Monday, March 19, 2012

MY Vocabulary

Things that I know are:

Vehicles: Car, Concrete mixer, bus, train, Autorickshaw
Nature: Flowers, plants, ants, and caterpillar
Fruits: Apple, banana, pappaya..(All my mom's efforts to teach me more fruits are in vain)
Veggies: Potato, Tomato (though that is apple to me)
Toys: Ball, Balloon, bat, books, Mickey Mouse, giraffe, tiger, turtle, dog, cow, stag, elephant, cookie..bookie (all those soft toys that Aryan Dada has)

But the funny part is: I can only say few words like car, flower, plant, and ball. Whenever I see anything else and if I cannot say them…..I shriek and shout pointing my fingers, until Mamma tells its name.

So 24/7..I get to shout!!! Oh god, when will I start pronouncing these names!!