Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eating and Meeting Milestone, a Vicious Circle!!!

Scenario: Holding the squirming Aryan, in his moms lap and trying to push an unfamiliar substance in his unreceptive mouth.
Short term outcome: Aryan cries and eats, but he is healthy.
Long term outcome: A perfect script for disaster, as Aryan would never learn to swallow or eat something of his own.

I am Aryan, a budding individualist, who is six months old. Don’t you think I should sit without support now and start eating semi solid food myself? Yes, even I think I should. Let me see how I can accomplish this task.

When it comes to sitting, I love it. The fun part is I can see things clearly when I sit. (Of course I sit with support). My mom has promised me that she would stop feeding me on her lap the day I sit without support. So now I am waiting for that auspicious day. In fact, I am meeting my milestones, even though a little late. My processor is little slow. . . . It happens. All babies are not alike.

So, till I sit without support, I should enjoy this commercial iron fortified baby food, lying in my moms lap.

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Unknown said...

hahaha, i really enjoyed the writing...great imagination....way to go...ARYAN :)