Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Train Travel

I boarded the train. I was seeing the train for the first time. It was looking different from my house.

Slowly the train moved. It was dark all around and I felt sleepy. In midst of my sleep I got scared by another train but my Mom and my Grandma consoled me.

The next day when I woke up, I felt different. The train was moving and I could see green color everywhere outside the train. My mother told me that those are Coconut Trees. Then I saw a big water body. It was called a River. I saw a Boat in the river. I saw lots and lots of Crows. The Crow is black in color and I like the way it flies… Crow is a bird. My Mom told me that.

Then it was time for my bath, but my Mom said she cannot give me bath in train. I felt sad, but what to do? I think it was because of the scarcity of water while traveling in the train.

At last after a long journey we reached our destination. The place is called Thiruvananthapuram. My Grandfather was waiting in the Railway Station. At first I couldn’t recognize him. I just cried when he took me in his arms.

After reaching home my Mom gave me bath. I felt so much relieved after the bath.

My Grand Father’s head resembled my play football. He absolutely had no hair and thus I couldn’t pull his hair. I played with his head as I play with football. I held his head in my tiny legs and he enjoyed it.

So that is all about my train travel, tomorrow I will narrate my experience in Bus and Auto. Sooner or later I will introduce my first Girl friend.

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Lorna Zhang said...

Hello, Aryan, this is Auntie Lorna, a Chinese colleage and friend of your mom's.

You may not remember, but I met you when you're around 5 months in your mom's womb, so I'm not a stranger ^_^

I love this little blog, and little you, but where are your photos?