard:

Aryan, “Mamma, let us not throw this baby down. He is becoming cute nowadays.”

Mamma, “Ok, but who told you that we are going to throw him anyway.”

Aryan, “I thought myself that one day I will throw him out, but now I will not.”

Mamma, “ Phew!@!!!

Good that Aryan Dada has changed his mind....Hope he remains the same...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Holi

This week, I am at home. Some short break from school. Sunday I played Holi with my Pappa.

Of late I have developed the habit of visualizing myself as Chota Bheem. I think so much about him that I have started making cards for his birthday party. My Mom is getting worried about this Chota Bheem fascination. I hope she takes me to Chota Bheem’s Bada birthday Party.!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Temple Festival

Yesterday I saw Kerala temple festival for the first time in my life. Temple festival in a near by temple, had commenced 10 days back. The whole temple was decorated with lights. It was a festive atmosphere with so many people around. Mamma got me balloons. Yesterday was the last day of this festival and on the last day the temple priest places the god’s idol on the decorated elephant’s back and they come home.
Yesterday night I saw three elephants that came to our house. On one elephant’s back, god’s idol was placed. I was so thrilled to see elephants.

The questions that I get after seeing the elephants are:

Why does this elephants always shake its ears and tail?
Why is this elephant eating coconut without breaking its shell?
Why is this elephant so big?

Hi friends, it is me- Arjun, Aryan Karmore’s brother. I came to this world 4 months back. Now my vitals are: Weight- 6kg, Height - 55 cm. Some ten days before, I turned over when I was trying to hold one rattle. Yepee I discovered another way of lying down. Now as soon as my Mamma drops me down, I turn over. I try to move ahead a little. My Mamma, Kuttu mama, my grandparents and everyone are so happy to see these changes.

But you know guys; I have to be little away from my Big bro, Aryan.
Aryan dada sharing his blog with me itself is a big milestone. But you know today I overheard his conversation with my Mamma.

Aryan, “ Mamma, can you please give me Arjun’s head. I can play like a football.
Mamma, “ What?”

My Question is : Can my Mamma give my head to Aryan Dada?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Arjun and Me at Trivandrum

First of all, happy anniversary to my blog. It has been 4yrs since I started this blog and now time has come to share this blog with my little brother-Arjun.

He has metamorphosed into a new creature now. Instead of just crying and sleeping, he knows to make cooo coo noises. He recognizes me and smiles at everyone around. Ooops it is already been 3 months since he has jumped from my mamma’s tummy.

Now, I am at Trivandrum, my Grandma’s place. I like this place a lot as I get to see many unusual things that I don’t see in Hyderabad. I like to collect the baby coconuts, which fall from the coconut tree. I get to see crow, sparrow, parrot, eagle, canary and lot of other birds. I have my cousins, Achu Akka and Kannan Anna with whom I play a lot. I think myself to be Bheem, Achu Akka to be Chutki, and Kannan anna to be Raju. (All Chota Bheem characters. Those who see POGO channel will know more about it)

Anyway nowadays I am not going to school. Arjun seems to be cute. That is what my Mom thinks…..Hmmmm!!!!

Will post more updates soon....