Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bears, Bears, Bears

Enough of Aryan Dada writing in this blog. This is my blog too. I want to write, and I am writing now. I taught Dada a lesson by becoming a creature and attacking him. The creature is big brown-furry creature. 

Yes, you are right, a bear. I am slightly different - I talk, give speeches, do not hibernate and I do not eat the amount of food a bear eats. I tramp. I eat in a big vessel. When I am bear, to grab attention, I say BEAARRR! not bear. 

Some good things and bad things about me:  Good thing, when I am bear, I eat very quickly and the bad thing about me is that I blame many things on bear's dumbness. My king is "Bear god". He rules bear world where all bears live, after he reigned the throne, I became the king. Now I rule the land of bears. 

Overall, it is fun being bear as I like to irritate Aryan Dada and show how dumb a bear can be. It is enjoyable    

By Bear, A.K.A Arjun  

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Effects of watching Supernatural

I was getting ready to sleep; drinking milk, loosening my face after a long day and at 9 o clock I went to bed. My mom was attending a call in the room below. I decided to sleep. In the first 15 minutes of me trying to sleep, I heard a noise like water dripping and then a loud bang. Strange, isn’t it? Then I sniffed. Why did I sniff? I was sniffing for the scent of sulfur.

In case you didn’t know, if you smell sulfur demons are around. I could smell the scent of rotten eggs a.k.a. sulfur. It could also be a leviathan because leviathans are quite powerful, powerful than demons and angels. It could also be vampire, and it could be the dripping sound of blood, instead of water. I didn’t want some monster to haunt my mother but she is a bigger Supernatural fan than me and she will manage. But what if she needs back up? I quickly grabbed my phone searched for the exorcism spell, grabbed a knife from the storeroom and woke up my brother, who was much disturbed by my amusing act and said “Zepniz phantachi”. I replied back, “What are you blabbering?” I got borax powder from my slime making kit and told him to hold it. This is a page from my hunting journal, which has remedies to kill, demons, leviathans and vampires.

Then we barged in the room where Mama was having call. I blabbered the exorcism spell. Mama said “What??!?!!”Then she said “What are you doing”. I was ready with borax for any leviathan. Mama cut the call and asked me what I was doing, in a rather bemused tone.

I explained her about the sulfur smell, the loud bang and the dripping noise. She told me that our neighbors went for a walk and they left their balcony door open (Distance from us to our neighbor is just 1 feet and their balcony is next to my room). The water dripping noise was my bathroom tap leaking. The sulfur smell was my smelly pillow, where Arjun hid some smelly socks under it. When I asked about the words that Arjun was blabbering, not accepting the fault is mine, Arjun said, “I was trying to tell you that SPN is fantasy”. 

Now because of my far-fetched imagination, I got banned from watching SPN for a week.

Here is my reply to the “Winchesters”, who commented in my blog - Looks like I have Sam and Dean by my side but where are Castiel and Crowley. Anyway thank you for these pleasant comments.

By - Aryan

Monday, April 20, 2020

Lockdown Diaries as Stated by Castiel

If you are a Supernatural fan, you would know how Castiel talks. Well, we wanted to jot down our lockdown diaries as stated by Castiel.

However, if you know about Aryan Arjun household, you can still crack these riddles to know about our lockdown activities. You can provide you’re answers in the comments section.

1. We are using muscles effectively to track down our energy levels with special movement of body parts; all in front of a gadget.

2. Few of us are racking our brains in front of a geometrical diagram made of cardboards to solve manipulative puzzles to become the one who wins.

3. An art of making complex satiable food molecules to reduce the craving of our tongue and tummy in order to survive as a human.

4. Comprehending a written/printed/screen work consisting of pages glued/binded/sewn together.

5. Art of taking in knowledge without taking out the existing knowledge and mostly use it when needed or for a good life ahead.

6. The blissful feeling of sitting in front of a large rectangular screen, which mostly shows some unmeaningful acts in the name of entertainment.

7. Conveying thoughts for mass human reach out.

8. Irrigating specific living beings, which uses photons, complex mixtures, and gases for nutritional creation.

By Aryan and Arjun

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Supernatural Quiz

I have written few posts about SUPERRNATURAL but I have never hoisted a quiz, so here is one- 

           1. Which character shared the same birthdate as Dean?
a)       Jessica
b)      Bobby
c)       Jody Mills
d)      Garth

2. Which Archangel is Loki in supernatural?
a)       Raphael
b)      Gabriel
c)       Zachariah
d)      Jack

3. Who said these lines: “Why can’t you beings sit on the cloud and play harp as you are supposed to.”
a)       Rowena
b)      Crowley
c)       Kevin
d)      Death

 4Who rescues Castiel from purgatory?
a)       Dean
b)      Crowley
c)       Sam
d)      Naomi

