Monday, April 16, 2007


Do you think I am talking about Michael Crichton’s Novel—Travels? Absolutely not, My Mom would talk about it because I have seen her reading that book and thus I have heard her version of the book. But now I am talking about my Thiruvanthapuram travel experiences.

Today I met my Big Father and Big Mother. Big Mother is the term that I use for my Mom’s elder sister. And Big Father is my Big Mommy’s hubby. The best thing about my Big Mother is her hair. The soft luxurious hair lures me. I feel like pulling it and eating it. I pulled and pulled and tried to eat but couldn’t do it.

One of my traits is, not to jump into the hands of male communities apart from my father. Infact I am always associated with my Mom and my Grandma who are different from my Papa. But when I saw my Big Father, I jumped with joy. He is tall and handsome. He took me in his arms. The best advantage of being in his hand— I could tear the dangling calendar sheet (Was that the motive behind going to my Big Father? Maybe yes, maybe no.)

Then I met my Uncle. He was eager to see me. I couldn’t recognize him. Oh god, why did you give me short memory? When I was two months old, my uncle used to give me bath and I used to cry. That time I hated taking bath. Now my perception has changed.

My aunty is plum and beautiful with long hair. But her hair is oily unlike my Big Mom’s. My two cousins—Ashwathy and Sharavan were my time pass. They entertained me. Sharavan gave all his toys to me and pleased me. I was so pleased and I kissed him. Ashwathy sang a song for me.

My time to travel guys. . . I boarded the Auto. Auto is a black color three wheel object. My mother said it is a vehicle and is a mode of transportation. But what is a vehicle? So many things to understand in this world. Anyway I feel it is not as good as my Papa’s car. We visited my Uncle’s place. I met my girl friend for the second time. You would be wondering who my girl friend is? It is a surprise. Soon I will let you know. But let me tell her name. Her name is Athira. . .

I returned back home in Bus. We ran behind the bus and somehow got into it. My Mom runs quickly. Bus is bigger than Auto. It is also called a vehicle. But this is different from Auto and Car!!!!!!

There were so many people in the bus. Bus travel was very exciting. I was jumping with joy as soon as I entered the bus. My mom warned me to behave properly.

Tomorrow I will be back with my nuances of my flight travel.

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