Monday, September 16, 2013

Handwriting Saga

When Mom constantly scolds me for not writing neatly and when I started getting not so good grades for handwriting, I was devising a plan to get rid my mom’s scolding!! The plan was to escape from her interrogation when she comes from office!!!!
The other day when she came from office, I scampered to the play area. She called me twice; I didn’t want to meet her.
When I came home reluctantly, the first question she asked was: What is bothering you? Did you do anything wrong that you feel afraid to share?
I was like: How do you expect me to share something for which I will for sure get a scolding!!!
Anyway I gathered some courage and told about the bad grade that I got for not writing cleanly.
I was prepared to withstand her screaming…….however, like a magic she didn’t scream. Did she change? Did she forget???
She just said: Good or bad, you should tell us. Don’t get scared and hide such things in future”
What happened to her???? Anyone knows?