Sunday, October 7, 2007

What to write……

Am I Ruskin Bond., who is capable to write out of nothing? Am I Shakespeare who writes out of everything? Am I Mama who writes technical documents? .No no, I am Aryan Karmore who writes about himself. But what should I write now?

Should I write about the new board book that Papa got me?
Yes, here is the Book review.

Publisher—I don’t know…why do you need that info?
Contents—Picture of different animals.
Cover—I like the way it is designed, especially the cover. A white Rabbit cover.
The pages are strong and sturdy for my tender hands. I cannot tear the pages like a do with the news paper.
Contents—This is a good picture book, good enough to excite me. When I am having food, my Mama shows me all the pictures along with their names. So far I can recognize Tiger and Cat. Cat is my favorite animal. My mama makes the odd noise (Meow) when she talks about Cat.

The other day when I saw a cat passing by, I was really excited and jumped with joy.....
When will I see a Tiger passing by?????

FYI—I have the other books in the same series: Number, Alphabets and Vehicles.

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