Monday, March 31, 2008

Sleepy JULA.

Ohohoo…I totally forgot to upload the photos of my toys that my Papa got from US. Here we go.

Last week my Papa got one Jula (Swing) for me. I love to swing in it. Only my Papa rocks me in Jula, no one else rocks me. So I eagerly wait for my Papa to come from office and as soon as he comes, I don’t even allow him to remove his shoe. I point my fingers towards the Jula and say Juahha Juahha and instruct him to put me in Jula. I sit happily……rocking and blabbering some words…..

After 15- 20 minutes, My Mom comes and tells me, Aryan come on get out of the Jula. I refuse. Then she tells, Aryan Jula is sleepy and you should not disturb anyone who is feeling sleepy, so come on get out. I still refuse. Then she says, Aryan come on I will put Om Shanthi Om song, get out of the Jula. (Can’t she understand that I can listen to OM Shanthi Om song even from Jula???)
This time I hold the jula rope tightly…

Atlast she comes and pats the Jula and starts saying..”Jo jo Jula rei rei Jula…” Now this Jula is always sleepy and thus it sleeps as soon as my Mom pats it. ahhh..she somehow makes the sleepy Jula to sleep. Now what to do??? I sadly get out of the Jula and keep wondering when the Jula will wake up from sleep.

What do you say Mommy friends…?????

Thursday, March 27, 2008

One day Schedule

Everyday morning, right from brushing teeth till I wear my shoes, I cry and plead my Mom not to send me to daycare. I run and hide behind the door, sit in the god’s room, roam here and there. But still she takes me and leaves me at daycare.
I cry for half hour and when the caretaker no longer tries to pacify me, I stop crying and then start poking nose into the other kids tiffin boxes. So I forget about my MOM and Papa and play round and round and round and round....

By lunch time, my Nagpur grandma picks me up. I show Taataa to everyone, wear my shoe, make sure that I take my sipper and tiffin box and of course make sure that I take my Mom's nighty and then I go home.

You know one thing. It took three months for me to learn 1 to 10. When my Papa went to US, my Mom and my Chella patti started saying one, two, three..and we count the stairs as we climb up and down. We count my toys and anything and everything in the house hold...
Now I have learnt 1 to 10. If my Mom says 1, then I say 2, if she says 3, I say 4......

When my Mom said to my neighbor that I can say from 1 to 10, she asked immediately. “Oh they taught this is daycare?”
I was surprised, they also “teach” in daycare...Hope I learn more and more and have fun at Daycare..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vishnu CD

HHAA…Enough of daycare updates. I cry cry cry, but still my Mom leaves. So now what to do????

Today let me tell you a story.
There was an Elephant (AANNA). It went to pond, for taking bath. It took its towel and soap. When it took bath a Crocodile came. Crocodile has big mouth. It opens and gulps even Cow (Ummmbaaa). Once I saw this in discovery channel. So the crocodile came and did one Kaddiii, means it bite the Elephant’s leg. Then elephant said, “ Narayana Narayana..It was calling Vishnu Bhagawan”. Then came Vishnu Bhagawan, with a Vishnu Chakkaram. Vishnu Chakkaram resembles a CD Disc. When My Mom comes to this point of the story I run here and there and look for my play CD. I insert the CD in my little finger and run towards my Mom. I hit her with the CD on her head like Vishnu Baghawan who hits the crocodile…Thus there ends the story and Mom ends up getting hits from me. I only hit my Mom because she only tells me this story…
Sometimes I roam the whole house with the CD inserted in my finger…

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DayCare updates

Morning, my Mom got dressed. She dressed me. I was very very happy thinking that she is going to take me to her office. I showed Taaattta to my Nagpur grandma and happily went with my Mom.
Little did I know that My Mom is having hidden plans. As we walked down the road, I saw Car, Concrete mixer, my Mom plucked flowers for me and we reached the Daycare.
The care taker was ready at the door step. She grabbed me from my Mom. My Mom wanted to stay there, but the Daycare aunty did not allow my Mom to stay. As my Mom left, I cried and tried my level best so that I can escape from the strangers hands….But no hope…I cried cried, took my Mom’s nighty and at last slept in the caretakers lap. She said Jo jo jo jo..
When I opened my eyes, my Nagpur grandma was there to receive me. I ran towards her holding my Mom’s nighty. My grandma told me to put the nighty in the bag and wear my shoes. She helped me to wear my shoes; I showed Taatttaa to other kids and the caretakers. I happily went home with my grandma…

Note: Yesterday to pacify my anger, My mom got a blue racing Car…I goes vroom……I really liked it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day Care. ..At last

Long before when my Mom was talking about daycare, I never thought it would be like this……A place where I cannot see Mama and Papa…