5. Who is Kevin Tran?
a)       A prophet of the lord
b)      An angel
c)       A demon
d)      None of the above

6. How do you kill a vampire?
a)       Silver bullet
b)      Iron
c)       Cut its head off
d)      None of the above

7. Which biblical weapon Dean possessed in season 9?
a)       Colt
b)      Spear of destiny
c)       Mark of Cain, First blade
d)      Death’s scythe

8. Sam’s LSAT score.
a)       176
b)      174
c)       154
d)      190

9. How do you recognize a shapeshifter?
a)       Camera
b)      Mirror
c)       Holy Water
d)      Salt

10. One open ended question. What is your best supernatural moment?
a)       Sam and Dean’s happy days
b)      Castiel and Crowley’s dialogue
c)       Dean and Sam’s big bad kills
d)      Castiel’s entrance
e)      Crowley’s humor

Please provide your answers in the comments section. 

If you get 2-5: You need to catch up
If you get 5-7: You are in the league
If you get 8-10: You are a hard core fan.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Recently I finished season 9 of Supernatural and I must say it was one of the best seasons I have watched so far. In the season 8 finale Castiel loses his grace, many angels have fallen from heaven to Earth, Sam was dying so Dean tricks Sam and makes an angel possess him. The angel tells Sam and Dean that his name is Ezekiel and Castiel approves it because he knows that Ezekiel is a good soldier.

Season 9 Summary
When Sam kills Kevin, the Prophet, they came to know that SAM is possessed by Gadreel, who had disobeyed the lord in guarding the garden of Eden. Now, Gadreel has teamed up with Metatron, a scribe of god. Anyways all twist and turns. Somehow with the help of the Crowley, aka king of hell, Sam could make Gadreel go out of his body.

Castiel must continue to run from thousands of angels who blame him for causing the angel fall, whose leaders are Bartholomew and Malachi. Castiel kills both and creates his army. Metatron, is also building another army of angels.

In the fight between Metatron and Castiel, there reached a stage when Castiel had to chastise Dean, but he chooses not to, and his army leaves him. In the end the angels come to know the truth about Metatron.

This season does not end here.

A knight of hell – Abaddon needs to be killed, she can only be killed by a person who has the mark of Cain and the first blade. Dean of course takes the mark of Cain and gets the first blade. With this, Dean wants to kill and torture everybody and got addicted to first blade. He kills Abaddon, but in the season 9 finale, Metatron kills Dean before he gets jailed!!!!!  Well, do these Winchesters ever die??
Dean does not die he becomes a demon because of the first blade and the mark of Cain.
Season 9 ends here.

Best Dialogues
 “You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture will be tortured like the torture you will be tortured with”
It's Enochian. I believe it's some sort of riddle. "Why is six afraid of seven?" Now, I assume it's because seven is a prime number, and prime numbers can be intimidating.
[bemused] It's because seven eight nine.

Best Episodes
18th episode – Meta Fiction
21st episode – King of Damned
23rd episode – Do you believe in miracles

I forgot to mention one thing: thanks to Disha Didi for introducing me to Supernatural.

Looking forward to watch season 10. | Supernatural: Season 9 (DVD) – Series Review

Monday, April 6, 2020

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:Movie Review

Movie Name: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
My Rating: 4/5

“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” is a movie that I watched recently. In this movie, one man named Flint Lockwood, who is a scientist tries different weird experiments and everyone thinks he is a strange person. He invented many things like a walking TV, a flying car but all of them failed. He created a translator for his monkey, where his monkey could talk like human.

When his town was facing a crisis where everyone should eat sardines, he made a machine that could turn water into food. Everyone got angry at him because he had to put the machine up in the sky and while doing that, he wreaked a havoc. But soon the machine started to work. First, food came in normal sizes then the food increased size. The machine was absorbing water from the clouds and making food as programmed.

All good things need an end. The commotion started when the machine started pouring food down and that too in huge sizes. The whole world was in danger and it started food raining everywhere. Then he and his friends had a big adventure and stopped the food storm.

I liked the part when it was raining food and this movie is good for kids, especially foodies.

I liked this movie, it’s awesome.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS | Sony Pictures Entertainment

Image Coutsey - Google,Cloudy with a chance of meatball

By Arjun

Sunday, April 5, 2020

What an adventure - Part 2

In Part 1, I was marching towards the Great Rock. Days passed by and I finally reached it but this was not all; I had to climb up the Great Rock. It sounded easy to climb up a rock but my companion, the spider, somehow managed to remove the cello tape from his mouth and said, “It will be tedious to climb this rock; it is 100 meter high.”

“So let it be, I can use my wishful thinking to climb the Great Rock” I replied and then I wished for it. But alas, it did not work! I had no choice, I had to climb. The spider chose to stay back. Isn’t it something fishy?  

I wished for my hiking equipment, put them on, and started my climb. Halfway through my ascent I looked down and I saw my companion friend, the spider, had turned into aggrandize one and was trying to grab me.

