Monday, August 18, 2014

Conversation with God

I thought of striking conversation with god.

I started with few prayers…..

“ Oh god…my mom’s health should improve and she needs to be healthy and strong. Give her all the power in this world”

“ Oh god...I should not get any cough in future….”

Then, few wishes….

“ Oh god…give me lot of Samosas to eat!!!”

“ Oh god….I will attack every bad people in this world. Give me POWER”

Then, few questions……

“Oh god….where do you sleep???”

“Oh god…..why you look so handsome???”

It is me-Arjun!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I cried, I created tantrums, I made fuss…all my drama in vain. Now, I got used to the school-Silver Oaks.

1. The school focuses more on independency. Hence, they gave checklist for my Mom to fill every day, after monitoring me. If I do a chore alone, I get a smiley face, if not a sad face. Well, I thought I should be always independent and hence I took the checklist from my Mom and drew smiley all over!!!

2. With so much whims and fancies I go to school. One day I need Kaju katli in the box, one day Gulab Jamoon, one day fruits, one day nuts……all my antics driving my Mom crazy.

3. The only complain my teacher has is about my writing. My friends have written till “H” and I am still struggling with “A”. Mom is totally out of picture and she doesn’t want to sit with me for anything. She says, when time comes, I will learn. At this age, she was capable of making Dada read three letter words and made him write till Z. In my case, she is totally cool!!!!!(Probably, Aryan Dada is her target. She is still behind him to write a book review, after he reads one!!!)

On the house front:

1. Mom was extremely busy with work and finally she fell sick. Hence, she is at home now. Hope her health improves soon.

2. Aryan Dada’s craze for Bollywood dance diminished and he enrolled for Kun-Fu.

3. I didn’t want to go for any classes. I am a free bird now, running here and there in the park and making friends with everybody!!!

We are making an attempt to blog after a long time and hence, not sure what else to write!!!!

Anything you guys want to know about Aryan-Arjun?