Monday, July 27, 2015

Number Twelve-Arjun's Antics

Mamma, “Arjun, what is the spelling of number 12?”

Arjun, “O N E- 1 and T W O- 2. Together it is 12”

Mamma, “Arjun, it is cannot be O N E and T W O. Anyway, tell me what is the spelling of the word Look”

Arjun, “L O C K’’

Mamma, “Arjun, what is the spelling of Banana?”

Arjun, “B A N A”

Mamma, “Why don’t you concentrate Arjun??”

Arjun, “Why don’t you keep quiet Mamma??” 

Arjun is really a easy going and fun loving boy.....

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Van Mahostav

On 12th July, we were planting trees because in Balgoklum they told us that we should plant trees. Our group’s name was “save the trees”. We were a group of four: Me , my sister, Arjun and one more Arjun. Our trees were PINE and MANGO.

Every day, I need to water my plants.

Here is the link

Waiting for more Balagokulam sessions......

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Swimming Problem of Arjun

This is my first blog post. Till now, my mamma wrote on behalf of me. But now, I am going to be the owner of this blog. Please do visit and post your comments-Aryan.

I go to swimming. My brother also comes with me for swimming.

One fine day we went to swimming and we were swimming happily.
Arjun doesn’t know swimming and he floats with his arm pads and tube. He wanted to remove his arm pads. Mamma removed it and kept the tube. Mamma told him not to remove the tube.

Arjun removed the tube too. When I was going for diving he was
drowning. I jumped to rescue him .I holded his body, then
swimming sir caught him and gave him to Mamma. I caught his tube.

Mamma gave one nice whack to Arjun. Mamma scolded and told not to go for swimming.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Writing Saga

In Arjun's school they give lot of worksheets to write. All family words- AT, IN, EN, ET, IG, OT, OG, OW, ON, US, AN.....'

Mom and Arjun sat to write all the words at 10 PM. By 11pm they were done. At last Mom was relieved that they finished it. However Arjun said, " mamma it is not finished. We didn't keep one finger gap!!!!".

Hence, after writing all words, they were just keeping their finger and checking the gap!!! Arjun literally thought that after writing the words we need to keep one finger gap and see.He didn't understand that it needs to be done before!!

Now that I am in 4th standard, I have lot of things to do. EVS, Maths, Eng, Hindi, Grammar...etc etc...
I think it is going to be difficult with Mom always bugging me to study.

I try my best though, but end up making spelling mistakes.

Another task on my Moms head is to make Arjun read now...That is Himalayan task I tell you. I still remember how she was behind me at this stage and made me read book at the end of PPII.