Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am in Bad mood today- Jan 22nd

Today is Monday. Two days I was with my mom and dad. Today I have decided to trouble my Grandma. I am not going to be a good boy. My grandma is very sweet and patient. Sometimes I feel I am troubling her too much. Any way the trouble that I give her has become a part and parcel of her life.

My first problem is my EAR. It is itching so much and I am not able to scratch it with my tiny hands. My second problem is I am having dry cough and throat pain. I signaled my Mom yesterday itself about my illness, but she did not understand my code language. Yesterday my mother was asking me why I am cranky even though she is at home. But why is she not observing my body language? The bottom rule is being observative and keeping your eyes open. I will not be the same everyday. I am just waiting for my mom to come home. I am not going to talk to her tonight.

With a new ray of hope I emerged into this enchanting world and ended up to know that when you have ear infection and throat infection it pains lot. When no one understands me, pain is more excruciating.

Soon I will let you know what happens to me and my pain. . . . .

The Orange birdie and the Black Mickey

Here, I am back. Today let me narrate an interesting conversation between the Orange Birdie and Black Mickey. They are my toys and mom gives me when I cry.

Birdie- Hi Micky how are you?
Mickey: I am sad as Aryan plays with you more. He doesn’t even take me in his tiny hands.
Birdie: Yes, he loves me more. He likes my blue nose and licks it every time and talks with me.
Mickey: Why don’t you tell Aryan to talk and play with me? Even I am his toy.
Birdie: Ok let us ask him.

With this intention in mind both my toys are waiting for my mom to bring them near to me.

But what can I do? Black Mickey is scary.. I get scared and I am not able to lick its nose.. But I will try to be nice with him also. Here after I will not throw him when my Mom gives him in my hand. Let me be in good books. Aryan is a good boy.

Visyneral drops ..... Ohhhhhh. (18th January 2007)

Visyneral drops-Jan 18th

It is a zinc nutritional supplement which I need to administer everyday. But my question is, when I drink my mom’s milk—the best food, why should I drink such drops?

The smell of it irritates me. It doesn’t have the sweet aroma. It tastes bad and odd. My grandma (My fathers Mom) runs away from me if my dress stinks because of this horrible so called nutritional supplement. Initially the dosage was 6 drops, now I have to drink 0.8 ml. Are you not feeling sympathy towards me?

Infant’s medicines are supposed to be sweet. How I wish I could make Dr. Sachin Suresh swallow the whole 15 ml bottle. Oh god, who will understand my feeling. Everyday my mom religiously gives me. Isn’t cruel? Kudos to those little moms who forgot to give this stinking nutritional supplement to their kids.

NB: Picture of the drops and Aryan’s face when he drinks it. . . . . .will be posted soon.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Day ... 17th Jan 2007


Today let me describe myself. I am 62 cm long, weighing 7 kg. I was 50 cm and 3kg when I was born. Did I grow fast…..No no, now that I am 4 and half months old it should be alright.

Born on the auspicious day of ‘Vinakaya Chaturthi’, I am feeling lucky. When I was in my mom’s womb, I used to kick her and made sure to come out on this day because once my father had mentioned that I would be born on August 27th 2006.

I like to watch people around me, especially watch what my father does. TV is boring, as I don’t watch much. But standing and climbing on my grandma’s lap is interesting. My mom plays with me, but on and off she goes to kitchen. That time, she expects me to be alone and watch the big fan above. The vision of fan is not all that interesting when you watch that everyday. Do you feel it amusing?
That is the time I scream. I shout and make so much noise that at last she comes. If my grandma is around, I don’t have to shout much. She will pick me up even before I reach my peak.

Best moments in a day- Is when I get lukewarm water bath at 8:00 clock in the morning. I enjoy it. After that, I get the cream applied and then need to drink Visyneral drops (Vitamin drops).

Oh now it is sleepy time. Wait till tomorrow for more experience

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A day in my life... 16-January-2007

The Beginning, January- 16/01/07

As usual I got up with a shriek.
“Aryan don’t shout dear”, my mom said. In fact she says this everyday but she still likes the way I shout, scream, and scratch her face. …and what not?

Oops I forgot to introduce myself. I am Aryan Karmore, just now completed four months in December 27, 2006. I have two employees working under me on contract basics for every six months. One is my Mom’s mother (I am under her safe hands right now) and the second is my father’s mother. They have taken an oath with my parents that they would take care of me with care and love and that is the reason now I am here in this big world!!!

My Mom, she works, she goes to office at 8:30 am and comes back around six in the evening. I am not aware where she works, but everyday when she gives me oil massage in the morning she advises me to be a good boy. Not to play pranks with my grandmother and not to cry till my mom comes.

I am a good boy, who said I am not!!! I just cry for food, for sleep, for wearing dress, for changing nappies, for wearing cap, when I am bored, when I am feeling cold, when I see strangers and when my mom is not around and when I feel like seeing her….and cuddling with her.

So that is it for today, just introduction. Tomorrow I will be back with more stuffs……the time when I play and laugh…