The spider roared with laughter, whereas I was shivering to death. I mustered all the courage I had, and I wished for a sword. I said, “I am ready” and the spider came charging at me. I cut one of its leg and I saw black puss and goo. I pierced spider’s eye with the sword and I continued to climb the rock. I was almost done, and who was awaiting me at the top?

A venomous, black-skinned, green-eyed snake on top of the rock, hissing at me.
I wished for rescue and there aroused the dead spider and it got bumped on the snake.
This diverted the snake’s attention. Wow, this wishful place is quite tantalizing.

I finished my climb and now I needed to head towards the chasm of death. I am on my own, but before going to the chasm of death, I would love a little nap.

Part 2 ends here…..

Friday, April 3, 2020


By taking a break from “What an adventure” series, I am writing about the horror drama television series SUPERNATURAL: starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard etc.

In this television series, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester continue their family business, what their dad used to do; hunting ghouls, werewolves, ghosts, demons, leviathans ….Ooops mentioning leviathans was a spoiler. (that comes in season 7).

Anyway, SUPERNATURAL has 15 seasons and that is quite a lot, not to mention one season contains around 22 to 23 episodes, I am in season 9, which is quite notable if you asked me because I started this around 6 months ago.

My favorite character is Dean Winchester (portrayed by Jensen Ackles). I consider him as the best character because he is the big brother, he always will look out for Sam, his little brother, and he is very funny. 
Castiel (portrayed Misha Collins) is my second favorite character. Castiel is an angel of the lord. I like Castiel because his loyalty towards Winchester brothers and needing to do the right thing. His dialogues and their delivery are awesome. I just get mesmerized by the way he delivers those dialogues. Whoever is an ardent SUPERNATURAL fan, can understand this.

Few of his famous dialogues are:
Castiel: "But... I enjoyed the taste of food. Particularly peanut butter with grape jelly, not jam. Jam I found unsettling."

It is funny here, because when he was an angel, he never had to eat. When his grace was gone and when he was human, he ate food and that is when he said food tasted like molecules.
Castiel: I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition.
This was from the introduction scene of Castiel.

Here are few more dialogues from Sam and Dean.

Dean Winchester: “Dad’s on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home for few days, He wants us to pick up where he left you know saving people hunting things the family business”
Sam Winchester: “It doesn’t matter what you are, it matters what you do”

It is awesome to be a Supernatural fan. Sometimes, I see 2-3 episodes a day, listen to their music (Theme song Carry on my wayward son), laugh when the brother or Castiel cracks a joke. Supernatural maybe a little blue-penciled sometimes so my mom watches the episode and tells me if something is important or not. This show is one of the best shows that I know of. People are die-hard fans. I found that one fan finished season 6 in 2 days because it is too addicted. Well, I guess it is true and additive. 

How many of you see Supernatural?? If yes, drop a comment in the comments section. Also mention which season your in.

Image Courtesy: Google, CW’s SUPERNATURAL

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


In the before post, I have talked about The Confident Communicator.

They have started an online class called L.A.R.K

One part of this class is to pick up a new skill you want to learn in quarantine and create a mindmap for it and track the progress. 

I wanted to rejnuvate my blog and hence forth you will be seeing more posts from me until quarantine ends. " What an adventure - Part 1" is the inaugral post. More to come....

What an adventure - Part 1

There I woke up with a start, I was expecting the scent of tea, which was quite usual as my parents drink a lot of tea, but instead I found a bit of rather strange but amusing colored feathers. Wow feathers, these can be good for my feature collection book. But, wait where am I? I felt thirsty and I said to myself “I wish I had some drinking water”. Then suddenly, two plastic bottles of drinking water were thrown to me. I was quite surprised and I asked “What is this place? Can I go back home?

A hoarse voice stated, “This place is in the path of something supernatural and not supernatural; whatever you wish in this place will be true except going home, for which you need to solve special riddle and go through few trials”.

I thought this was meant fun here, why go home soon. I used my wishes and created a big house, bigger than anyone’s in the world. Then I made a swimming pool of money. Now a question might arise to you readers that why isn’t he solving the riddle and going back home? Why? Because as stated by the hoarse voice, this place is in the path of something supernatural and not supernatural and I was pretty scared to chew the adventure.

Back to the story, I made myself a food castle and I could only finish the smallest piece of the castle. I left the castle and wandered in this place, making chocolate fountains, water slides etc.
Days passed by and I was feeling that I am in a cluttered mess, not meeting any humans or living thing. One day as I was wandering in the self-made candy castle, I met a spider.

She asked “Want to go home?”

 I looked at her then shrieked as I am scared of spiders.

She said “I will tell you a path home but I am hoping for a ride.”
My head was at an epicenter of a headache.

The spider said “You must first pass through the Great rock, then the chasm of death and then a solve riddle. If these three trials are done, you can go home.”

I agreed, but the idea of a talking spider scared me. Cellotape was an option, which made her mouth shut. I marched towards the Great rock.

This is Part 1’s conclusion.