Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Marvelous Madhya Pradesh

It was pooja holidays and we decided to go to Madhya Pradesh, my cousins reside there. Being in the central highlands, this is a great place to visit. It has uneven and rocky surface and hence lots of waterfalls.

Day 1 (Written by Aryan)
We started off our journey at 9 am, after having our breakfast. The first place which we visited was a waterfall called Kakada Ko at Mandu. I was agog and enthusiastic. It was a steep waterfall. Me and my cousins took great pictures. At 1 pm, we stopped for lunch beside a lake. We had packed food from home, and it was like a picnic lunch. We clicked few photos on the way. The tamarind tree was little exotic. The next place we visited was Jahaj Mahal, which resembled a ship. We roamed around the palace and Hindola mahal, which had seven underground floors.

The next destination was Rani Roopmati Mahal. It had a good rainwater harvesting system. The view was breathtaking, and by now we were tired by the steep climb.
As it was dinner time, we headed to Apna restaurant for dinner. It had fun games along with gigantic thalis. We rode the Tandem bicycle and played many games. We were totally knackered by the end of the day.

Day 2 (Written by Arjun)

We went to an Indoor park called Fundore. It had many rides. Few of them were free falling one and climbing the walls activitiy. Dada and I climbed the walls and we jumped from the top. It was bit scary, but we did it.
Then we also did go karting. I did that with Shruti didi. I fell twice. Dada and Mama went in another car. Dada drove that one.
Papa and Shitija took another car.
It was fun in Fundore.
On the way home, we went for window shopping at Reliance trends and somehow Dada got locked in the trail room. Papa was panicked, he devised ways and made Dada unlock the door.

Day 3 (Written by Aryan)

Day 3 was a scenic day as we saw amazing waterfalls and took great photos. We went to Omkareshwer, which is in the banks of river Narmada.
It was little crowded, and we stood in the queue. After the Darshan we went to restaurant on the bank of river Naramada and had sumptuous lunch. We were back home by 7 pm.


Day 4 (Written by Aryan)
During the day, my cousins and I were doing the R.A.K project. In the evening around 10 pm, we left home and visited Sarafa Bazar. The mere sight of food made us drool. So many exotic foods. We started with Momo, then to pani puri (10 flavors), the spiral chips, Dahi Vada, Kala Jamoon, Elephant foot fry, Rabadi, Sabudana and what not!!! Till 12: 30 pm, were hogging.

Day 5 (Written by Aryan)
At the early sparks in the morning, around 2 am, we reached Mahakaleshwer, another Jyotirling.
We waited in the queue till 4 am. Arjun and I had to wear traditional dhoti. At 4 am, the buzzle was on and the queue started to move. We got to do abhishekam to the lord and we sat in the temple premises to see the “Bhasm Aarti”. Bhasm Aarti was so divine. It was literally done from the ashes and lord wore and a bone necklace. It is said that, the Bhasm Aarti is so powerful that you can heal from any problem in your life. By 9 a.m. we reached home and we were tired. All of us slept like logs. I played with my cousins till 2: 30 p.m. and we saw a movie called SUPER 30. After that we buckled our shoes and went to Bangalore but we stopped a day in Nagpur to see my grandparents.

This trip was very different. There were a lot many breathtaking views and pilgrimage trips.
Thanks to my family and cousins, who made this memorable. My aunt's cooking is incredible.

Aryan and Arjun.