Thursday, January 18, 2007

A day in my life... 16-January-2007

The Beginning, January- 16/01/07

As usual I got up with a shriek.
“Aryan don’t shout dear”, my mom said. In fact she says this everyday but she still likes the way I shout, scream, and scratch her face. …and what not?

Oops I forgot to introduce myself. I am Aryan Karmore, just now completed four months in December 27, 2006. I have two employees working under me on contract basics for every six months. One is my Mom’s mother (I am under her safe hands right now) and the second is my father’s mother. They have taken an oath with my parents that they would take care of me with care and love and that is the reason now I am here in this big world!!!

My Mom, she works, she goes to office at 8:30 am and comes back around six in the evening. I am not aware where she works, but everyday when she gives me oil massage in the morning she advises me to be a good boy. Not to play pranks with my grandmother and not to cry till my mom comes.

I am a good boy, who said I am not!!! I just cry for food, for sleep, for wearing dress, for changing nappies, for wearing cap, when I am bored, when I am feeling cold, when I see strangers and when my mom is not around and when I feel like seeing her….and cuddling with her.

So that is it for today, just introduction. Tomorrow I will be back with more stuffs……the time when I play and laugh…


Unknown said...

This is such a cool BLOG. I am pretty kicked by the concept of an infant sharing his experience and 'am having my wife to read it as well.

Vikas Gupta said...

I am here better late than never. Yours is a great concept and blog. When I am married and when I have a baby I will do the same -- document every little aspect of the baby's life.

This will also be a valuable addition to studies on child psychology and even a book someday in future compiling the best posts here may not be a very far fetched idea. All the best to Aryan and Aryan's mom!

I have a friend Heartcrossings (single mother US) who also documents her bringing up J, her daughter:

Aryan will profusely thank you (read 'give you many bear hugs') when he will come of age and will be one of the most documented people on this planet and this country. :)

Last but not the least, thank you for being a regular on my blog. Most bloggers leave after the first comment if you do not pay them a visit and leave a comment on their blog.

Am subscribed to your feeds from the day you made your first comment on my blog; I do keep an eye on your posts though may not come for comments frequently.

Thanks you. You are in my trusted circle, needless to say.

All the best to your family and do tell me if you need any help including blogging help.

Srividya said...

Reading this now...feeling like seeing Aryan as a 4-month-old back again..Love you dear...