Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eating and Meeting Milestone, a Vicious Circle!!!

Scenario: Holding the squirming Aryan, in his moms lap and trying to push an unfamiliar substance in his unreceptive mouth.
Short term outcome: Aryan cries and eats, but he is healthy.
Long term outcome: A perfect script for disaster, as Aryan would never learn to swallow or eat something of his own.

I am Aryan, a budding individualist, who is six months old. Don’t you think I should sit without support now and start eating semi solid food myself? Yes, even I think I should. Let me see how I can accomplish this task.

When it comes to sitting, I love it. The fun part is I can see things clearly when I sit. (Of course I sit with support). My mom has promised me that she would stop feeding me on her lap the day I sit without support. So now I am waiting for that auspicious day. In fact, I am meeting my milestones, even though a little late. My processor is little slow. . . . It happens. All babies are not alike.

So, till I sit without support, I should enjoy this commercial iron fortified baby food, lying in my moms lap.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Water Intake - Jan 31st

“Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.. . . . . . . . . . .
Have you of heard these lines? It is a quote from the poem “The Rime of Ancient Mariner”, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. That is the condition of Aryan now. We all drink water, but this universal solvent is not advisable to my little son.”

These were the words of my Mom when she was expressing her dismay about not giving me water.

Then she moved hurriedly and dialed my doctor’s number.

“Doctor, can we give water to Aryan?” She asked
“Yes, of course now that he is 5 months old, give him whenever you give semi-solid food.” He replied.

But my mom was curious and knew about how it feels when you don’t drink water. Thus she took a spoon and a bowl filled with sterilized mineral water and came near to me.

I was excited. I wanted to know how it tastes. I see my father drinking bottles and bottles of water every day after dinner and thus I was curious about how it would feel.

I opened my mouth even before she brought the spoon near to my mouth. I was very much excited and pushed her hand and thus I couldn’t drink those precious drops. It slipped away and my dress became wet. Now it was my granny’s turn. She held my hand tenderly and gave me three spoons of water!!!!

But why is water not as sweet as milk? Can you answer me? I am still wondering why my papa drinks it.

Time for Solids- Formula Food is Boring- Jan 27th

Today I am five months old. I think it is time for solids now. I am too much bored of drinking milk.
Calcium is not the only mineral I need!!!! Isn’t? With this motive in heart, I was taken to doctor. He examined me carefully and said I am an amazing kid. I am smart, active, alert, naughty. . . . Forgot it, it is a long list.

My mom and dad were extolling the virtues of me, while I was basking in my grandma’s lap and overhearing their conversation.

The Food Chart prescribed to Aryan (5 months old) - Then he came up with a food chart. Starting with tomato, sweet lime, and orange juice for 15 days, I am supposed to swallow semisolid foods like ragi and rice kichidi with little Nacl (Salt). Slowly he wants me to eat baked potatoes and carrot. By the time I am 8 months old, I can enjoy some biscuits and bakery products followed by egg. By the time I am one year old I should eat whatever my Mom and Dad eats. This is what he lectured.

After listening to this entire list, my mom was very happy. I feel little fear in this happiness. I hope they follow the thumb rule "Watch the Baby - Not the Calendar!" My intestine is tiny and small. I hope they give me small quantity before they make it a habit. Oh god, what all I should bother?

Before leaving from the Doctor’s room I wanted to remind my Mom, to ask the doctor about my water intake. That is the reason I cried before leaving from the Doctor’s room. But the attempt was in vain. As usual they guessed that I am being fussy and tried to console me.

Now my next question is will they ever give me water? Wait and watch for my water intake experience.