Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Bye

Thanks Preethi Mommy. You always give me awards and make my life easy. This probes my mom to post often. HUGS to you. Thanks to ASHA mommy also for giving this award.

Now what to say, sometimes you are stuck with words. So many good mommy friends I have in this blogging world. How can I ever think about stop blogging???
But my Mom is crazy sometimes. I am sure I will make her come back…Till then, please don’t forget this little me. All of you have been my strength through out my blogging world….

NOTE: To all the mommy’s, having girl kids: I can be your future Son-in-Law…..Believe me, I am a very good boy. I just need a girl with a BLUE EYE…heeeehhhee

So now time to pass this award:

1.Swathi Mommy—She is awarded already. But she is my Mom’s Twin sister.
2.K3 mommy—She already got it, but she is a Mom whose thoughts are stable.
3.2 b’s Mom—Ahh..what to say, the Mom whom my Mom admires.. She is already awarded.
4.Mummyjann mommy—She is so loving and caring. Babbu is the best.
5.Timepass Akka, now promoted to Timepass Mommy—Have not visited her blog for a long time, but Timepass Mommy just think over, I can be a prospective Son-In-Law…
6.MNamma—I love M and N akkas
7.Noonie Mommy—My friend KB is all so cute and I would like to be his follower…..

Now comes my Million dollar friend award:

Swathi mommy gave this to me and I would like to give this to Preethi mommy even though she already got it. She is my MILLION DOLLAR FRIEND….I hope once I meet Nanthu.

Now this 100th post is my Birthday bash post. Lot to write, but most of it got faded from my Mom’s run time memory. We celebrated birthday on Sep 2nd, one day before Vinayaka Chaturthi. My Mom and Papa got Pineapple cake and we cut the cake in the Daycare
Time to thank everyone for the birthday wishes..

Here is the gift that I got from Swati Mommy.

I loved the gift...Tigger is my favourite cartoon. How did you know that Swathi Mommy? Thanks a lot.....

I can list the gifts that I got from my Chella patti:
1. Bluepillow
2. Blue cartoon bedsheet
3. Two black cars
4. Water color
5. Crayons
6. 4 blue fishes
7. Blue dresses
8. Red pillow
9. A book filled with car stickers
10. Water game
11. Toy animal set with giraffe…...ahh so many more things are to be added....
My Chella pati couriered these gifts from Trivandrum.

Then, I got a big blue elephant from my Periappa.

So with all goodie goodie things I am ending my 100th post and this blog journey. If possible will resurrect after some months.

Bye everyone….Please don’t forget me........

Yours lovingly
Age: 2 yr one month....