Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The teacher asked the whole class, “Who is the most obedient student in 2 F?”

Everyone shouted, “Aryan Aryan Aryan….”

I felt immense joy when I heard this….but was not sure that it will lead me to the “GOOD JOB BADGE”.

THANK YOU very much MADAM for encouraging me…..

My Mom on the other hand is worried. She is always worried. (I bet she will also be worried, if I don’t get the Badge)

She says; I should not be obedient …..to everyone.

Nowadays she is changing her ways. She keeps saying, gone are those days, when good deed pays you. Now, it is time to be a little bad and smart. All her preaches about sharing, being nice, being obedient, being calm, following the rules etc etc …are not needed anymore it seems…

Sometimes she says, it is ok to be bad/smart and do what you feel. . rather than listening to everyone around the world, feeling compelled, getting bullied, and others taking us for granted…..What do you say friends…?

Probably, she should change first....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Did it work???

Did the Performance Improvement Plan work? I don’t know. Anyway my Baba couldn’t see me crying all the day! Thank god atleast he understood what I felt.

After the school hours, he brings me home. He doesn’t wait till 5 PM. ….
School is getting little easier….
Once in a while, I crave for a particular type of food….it would invariably be the food that we don’t store at home always. Be it Laddoo, Kaju katli, Gulab Jamoon, Chips, Banana…

My private secretary listens to all my needs…the moment I say Gulab jamoon…..it is ready in front of me!!!! Thank you Baba
It is raining in Hyderabad. My mom has not yet got me a raincoat. The other day when it was raining, Baba made a raincoat with plastic cover and we fended ourselves with it...When my mom came from office,

Arjun: Abba, “Arjun don’t have a raincoat also”

Abba: “Oh darling I forgot. I will get it now.”

Arjun: “Can you please get two ”

Abba: “Why two?

Arjun: “One for me and one for Bhoodha (Ghost)!!!”

Abba wondering: When will the bhoodha vanish from my thoughts!
Today morning when I work up, I made a plan to bunk the school. I cried, fussed and then asked Mamma to go out of the house. I locked the door from inside. I was not afraid, was not bothered, and happily was watching Mickey Mouse Club House.

If my Mom is gone, no one can send me to school. It is better she stays away from me!!!!

After 15 minutes, my Mom pleaded me and somehow managed to come inside. She fooled me….I forgot about everything after listening to her talks…until she made me wear my slippers and put me in the car.!!!!!

I had to go. No escape……

Any other ways to escape!!!!!

See how my Dada combatted the school/daycare saga here

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Me and my Madam...

Arjun's Teacher, " Arjun come here."
Arjun, " Wait, I will come after sometime."

Arjun's teacher, " Should we sing Incy -Wincy Spider?"
Arjun, " NO, I will only sing BOb-The Builder"

Arjun's teacher, " Time for snacks."
Arjun, " I don't want. I already had it. You eat."

Arjun' Mom, " Why are you crying in the school?"
Arjun, " The teacher only asked me to CRY !!"

Performance Improvement Plan

It is been three weeks since I have been with Kangaroo kids. No change in my schedule whatsoever.

I cry throughout the day…..looking for Abba everywhere…

When Abba told me about Prahladh story…and how he says that Vishnu Bhagavan is everywhere……I wish even my Abba was like Vishnu bhagavan and be with me everywhere!!!!

People are surprised about my crying skills and the associated Abba saga.

The whole point here is “how my Abba is combating this crying skill of mine?” She believes she is handling professionally, by putting me on Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). The plan is to have one on one with me and have a dedicated person to take care of me the whole day, till I get settled. God knows how the PIP succeeds.

Anyway giving shivers to my caretaker is guarenteed from my end!!