Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me and my Mamma

Aryan: Your cooking finished?
Mamma : No, Aryan. It will take some more time.
Aryan: Close that vessel and cook. The curry will be cooked fast if you close it.
Mamma thinking: What ever I told him long before, he is recollecting giving the same lecture to me!!!!! I guess this guy needs to join some docent training session.
Aryan: Mamma, your hairs are dirty?
Mamma: Yes, Aryan. What to do now?
Aryan: You either take hair bath or cut all your hairs. See how I cut my hairs. Now I am looking good, like a prince!!!!!
Aryan: Mamma, which movie we are going?
Mamma: “KURBAN”
Aryan: What will be there in that movie?
Mamma: Something something Aryan. Maybe a car and an aeroplane!!!
Aryan: Leave it, I am not coming.
Mamma, thinking: How to convince him now???
Aryan: Mamma, inga konjam varaya please? (Can you come here, please?)
Mamma: Busy Aryan, apparam varen (I am busy, will come after sometime)
Aryan: Nee aeppothan en koda konjam time spend pannuvai? (When will u ever spend some time with me?????)
Aryan: Ok, don’t come.
Mamma running and coming: Yes, Aryan what do you want?
Sometimes, ignoring my mamma works the best.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The outcome is:

I became one peacock……blue peacock with long feathers….

When my turn came, I climbed on the stage and called, “ Mamma, Mamma”. Peacock’s Mamma also climbed the stage.

I held the microphone and asked my Mamma, “What should I say Mamma?”
She prompted “Say, I am a peacock and I am a National bird”
Like a parrot, I said the same.
Then asked her again” Mamma, what should I say now?”
She said, “Say I can dance”
I said the same thing.
When I said this, everyone shouted “Dance peacock Dance”

Then I attempted to dance and ran away from the stage.

Overall, it was fun. The program ended with some songs and the school management gave certificates to all the kids. My parents really liked the way it was organized. Kudos to them.

I could see most of my friends in tribal, Krishna, and Narada outfit. Few beautiful girls choose to be fairy, butterfly, Mother Teresa, Lady Bird. I could see Monkey, Pirate, Spiderman, Gabber Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose. One pair chooses to be Adam and eve. One little boy opted for “Grape bunch”. His Mamma made that costume for him.

Will post the pictures soon…

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fancy Dress Saga

Day one
Mamma: What do you want to become for fancy dress?
Aryan: A Superman?

Day two
Mamma: Getting Superman costume is difficult, what else you want to become?
Aryan: Ok, make me one Ducky

Day three
Mamma: Ducky requires lots of efforts. Think about something else Aryan.
Aryan: Ok, then I will become one SUN. It gives light and I will have supreme power.

Day four
Mamma: Sun dress I cannot get it…I need to do something with thermocol and I have no time for it. Do you want to become anything else?

Aryan (this is getting into heights): Have you seen Mowgli wearing any dress? He just wears underwear…make me Mowgli OK?

Oh god, when will my mamma learn to make a decision and stick to it rather that thinking thinking thinking…….

Friends…after the fancy-dress on Saturday, I will tell you what I became.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

PTM and Celebrations

My Mamma Papa's marriage Anniversary celebration started with my Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM). We planned to go to temple and reach my school by 11 AM. But we got late and thus we twisted the plan and went to school directly. In my school, my Mamma and Pappa got to hear some information about Phonetics and language games that will be introduced in next month lesson plan.

My Overall Assessment:
Strengths: I am very good at expressing my thoughts, I wait for my turn to do the activities, I am a good team player, and I am more interested in observing others.
Weakness: I am lazy to write. I need to improve more on it. Sometimes, I am very uninterested to do some activities. They are very true about my weakness; I am lazy to write.

Another point was: I am over matured for my age. It can be strength and weakness I guess.

After the PTM, my parent’s anniversary celebrations started. I really enjoyed the food at Eat street, the Merry go round horses and other games, our family sketch, the next day breakfast buffet at OKRA restaurant etc etc.
Overall, I had great fun at Marriot.

Sunday afternoon we came home, the anniversary celebration ended with a movie “ Ajab prem ki…..” which was running in the nearby theatre. Neither I understood, nor I liked the movie.

My Mamma’s dress:

Mamma: Aryan, How I am looking in Jeans and shirt?
Aryan: Not at all good, Mamma’s don’t wear jeans. Only boys wear. Can you wear some Salwar please?
Mamma: Girls wear jeans Aryan. Have you not seen you school madam wearing one.
Aryan: She is my school madam not my Mamma. Mammas don’t wear jeans.
Mamma: Well, she is also your friend, K’s, mamma.
Aryan (thinking what to say): You don’t wear, it is uncomfortable for you. OKAY?

Note: Friends, My Mamma needs suggestions and ideas for a Fancy dress day, held by my school on 14/11/09.