Monday, November 26, 2007

Transition period again

Today I am 15 months old and lot of happenings are taking place at home.

1.My Nagpur Grandpa and Grandma are here in Hyderabad to amuse me and to take care of me.
2.My Papa is going to US (Where is this place …yaar? I hear this name—US, many times) for a period of three months.
3.My chella patti is coming from Thiruvanthapuram today. Mom was saying that she has got a wooden bus toy, two car toys and a dress for me. Curious to see that…I will elaborate about it in my next post.
4.Then after my Father goes to US, my chella patti would resume her duty of taking care of me and my Nagpur Grandma and Grandpa will go back to Nagpur.

Oops transition period again….Have to switch gears between Marathi and Tamil. My chella pati knows only Tamil and Malayalam while my Nagpur Grandma knows only Hindi and Marathi...

“Aryan, be prepared and adopt the change”

I remember my Mom saying that change is a constant event that happens in life. But I will really miss my Papa and my Nagpur Grandparents!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear,

When you grow up, I m sure u will learn four languages dear; Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi, apart from English. God knows if you will need to learn Telugu also since you're in Hyderabad. Anyhow best wishes for my dear "multilanguage toddler".


Aryan-Arjun said...

hhehehe...I can boast my self as a multilangauge toddler..Thanks sweet periamma..