My Mom and Papa took me to a place called daycare. My Nagpur grandma also came with us. Papa was talking with the daycare aunty and my Mom was sitting with me. Many kids were there and My Mom started singing my favorite songs. All of us clapped and we had a nice time. I got a giraffe toy from daycare and I was happily exploring it sitting in my Mom’s lap.
Suddenly all good times came to an end. My Mom and Papa went away leaving me behind. I was carried away by someone. I cried cried cried…for 1 hr…
I guess my Mom should have anticipated this and she had packed her nighty in my daycare bag. I feel very very secured when I hold her nighty. Atlast, seeing me crying so much the daycare aunty gave me my Mamas nighty and I was holding very tight. I took her nighty and went and sat in one corner. Was blabbering Amma Amma Mom Mama..I stopped crying after sometime and was waiting for my mama to come.
My Nagpur grandma came and picked me from the daycare. Now I am at home. Completely Angry with my MOM. I will not talk to her when she comes home today. How she can drop me in a completely new place and vanish…..
Angry and Sad Aryan…

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fasting for Mom

I fasted for two days. My Mom gives breakfast in the morning, goes to office. I don’t eat lunch in the afternoon; neither do I have snacks in the evening. I simply drink water and eat two biscuits. My Nagpur Grandma is so patient; she tries her level best to feed me. I love her also, but I want my Mom to be with me. What if my Mom also goes in Ku chuku chuku train like my chella patti? Evening when my mom comes at 6:00 P.M., she feeds me cereals and I eat happily.

I am just fasting for my Mom to come home early. But my hope was shattered for the past two days. My Mom did not come early from office; but my Papa came home early and played with me. He taught me Fire Engine book, played ball with me, played jumpy with me…I LOVE YOU PAPA…..

Anyway today I have decided to stop fasting and start eating lunch during the day….Hope I eat…..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Language Problem

There was a time when I faced transition very bravely. I was happy with both the grandmas. This time it has become very very difficult.

PAPA came from US. He got five cars, one concrete mixer, one tipper lorry, one crane, one mud lorry, one tonga, one concrete mixer T shirt, and lots and lots of books. My favorite one is the fire engine book. Soon my Mom will post the photos…now she is in rigmarole because of me.

I don’t understand Marathi…My Nagpur grandma speaks Marathi and I do not understand anything…

I ask her THaaa…for something, she shows Tataaa
I asked her about KAKA (Crow) and she thinks I am talking about KAKA (Uncle in Marathi)

I only understand Tamil and English. My Mama and Papa talks in English and My Chella patti and my Mom talks in Tamil…
Now, in Koo chuku Chella patti went to TVM, when my papa came. My Nagpur grandma came to take care of me…I miss my Chella patti a lot..
Now I cry cry cry..
Yesterday I cried from 9 am to 12:00 noon… Did not eat anything the whole day and was just waiting for Mom to come from office. My Papa came early to take care of me.
Today also I am crying my level best and will try to make my Mom come home. She is super busy in office nowadays, because my Moms big boss came from US, thus she doesn’t come early…poor me

My Mom thinks that to avoid the language confusion she will put me in the Day care, where they talk English and Hindi. Yesterday my Papa and Mama went in search of one.
The funny thing is that the baby sitters in that day care talk in Telugu…Ahh one more language to confuse me….

Monday, March 10, 2008

Why my Mom Denied….

Today morning when my Mom was leaving to office, I slowly went behind her. I was just waiting for her to take her office bag from the cupboard. She took her bag, kept it on the cot and went in search of her mobile. I marched to the kitchen, took my water sipper and placed it inside her bag. Then I went to the kitchen again and was searching for biscuits. Couldn’t get one as it was in the cupboard. So I went to my Mom again.

The logic is: Whenever my Mom takes me out, she takes my sipper and one small ParlieJi biscuit packet. I thought, by keeping the sipper inside her bag, she would take me also along with her to her office..

All false hopes…She coolly kept the sipper out of her bag. She told,” Aryan I am going to office, I cannot take you. Placing sipper in my Bag doesn’t mean that I have to take you”.
I simply listened to her. I did not cry. I showed Tata tata..when she went. See I am not a cry baby right????

But why did my Mom deny me ….???

