Tuesday, October 27, 2020

My Birthday - I am 10!!

It was my birthday on October 26th. I was excited for this day. Dada wished me first in the morning (before even I could open my eyes) and then my mom wished me.

My family members phoned me to wish.

Dada had arranged a treasure hunt for my gifts. As soon as I woke up, I started that task.

As I like to become bear, I got my gifts related to that. Here is a pic of my gifts.

  • "We bare bear" toothbrush stand
  • Grizz bear, table organizer.
  • Bear cup
  • Bear T-shirt

My aunt had ordered a cake, which arrived in the evening. Even my Mom and Dad got a blueberry cake. We cut the cake and enjoyed the taste. I made many return gifts for my family.

Overall it was a nice family birthday. For the first time, it was just four of us, without friends.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Do Cheaters Win the Long Run?


Winners never cheat and cheaters never win

Recently, I had my online mathematics exam. For this exam, I had prepared a lot. I wanted to get 40 out of 40 i.e. 100%. However, I did not know the answer to one question. I was about to cheat and google the answer, but I did not. I also did not change my answers of the question which had the same concept to that question. I had lost 2 marks in that exam.

Then a thought cropped: Do cheaters win the long run? Be it an exam, a job or a shopkeeper. Someone or the other is watching you. For me, it is god and karma. Maybe it can be anybody else for you. Let’s say you cheated your friend and you get a 5 minute joy but that does not put you one step forward in life. It puts you one step backward. You cheat yourself/others, one day you would fall in your own pit. I believe that when you do good, you get good and vice-versa.

Let’s say I cheated in my maths exam, it will not give me a higher stand, it would assure me that I don’t know the concept and with that I would be a professional cheater. All I want to say is; the good path has thorns, but it always wins, and the bad path is a straight road but it always losses. You have to make the decision

Cheaters will do anything to keep themselves happy but they completely self-isolate themselves from friends. They may win the short-term race, but they have lost in the long term one.

Friday, October 2, 2020

The Adventures of Mr. Pink Whistle


Author- Enid Blyton, Type- Fictional short stories, Series- Happy days


·         Pink Whistle

·         Dogs – 2

·         Rabbits – 2

·         Kids  – Jimmy and Margery

·         Mrs. Spink and her children and many more


Once there was a man. He was half brownie and half human. He believes that life is not so fair, so his thought comes true. He wants to help people who are in a fix by his god gifted gifts aka superpowers- Invisibility and the ability to speak to animals. Throughout the book he helps people

The incident I liked the most is Jimmy’s day in the country. Here there was a boy named Jimmy, he was going to the countryside for a field trip. A girl named Margery ate his snack as she was in his team. Margery gets hurt while going to the bus, Jimmy carries her. Unfortunately, they missed the bus and they asked Mr. pink whistle for help. The message the author is trying to convey is helping others is good and you will feel very happy (may get rewards)

Rating- 5 out of 5 stars


Recommended for people like short fictional and happy book