Monday, January 19, 2009


My Mom was saying that I should drink more water, otherwise stomach will pain when I poop. Don’t you think this is getting into heights????

The problem is, she feeds me full stomach telling all fancy stories and immediately after that she expects me to drink water. Yesterday I refused.
She said:” Aryan, Mama sad if you don’t drink water….”. She went to one corner of the room, sat there, and started crying. I couldn’t see her sadness. Even though I know she becomes sad to get the things done from me, I just drank the whole glass of water to see the artificial happiness that glows on her face.

My Mama thinks that I am oblivious about her melodrama, but Mama why don’t you understand that when I need to get things done from you (like not sending me to day care), I will also hoist the same Happy-Sad drama..

What do you say friends?

Monday, January 5, 2009

To Mama with Love.

Last year, my Mom wrote a sweet letter in this blog. That was my New Year gift. This year she totally forgot to write such lovely letters. Here is a synopsis of last year’s letter:
"Oh my dear Aryan..I love you. May this year be full of blossoms in your life. You will learn to talk properly, you will learn to eat by yourself, you will learn to behave socially with other kids, you will learn to sleep alone, you will learn to play more…..oh no so many milestones ahead”

The bottom line is, whatever my Mom wanted, I have achieved it last year. Most importantly I got adjusted with daycare. I talk, walk, eat, smile, cry etc etc. Behave socially (though I don’t share any of my toys), sleep alone, got weaned, play more………

So now this year, let me write a letter to my Mom.

My dear Mama,

I am your flower, your essence of life, your beauty and of course your beast….Why do you get angry when I throw tantrums? When I get angry, Mama, please try to be calm and except my beatings. When you get angry, I will cry calmly and I don’t expect you to beat me, because you love me so much….

Can we embrace this strategy as our New Year resolution?