Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aryan Dada- Arjun Dada

I, the little Arjun became Dada now: that means, I am now a big brother. My periyamma (Mamma’s sister) delivered a baby girl on May 24th. My mom is so happy about it. Hope I get to meet her soon. Someone smaller than me!!!

Today I completed 7th month. The alien called teeth is still trying to erupt from my gums. I am busy chewing anything that I can get hold off. I can chew/eat one full page newspaper, chew any amount of cloth, toys, mamma’s dress, Aryan dada’s finger, papa’s finger. The list is unending….

Aryan dada is one funny fellow. The other day my Mom, asked him to take care of me. I was lying on the cot. Aryan dada was asked to entertain me and make sure I don’t fall from the cot. Aryan dada was of course repeating Appuaan Appuaan….(That is what he calls me) and was dancing. I was squealing with delight to see him dance. I wanted to go near to him, so I turned over and over and I am down. I fell down and still Aryan Dada is singing Appuaan Appuaan…and dancing.. He didn’t feel like stopping me from the first great fall!!!

Another thing that surprises me is Aryan Dada’s capacity to obey our Moms order word by word. My Mom was in kitchen and when I was cranky, she yelled at Aryan Dada.

Mamma, “Aryan, put the toy bag down, so that Arjun can play.”

Aryan, “Yes, Mamma”

Aryan Dada took the toy bag, and just put it on my head!!! Oouch, that pained a lot and I cried a lot. Well, my mamma ran from kitchen and took me in her arms and screamed at Aryan Dada.

Aryan Dada, “Sorry Mamma”

Mamma, “No sorry, come here first.”

When he came, she just banged one thick bonded book on his head, and asked him how does it feel now???

Aryan Dada, “Not good, anyways now you and Arjun say sorry to me!!”

BTW: Why should I say sorry? I am still surprised!! I got hurt and I still need to say sorry!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Learning Shapes

Mamma at home, so we were doing activities to learn shapes.

some timepass...

Note: I am having cat as my pet. Balloons are not oval!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Updates

Friday-Party Time

My Mom convinced me very well and I ended up NOT wearing any Chota bheem costume for the birthday party.
The party arrangement was good, with Chota Bheems pictures hanging everywhere. It started with a questionnaire section, where they would ask different question about the serial. I could get the answers for almost everything. When they played Chota Bheem’s title song, most of the kids danced and squealed with delight. I couldn’t dance at all. I felt little odd!!! I simply watched them dancing. My favorite time pass in any parties— “To OBSERVE OTHERS”
Then it was mask and tattoo time. Whatever mask we get, we would get the same tattoo. I got Bheem’s mask.:-)
Then it was Bow and Arrow play followed by collection of ladoos from tun-tun aunty’s stall.
I collected ladoos and gave my Mom. Well, she also did not eat, but Arjun ate little bit. Ah..yes, we took Arjun also for the party. He behaved well and was not cranky. Unusual behavior from his side!!!
Saturday—Was hectic

Morning we went to Treasure house again for Story time. Swetha aunty told a beautiful story about Dumbo Elephant. I loved the way she narrated.
Dumbo elephant is cutest baby elephant with very big ears. Everyone made fun of him for his big ears. He had a friend, Timothy the rat and they play always. But Dumbo was sad as everyone made fun of him and he has to play the part of a clown in the local circus. One day Dumbo climbed up the steep hill and sat there. Timothy was searching for Dumbo all over, but finally when she found Dumbo there, she ran to him and said.. “Tiger is behind you..Run…” Well…Instead of running Dumbo elephant FLEW…his big ears was his wings. Can you believe it…Dumbo elephant flew with his big ears and landed straight away in the circus tent just to cherish in the applause... I felt so happy and was telling to Swetha aunty about my desire to see a giraffe flying like Dumbo.

Evening Mamma and Pappa took us to Circus.

I was just expecting Dumbo elephant to fly and come. But No, I just could see one elephant. Arjun was almost restless all the time.
Conversations in btw:

Mamma, “ Aryan, see how they are performing circus. It is so difficult Aryan.
Aryan, “Mamma, they simply don’t jump, they practice a lot.”

Mamma, “What did you like the best in Circus”
Aryan, “The Popcorn”

Sunday- Fun day

Morning I went to Janagnath temple at Banjara hills.

Evening was total fun, as my Papa took me to Fun city game zone. I could ride most of my favorite rides. We had food form MacDonald’s and went home.
In btw my mamma read me two books— Clifford and Thomas train. I loved both of them and I am waiting to return these books and get another set of Clifford and Thomas. That is all folks!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chota Bheem's Birthday Party

Today is Chota Bheem’s birthday party at treasure house. We recently became the member of TH and I feel very excited to go there.

I want to dress like Chota Bheem, but my Mom is little skeptical about making me roam without a shirt???

What is her problem in life? I am Chota Bheem, I should be without shirt!!! I should eat ladoos and take one bull in my hand, rotate it, and throw it away!!! What do you say??