Sunday, April 16, 2017

My write up-on my brother

Hi Friends,

My essay/write-up on my brother got posted in

It is a nice website and I would want to contribute to it. I think they are a bunch of good team, who really cares and appreciates kids writing. Kudos to the team...Whenever, I need a write up/essay on few topics, I search there. Student pls visits and contribute to kidsessay.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Confusion Galore

My mom gave the blog link to me after a long time. Hence, I am posting one after another. 

Can you read this: I can't decide easily. This means, I cannot decide easily.  So here are few things that I cannot decide:
1)     To Read or To play
2)     Read Percy Jackson or Tom gates
3)     Eat chicken or paneer
4)     Fight with Arjun or do my homework
5)     Play Scratch or play Captain claw
6)     Watch TV or Play mobile games
7)     Write with Octane pen or Reynolds
9)     Play football or Cricket
10)   Watch Pokemon or Animal planet
12) Write in print or write in cursive
Never ending list........

Oh that reminds me about about Hungry Shark. Let me write a review about that game as well...

Game Review: Clash Royale

Game: Andriod or iOS
Available for free

Clash Royale is a battle game in which you need to destroy the opponents tower. There is a single player mode or you can choose your friends from your clan. You can play the game by selecting cards that you get by unlocking Golden/Silver chest. We get these chests by winning a battle. To start with, some cards like, Giant/fireballs are available by default for first few battles. Cards are of different type such as: Fireball, prince, Skeleton army, rocket, giant and so on. 

You get to play in different arenas such as spell valley, bone pit etc. Game should end by finishing 11 arenas (I have not finished it though). We unlock a new arena by winning 5 consecutive battles. For controlling your game, you need to tap your card and place it in your opponent’s tower. The opponent reacts by choosing his cards. Either your card wins or his.

Overall it is good game to play and it keeps the excitement till the battle is over. Each battle can last between 3 mins to 5 mins.  You will be hooked to play the game again and again.

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My First Writing- Arjun

My Essay

Hey, this is Arjun. My Mom gives me a topic every weekend and I write few lines about it.
Here goes my writing on Pista shells


I have more than 300 Pista shells. I collect them. I gobble my Pistas very fast and I like to collect the shells. Some people nibble the Pista when it is hard. In my dream also, I think about my Pista shells. I have colored my Pista shells. In my school also I think about Pista shells. We had three packets of Pista and i have finished two of them.

NB: Mom has typed this post for me and she typed exactly what I wrote.