Monday, October 29, 2007

Things I like ..

1. I like to run behind butterflies
2. I like to squeeze and rub little ants that keep running around
3. I like to hold a bottle in my hand and walk around the house (The craziness of lemon has stopped now)
4. I like to pull my hair
5. I like to eat vebuthi (My mom takes it from a cover, which is in the ummachi’s (god’s) room)
6. I like to run away from my mom when she is trying to feed me
7. I like to play with match box
8. I like to take bath with Papa under the shower.
9. I like to play with mama’s bangles
10. I like to scold sangeetha didi (I make noise when she tries to lift me)
11. I like to squeal with delight when I see Bread. (Not because I want to eat, but because I like to make bread crumbs and scatter it in the house.)
12. I like to see people reversing a car, especially when the car makes sound like tikitiki, tikitiki…When I see this, I shout ca ca ca..
13. I like to play with my toy car sitting on my Papa’s tummy
14. And of course I like BLOGGING.

That is it for today..Hehhehe


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

You are looking so cute with drooling dear...


noon said...

Hah hah - you scold Sangeetha didi! My my - aren't you the little boss! :)
BTW - do you live in India or in the US?

Aryan-Arjun said...

Hi SVD(My Sweet Periamma)
Thanks for your wonderful comment.

Hi noon,

I say Sangeetha Didi..with a stare. hehehe..It is fun to see her complaining to my Mom about this behaviour.
BTW—I live in a place called Hyderabad in INDIA. What do you mean by US? Will you take me to your house in car?

mnamma said...

:) You look too cute in the drooly photo Aryan :) Making Amma run behind you during feed time - excellent! Keep her on her toes :)

mynanhipari said...

aha..the breadcrumb machine!:))

Aryan, you sure are giving your mom a good workout with the breadcrumbs around the house and running away during feeding thing:)

Aryan-Arjun said...

heehee..Thanks Mnamma..I get excited when my mamma runs behind me..shouting Aryan Aryan...

Hi Mynanhipari.. Thanks for the new name BREADCRUMB MACHINE.. I liked it...

Swaram said...

So sweet of u dear. And same pinch ;) I too luvvvvv eating Vibhuti and BLOGGING TOO