Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My New Habits and My Habitat

That was a tedious day for my parents. They shifted the house from one place to another. It is the most harrowing task one has to do, that too when they have a baby brat like me.

But atlast they made it and we shifted to a place very near to my Mom’s office.

Let me list the advantages of this house

1.My Mom can come home for feeding me; she leaves to office late and comes early.
2.I can see cars and bikes speeding with the sparkling light at night. My mom takes me out side the house and feeds me food when I stare at these speeding vehicles with open mouth. This way, she ends up feeding me food even before I realize about my mouth’s open status.
3.I can see two “Bows Bows”. They are two doggies which roam in the streets.
4.I can see crow and squirrel on the tree which is opposite to the gate. But they come as soon as I am awake in the morning and my mom does not have time to show me. Still I get to peep at those creatures from the main door.
5.I have a new girlfriend cum neighbor—Archana. Let me quote few words about her.

She comes home to play with me. She is very cute. But this time please don’t misunderstand me. She is very much bigger than me unlike Athira. My Mom never told me how old is she. But I like the way she swabs my hair and the way she says Meow.Meow. I blush and squeal with delight when she is in. But still I have not reached that level to be in her hands. I need some more time to be comfortable with her.

Disadvantages of the new habitat.
1.I don’t have much space to crawl. Thus I end up hitting my head here and there. The other day I even fell from the cot.
2.Secondly as the bathroom is small, I have to take bath outside in veranda. Even though my mom uses lukewarm water for bath, if the cold breeze sweeps in, then I feel cold.

Let me think of more updates. Till then, bye.


Unknown said...

U look so Cute Aryan....

Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan!

We read your blog very often .... It is very good writing. Keep it up!!!
Let us know more about you and your eating habits. After water episode, we are interested in food post.