Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tale of Blue Nighty... is Arjun now. When mamma leaves him and goes to office, he chooses to hold mamma's "blue Nighty" and sit in one place: The same "BLUE NIGHTY" that I used to hold and sit at my daycare when I was 1.5yrs......

Here is the link

What to say..." the Blue nighty legend is back"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cutting Ears

Aryan, “ Mamma, I only gave the library book to teacher, not the other HW book”
Mamma, “ Why?”

Aryan, “I forgot.”

Mamma, “OK”

After sometime, Mamma questions me, “ Aryan, how can you forget? Both the books were kept together in the bag. So, when you took your Library book, you must have seen the HW book right?

Aryan, “No, I forgot”

After sometime…

Mamma, “You know Aryan, Murugan ummachi ( Murugan God) is running here and there with a knife.”

Aryan, “Why?”

Mamma, “To cut the ears of kids who lie”

Aryan keeping his hand on ears, “Mamma, I forgot.”

Mamma, “What you forgot dear, I did not ask you anything. Oh, that topic of giving book!!! Did you really forgot or you didn’t want to give?
Remember murugan ummachi running here and there with a knife.”

Aryan, “Actually Mamma, I didn’t want to give”

Mamma, “Great…you told the truth. Whatever it is, Aryan always you should say the truth to Mamma and Papa. We know everything.”

Aryan, “Even Papa knows everything?”

Mamma, “Yes.”

Aryan, “Even Murugan ummachi knows everything?”

Mamma, “Yes, of course”

Aryan, “Phew”

At night…….
Aryan, “Mamma, cover my ears!!!!”

Mamma, “You don’t worry, you have told the truth”

Mamma thinking, “Is there any other lie that I did not catch?????

Updates so far…..

On my 5th Birthday, I was at Shiridi with my parents and my grandparents. We got good Darshan.

Evening went to Shanishingapur and from there to Mumbai. I met my little sister, Navya Kutti. She is my periyamma’s cute little daughter. I felt like lifting her and running away!!!!!!

Mumbai rains were awesome; just that it made us stay at home.
Now that I am no more a kid, my Mom says she doesn’t have anything to write about me!!!! She says, it is time to record Arjun’s antics. Well, I think, I am still a kid.

Arjun is very active, he is able to stand alone and able to walk with support. He eats anything and everything.

If you wave Bye to him, he reciprocates.

If you ask him to come to you, he crawls very fast and comes. The speed of his crawling depends on who calls him. If I call, he comes to me with so much delight.

He likes to sit in one place and rotate like a clock.

He has two little teeth and hence I call him Old man!!!

Ok coming to me, this is the “week of Music” in our school. I have to dress like a rock star on Friday. Well, my mom said, she will get one funky wig and some funky cloths and asked me to pick one toy guitar and go. And I blatantly refused it. I said, I will dress normally and will have my flute with me!!!! What is use of becoming rock star, when I don’t sync with any such favorite rock stars?????

But she convinced me and dressed me. Will share the pic soon…..