Saturday, April 2, 2016

Graduation Saga

Well; most of the schools do have graduation for PP2.  Arjun's school was no exception.

The school maintains its standards and its global outlook. They grouped kids in different category.

Chutki- Thinker

Chota Bheem- Brave
Ninja- Principled
Barbie- Open Mind
Mickey Mouse- Reflectors
Tom and Jerry- Communicators

Well, Arjun was in Tom and Jerry. My cute little brother wore a red gown and  a black hat. That only they should wear. Arjun was put in Tom and Jerry because they are comedy characters and my brother was one too. These kids are witty in their communication and are very smart thinkers.

When the ceremony was going on, Arjun was all bothered about looking for Mom. He was least interested in the whole stuff.....

He simply wore the hat and when they said "hats off", his hat fell down instead of goinup!!!