Friday, April 17, 2015

Moral Story

It is been a routine in AryanArjun’s household to listen to stories told by my Mamma. She keeps telling one or the other and sometimes asks the morals at the end. Arjun comes up with funny morals

Story 1- Golden Hen

Arjun’s moral-Don’t cut  hens stomach

Story 2- Gajendera and Crocodile story

Arjun’s Moral- Don’t take bath in a river. We have bathrooms na!!!!

Story 3 - Goat and Fox. The story about fox falling into a well. The fox misleads goat and comes out by stamping on goat's back,

Arjun’s Moral- Don’t fall into a well. Walk properly.

Well…..I am just bored of all these sagas. When will these people stop talking about moral stories????