Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My First Girlfriend

I met her for the first time in my house. Her Mom is my Mom’s friend. Her Mom came to see my Mom and thus my girlfriend came to see me. My Mom was saying that she is 40 days old. Athira is her name. She was very fair and has more hair than me. She was in her Mom’s hand. At first I felt like pulling her hair and scratching her face. But I observed and concluded that she looked different from others. She is smaller than me. Oh god, at last I saw someone who is smaller than me. I liked the way she slept. Her eyes were always closed. I went near to her and kissed her in her forehead and then tried to pull her head. She woke up and started crying. Her cry was loud and strong. My Mom stared at me and took me away. So that is the story behind my first girlfriend.

It was time for me to leave from Thiruvanthapuram. The return journey was in flight. Kingfisher Airlines is filled with bright cabin crews. I was attracted by the red color and tried to jump to one of the airhostess, but my Mom scolded me. So sad right? Sad and depressed, I went to sleep. I slept till I reached the destination. I opened my eyes when the flight landed safely.

Now I am back home, safe and secure. All ready to play with my father.

Soon I will narrate my Transition Period experience.

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