Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Month

This is my blogging friends’ Birthday month.
1.Kocchunni—He is so sweet and he loves green, like how I love Blue color. He is my friend com big brother and I would like to follow his steps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOCCHUNNI…..It falls on July 14th.
2.Chubby Aryan—He is like me. Exactly like me, in terms of liking stars, in terms of singing bollywood songs, in terms of crying for a haircut, in terms of being cranky and not leaving Mom when she comes from office….blah blah blah…HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUBBY ARYAN. It falls on 21st July. May be I am posting this early. But whoever sees this please don’t forget to wish my friends...

Updates: I can say ABC …upto G. Can also recognize those letters if asked in order…If my Mom shows B and asks me what is this..I say A, because ABC starts with A not with B…my Mom doesn’t know anything many a times… Soon I would start typing posts without her help or else what...Such a long never ending break she takes...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My Mom is cruel. She updates my blog, but she doesn’t get time to read my mommy friends blog? When I asked her what happened to my friend Chubby Aryan, she says she did not read……because she is held up with something else…god knows when this break will finish. She said Chubby aryan eats star potatoes....

The tenure of the break is extended from July to August. That is, she will be into active blogging only after first week of August..…too much this is. I am being deprived from knowing about my mommy friends.

Ok another milestone

I have learned to say “NO”

Incident One—Yesterday papa came from office and told me to get ready. Mama was busy cooking, My Papa took me to the cupboard where my cloths are kept. I chose to wear a BLUE shirt that my periyamma got. (Blue is a part and parcel of my life. I sleep with blue crayons, blue cardboard stars that my Chella patti made, blue car, blue bedsheet, ……what not.) Then I wore my blue shoe and went out with Papa. Mama thought we are going for an ice-cream, she waved her hands and went to cook. Papa took me to a studio. He wanted to take passport size photo of mine. He told me to sit and pose; I simply waved my hand and said “NO”. Again he asked me, thinking that a 20 months old kid cannot make decisions. But again I said “NO” and walked away.

My Papa was surprised as to the fact that” I cannot even pronounce my name, still I can make my own decisions” Poor papa learned that I have my own choices and thus ended up getting me ice-cream and we went home.

Incident two—“Aryan come for food” My mom said. I replied, “NO”. Mama said. What?. I said, “NO Food”. She was baffled. She, Papa and Chella patti ate and I was playing around. When I was hungry, I went to kitchen, took one spoon and plate and asked mama to give me food.

So that is me, the little Aryan who is growing into a little dependent boy. My mom no longer needs to decide when I need food, when I should stop eating, when I should take head bath, , when I should sleep, what dress I should wear, what biscuit I should eat ….blah blah blah…I know when I should do all these things..