Sunday, March 4, 2007

Teeth—that is what this alien is called

One of my best time pass is to bite and lick every toy that see around. I like to bite my Orange birdie, Blue pillow, Yellow rattle . .It is a unending list.

“Recently Aryan has started to bite everything and anything. He even bit his great toe, can you believe it?”. With a strange look on her face, my Mom was saying these words to my granny.

“What is new in it? Now that he has grown old, may be he is having teething problem”, my granny replied.

With great enthusiasm both of them rushed towards me and opened my mouth.

“Yes, see this”, My mom shouted.

A tiny white tooth was budding from the gums of my lower jaw.

So this is called teeth….now I came to know.
But no one knew how much I am irritated by this white foreign body in my mouth. The problems I face due the so called teeth are:

• Extreme irritation in my mouth cavity
• Increase in body temperature-Am I feeling warm?
• I am not able to drink my Mom’s milk. She scolds me says that I am doing “Natak”.
• Sleepless night and restlessness.
• I am not active—That is what my Mom says, but I am active and my mind is always scanning the information around.
• Few feelings that I don’t know how to explain.

Is this upcoming structure worth all the pain? A point to pause and ponder. . .

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