Monday, October 15, 2007

Custard Apple Seed

“Aryan, Custard Apple is a round green color fruit”.
My Mom showed me the pictures and told me the different names of the same fruit.
It is called “Sita phal” in Hindi, “Sita palzham” in Tamil and “Aana mundiri” in Malayalam. (I have to remember so many names).

Today let me introduce another character in my life. Her name is Sangeetha Didi—She is not as tall as my Mom, but she came with us from Nagpur to take care of me. She stays in our home.

Yesterday Sangeetha Didi was eating Custard apple. I was excited by its black seed. If the seed is lying in the floor I can manage to take it with my two tiny little fingers. After eating the fruit she kept the seeds in her hand. I tried to take the seed from her hand. But she threw it in the dustbin. I tried to take from dustbin, but she kept the dustbin away from my reach. I got annoyed and went to Mom crying.

I took my Mom to Kitchen and pointed towards the rice box. (Custard apples were stored in that box). My Mom did not understand. Anyway it is not unusual. Many times my Mom takes time to understand what I am saying. Again I cried and was trying to open the rice box myself. Thank god she understood now and she opened the box and took out another BIG Custard apple.
Yepee..I was all excited. She started peeling the green cover and put the white matter in my mouth. I spitted that and asked her for the seed. I was staring at the black seed. My Mom did not give me the seed; she said seeds are supposed to be thrown away.

How I loved the black seed. It is so shiny and good. I was sad and angry. I went near to Sangeetha Didi. She was still eating. I went near to her and slapped her on her face. She was the one who triggered me.

Oops ahha….she shouted. Why did she shout? Believe me, I did not slap her hard!!!

She came to Mom complaining that the black seed is struck in her throat. Out of four black seed she had in her mouth one is stuck in her throat. What to do now? Then the whole drama started, She started drinking water, ate banana, tried to vomit…. All the efforts were in vain. My Mom is planning to send her back to her native place so that the doctors can get the seed out.

Ahhh…now I know the reason why they did not give me the BLACK SEED OF CUSTARD APPLE.

Two days before, my Mom said that plants grow from seeds. Do you think custard apple plant will grow from Sangeetha Didi’s mouth?


Anonymous said...

Aryan you are so cute and clever dear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

Since ur a genius friend of mine...let me make some clarifications for you...Your mom said "seeds are supposed to be thrown away" Go and ask a doubt to your mom as to what she will eat from a pomegranate????

Aryan-Arjun said...

SVD...My sweet friend, I will ask my Mom today when she comes from office.

But what is pomegranate? I have not seen it....!!!!