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Crazy 8 Tag for me

Crazy 8 Tag for me by Wunderyearz mommy..By now all my mommy friends know all about me….Still I thought I will take up the tag and do this. Yipee yipeee…
8 Things I am passionate about:
1. Giyaaf AKA Giraffe. That is my favorite animal. I have giraffe toy. One is very small; other one is mama giraffe and third one is of medium size. I hold the medium size giraffe and I need that toy whenever I go out of the house.....
2. Concrete mixer and Car—Equal Importance to both of them and Caa..Caa for both of them. I have some 20 car toys now. Thus now my Mom said she will no longer get car toys…
3. Flowers—plucking flowers and crushing it. My chella patti helps to pluck the Poos..
4. My Mom’s Night Dress—I love my Mom’s night dress. I hold it when my Mom is away and sleep with it.
5. Mom, Amma, Mamaa…..I am simply behind my Mom..holding her dress..and does not leave her alone I am with her whenever she is at home.
6. I love to play Uppu Chhakku (Salt Gunny bag) with my Mom.
7 . I love to play train train with my Chella patti…I love to play with her. She amuses me a lot.
8. I love to see my Chella patti making dosa..I say sooo sooo and see how she makes..Sometimes I try to imitate her.

8 Things I do that drives My Mom crazy:
1. Not allowing my Mom to even use the toilet when my Mom is back home from work . So she makes sure that she finishes her toilet needs in her office itself.
2. Making fuss for eating medicines.
3. When I try to explain something, My mom doesn’t understand. I cry and she becomes crazy.
4. I hate to take bath nowadays. I don’t know why, but my Mom gets angry for this reason.
5. I have to keep all my vehicle toys and animal toys in my bed and make them sleep before I sleep. I have a small concrete mixer, bull dozer, two buses and lot many cars. Thus there is no space for my Mom to sleep. She becomes angry and put those toys down after I sleep. The next morning I become angry because my toys are down.
6. When someone eats something, I extend my hands and ask Thaaa…Even to strangers I do that. Not that I want to eat what they are eating, I simply want to hold in my hand and crush it into pieces. My mom hates this habit. She has told me not to ask stangers.
7. I run behind cockroach and get hold of it.
8. I cry suddenly. When someone calls me a loud noise, I cry. I cannot even tolerate a little scolding…..or raised voice.

8 Things that I say often:
1. Mom and Ti(Calling Mom and my chella patti)
2. Thaaa(When I want to ask something to someone, I extend my hand and ask Thaaa..)
3. Papa
4. Kaaka(crow)
5. Kaa(Car)
6. Giyaff
7. Ohhhohh(when something disappears, something happens)
8. Eethu (Points towards a thing and asks what is it).

8 Books that I have read:
1. Vehicle Board book
2. Animal Board book
3. Number Board book
4. Vegetable Board book
5. Birds Board book
6. When Tiny was tiny book
7 Animals stories by Padma TV. I see the colorful pictures of peacocks and seahorses.
8. Big Alphabet board book. I love to see Igloo in it..and say igoo igooo…

8 songs that I listen to over and over:
1. Yeh Ishq ahai (Jab we meet)
2. Darde Disco (OSO)
3. Kaisai (OSO)
4. Om Shanthi OM (I dance raiseing my hand like SRK)
5. My Nursery rhymes.

8 Things that makes me the person I am:
1. I am introvert and shy to strangers. I cry when I see strangers. So an official stamp for me is that, “Aryan is a cry baby”. My Mom’s relatives ask my mom. “Does Aryan cry even now?” My mom says yes…
2. Loves to eat BINGO and Ice cream.
3. Very slow and very cautious. I will not rush for anything in hurry. I make sure that my Mom is with me.
4. Calm, but cries for funny things.
5. Switching on the computer, when my Mom is away. My grandma has to wonder how to switch it off.
6. Hates being carried or even touched by strangers. I simply show Tattaa and come inside my house.
7. Loves to cuddle and to be cuddled. I am loving this for the past one week.
8. Seeing animals in Discovery or Animal channels.

8 People I think should do this tag (Kids or Moms, whichever way you like to do it). I am tagging my kiddy friends. Mommy friends, if you like this tag, please take it up and do it.

Kutie Brother
Friend Chubby Aryan
Apya sister

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I dance like Peacock

Trivandrum is a nice place for trees and birds. Opposite to my house there is a big tree…Very big tree. Mom calls it banyan tree. Everyday morning I used to come out of the house and look at that tree. I could see lots and lots of birds. I saw almost all the birds from my Bird board book. I saw
Hoopoe and some more birds that I couldn’t recognize..

I was very excited to see canary. It was very bright….
But oh god where is Peacock? My favorite bird!!! I couldn’t see peacock in the banyan tree!
Later on my Mom and my Chella patti took me to a near by Murugan temple. My Mom told that peacock is the mode of transportation for Murugan Swami…
There in a cage I saw two peacocks. One was swinging in the swing and the other was lying down. When my Mom said Muruga Muruga, it stretched its wings and I saw the peacock feather. I was all excited to see the peacock feather and my grandpa got some peacock features for me…My Mom tickles me with that and I enjoy it the most…

Ok back to the story…so now when you say Muruga Muruga to me…I stretch my hands and flap them. Just trying to imitate the peacock that I saw in the temple. However, I don’t have feathers like the real peacock!!!!!!!