Sunday, September 26, 2010


Aryan: What noise? Water flowing somewhere?

Pappa: No, it is baby’s heartbeat.

Aryan: ok.

Pappa: Do you want to say anything to baby?

Aryan: Baby, you be there in mamma’s tummy. Don’t come out!!!

Pappa: Will this be a boy or girl?

Mamma: Aryan what do you think?

Aryan: Once it comes out we will know it mamma. You wait till then!!!!
Mamma: Will you play with the baby after it is born.

Aryan: What do you mean by “Born”.

Mamma: Ok, after it comes out of my tummy?

Aryan: No I will not play. I will throw it in the trash bin!!
Mamma was very angry with me today morning. I was also equally angry with her. We both fought with each other and decided not to talk.

Aryan (in a crying tone): Wait, till my brother comes from your tummy. I will tell him to punch you!!!!

Mamma (smiling): Aryan, you are a big boy. You don’t need to seek his help; instead you should be dependent on your own. And moreover, what is this. You are teaching him to hurt others?

Aryan: But mamma, how can I punch you. You are my sweet mamma. I will tell him to punch you.

Mamma doesn’t know what to reply.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mamma-Pappa- Any difference?

Yesterday, at 10:30 PM:

Aryan, “ Mamma, I think I did not eat proper dinner.”

Mamma, “ If you are feeling hungry, please ask Pappa to give you some food. I am not feeling well now. Let me sleep.”

I went to Pappa. He was watching Cricket.

Aryan, “Pappa, I think I did not eat proper dinner.”

Pappa, “ It is OK, tommorrow you can eat proper dinner.”

Aryan, “ I did not eat vegetables. I only ate rice.”

Pappa, “ It is fine Aryan, go and sleep. Tommorrow you can eat vegetables.”

I came running to my Mamma. Mamma was listening to all these conversations. As soon as I came near to her, she said, “ Aryan, you should ask explicitly to your Pappa. Otherwise, he doesn’t understand. Tell him that you want food. Then he will heat it and give you.” I understood that there are a lot of differences between Mamma and Pappa!!! Does everyone feel the same?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Helping Hand

It was the week of helping the needy people. As a part of it, every kid was asked to share a toy, which can be given to those kids who don’t have any.

I was reluctant to share. It took almost 3-4 days of constant gyan and brainstorming from my mamma and at last she convinced me to share.

I decided to donate my favorite Big Blue Car that my periyamma got. As soon I decided to give one, I thought I would give one more…and soon I wanted to give all my toys to them.

Mamma, “It is ok Aryan, you keep some toys with you. You don’t have to share everything.”

Aryan, “It is ok Mamma. You can take care of me and my needs. Those kids don’t have anyone. And moreover you only told me right; if I give more, god will make sure that I get more.

Today evening can please get me more toys?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Updates

Weekend was good with festivals and poojas. Saturday we got Ganesha idol and performed the pooja.

We went to Swaram akka’s house. She had performed a wonderful pooja with all sorts of decorations. She gave so may fancy stuffs and sarees to my Mom and Aayi. I got kaju katli and ladoos from Su mamma. Before leaving, I asked for a fruit and took one guava. Overall I enjoyed and was happy to see the eversmiling vibrant Swaram akka again. Their house was filled with friends and kids, thus I choose to tailgate my mamma most of the times.

Next day, we had pooja at our apartment premises. There were some games arranged for kids. Lemon and Spoon, running race, musical chairs, and Fish bowl. I didn’t win in any of those games and thus didn’t get any prize. Unlike other mammas, who were behind their kids and explaining the games, my mamma was busy organizing the games and taking pictures. (Well, advantage of she being in organizing committee is that: she arranged for participation prizes for all the kids!!!! ) The good part is: I enjoyed running and jumping and that is what my mamma was looking for, rather than giving me a notion of fetching a prize.

After the game was over, I asked my mamma.

Aryan, “Mamma, why did I not win.”

Mamma, “There are other kids who play better. In a game, everyone cannot be a winner.”

Aryan, “But mamma, why I am always a loser?”

Mamma, “It is Ok Aryan, you enjoyed right. That is what we need.”

Aryan, “When I grow big like Pappa, will I become a winner?”

Ahh, forgot to say another thing. For fish bowl, I was supposed to imitate a person. Can you guess who I imitated? Spider Man!!! I went to the stage and said loudly, with “great power, comes great responsibility!!!!”

Evening, I was playing with other kids in the apartment. They were older kids and were bullying me. They took me to one corner, pressed me hard, and were punching me. My Mamma was planning to interfere only at the end. But before even my Mamma could interfere, I used my Magic word “ Sorry”. As soon as I said sorry, they asked me to say sorry again. I said five times. Soon I became their friends. Now they deviated their attention towards Abilash and Sharash. I told Abilash to say sorry, but he didn’t listen to me. So he ended up getting hurt. Poor Abilash.

Thanks to my teachers and Mamma, who taught me those magical words.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In lieu of teacher's day, my mamma helped me to make two greeting cards for my teachers. She was inspired by Shruti Aunty idea. Thanks Shruti Aunty for your creativeness

Now the photos of my Birthday party:

It was my Baba's effort.

A card from Wonder 6. Swaram akka, Kanagu anna, Sharash, and Ablilash's gifts: