Monday, October 29, 2007

Things I like ..

1. I like to run behind butterflies
2. I like to squeeze and rub little ants that keep running around
3. I like to hold a bottle in my hand and walk around the house (The craziness of lemon has stopped now)
4. I like to pull my hair
5. I like to eat vebuthi (My mom takes it from a cover, which is in the ummachi’s (god’s) room)
6. I like to run away from my mom when she is trying to feed me
7. I like to play with match box
8. I like to take bath with Papa under the shower.
9. I like to play with mama’s bangles
10. I like to scold sangeetha didi (I make noise when she tries to lift me)
11. I like to squeal with delight when I see Bread. (Not because I want to eat, but because I like to make bread crumbs and scatter it in the house.)
12. I like to see people reversing a car, especially when the car makes sound like tikitiki, tikitiki…When I see this, I shout ca ca ca..
13. I like to play with my toy car sitting on my Papa’s tummy
14. And of course I like BLOGGING.

That is it for today..Hehhehe

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My Mom and my Father took me an exhibition yesterday. When I heard exhibition (a tongue twister word for me at least), I thought it should be somewhat similar to a temple or a hospital. (These are the two places I go most of the time) But this was totally different!!!! For the first time in 13 months I am seeing an exhibition, lots of people and kids like me with their parents. It was such a happy place.

I saw lots and lots of serial lights at the entrance. It was more than the one we have in our house.
We went inside. Mama was holding me in her hand. I signaled her to put me down so that I can walk all alone. Mama was skeptical because of the crowd, but I squirmed like a worm and managed to get down from my Mama’s hand. But still she was holding one of my hands and she was not ready to give me a chance to be alone and explore the exhibition. You know what, “sometimes we need personal space right”. (Refer to my Mom’s word in the previous post “I love you Mama”).

We went inside some place. Papa called it a Toy shop. I was tempted to pull everything in my vicinity and play with it. By now, my Mom took me in her hands and showed me few toys. I liked the Blue Bus the best, but did not show as much excitement as I showed towards the Animal toy. Thus my Mama got me the Animal toy.

It had the following animal dolls:
A Giraffe
A Lion
A Black Bear
A Dear
A Leopard.

I had seen all these toys in my animal book. Now I can lift the animals in my hands and play with it.

Then we saw something strange. Papa called it a Giant Wheel. Mamma was all excited to see that and she left me with Papa and went and sat on it. I was just staring at Mamma and suddenly she disappeared. Then again she appeared. In-between Papa showed his hand up and told Mamma is up. How come? Mamma is not a crow to be in the sky?

I was all confused. Anyway after sometime she came and I was little angry for leaving me alone with Papa. Then she said she will make me sit in the Cartoon wheel (Was not like Giant wheel). She made me sit on a duck and was rotating me. I enjoyed it…

Then Papa got Cotton Candy. It was different from the cotton that Mamma used to light lamp.

Then Papa got me a mobile phone. But it made some odd noise!!!!

After some time I felt sleepy we went home.

So the moral of the story is:
Exhibitions are different from temple and hospital
You can get Animal toy when you go to an exhibition.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where can I take my Mom and run away?

I woke up in the morning to see my Mama sleeping next to me. I went near her, laid my head on her stomach and woke her up. That is how I do everyday.

She took me in her arms, kissed me and took me to bathroom for shoo..shi…etc

Now my tension started. Again another day has begun and my Mama would leave me and go to office within an hour. She brushed my teeth, gave me bath and she also got ready. She wore her office dress.

Where will I go and hide my Mom? I took her to kitchen, I took her to bathroom, I took her out of the house. I just wanted to run away with my Mama before my granny holds me and takes me away from my Mom. But where ever I go with my Mom, my Granny follows me like a …..

She says, “Come Aryan, Mama has to go to office”

I started crying. Granny showed me Fish toy, the colorful Butter fly, my new picture book …..Soon I forgot that my Mom left me behind. After my Mom goes, I am happy with my granny playing and amusing her the whole day.

Another day in my life.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Two things I like to do.

I like to hold a small lemon in my little hand. Walk around the whole house without giving it to anyone. It’s really a timepass. In-between I try to put the lemon in the mouth and when I cannot put it completely I stop trying.

I like to run behind Sangeetha Didi when she brooms the house. My motive behind this is very simple. I just like to play with the waste and dust that she accumulates when she brooms. She always shoos..s me away.

Custard Apple Seed

“Aryan, Custard Apple is a round green color fruit”.
My Mom showed me the pictures and told me the different names of the same fruit.
It is called “Sita phal” in Hindi, “Sita palzham” in Tamil and “Aana mundiri” in Malayalam. (I have to remember so many names).

Today let me introduce another character in my life. Her name is Sangeetha Didi—She is not as tall as my Mom, but she came with us from Nagpur to take care of me. She stays in our home.

Yesterday Sangeetha Didi was eating Custard apple. I was excited by its black seed. If the seed is lying in the floor I can manage to take it with my two tiny little fingers. After eating the fruit she kept the seeds in her hand. I tried to take the seed from her hand. But she threw it in the dustbin. I tried to take from dustbin, but she kept the dustbin away from my reach. I got annoyed and went to Mom crying.

I took my Mom to Kitchen and pointed towards the rice box. (Custard apples were stored in that box). My Mom did not understand. Anyway it is not unusual. Many times my Mom takes time to understand what I am saying. Again I cried and was trying to open the rice box myself. Thank god she understood now and she opened the box and took out another BIG Custard apple.
Yepee..I was all excited. She started peeling the green cover and put the white matter in my mouth. I spitted that and asked her for the seed. I was staring at the black seed. My Mom did not give me the seed; she said seeds are supposed to be thrown away.

How I loved the black seed. It is so shiny and good. I was sad and angry. I went near to Sangeetha Didi. She was still eating. I went near to her and slapped her on her face. She was the one who triggered me.

Oops ahha….she shouted. Why did she shout? Believe me, I did not slap her hard!!!

She came to Mom complaining that the black seed is struck in her throat. Out of four black seed she had in her mouth one is stuck in her throat. What to do now? Then the whole drama started, She started drinking water, ate banana, tried to vomit…. All the efforts were in vain. My Mom is planning to send her back to her native place so that the doctors can get the seed out.

Ahhh…now I know the reason why they did not give me the BLACK SEED OF CUSTARD APPLE.

Two days before, my Mom said that plants grow from seeds. Do you think custard apple plant will grow from Sangeetha Didi’s mouth?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love you Mamma…

When my Mom is at home, I make it a point that I don’t leave her alone. Even if she is in the bathroom, I will wait outside just to make sure that she doesn’t fool me and go to office.

One fine day when my Mom was at home she was telling that she is going to make dosa.
The outcome—I have to be with Papa in the living room. OK, I agreed. I was with papa for few minutes, and after sometime when I missed my mom I walked and went to kitchen. Again my Mom dropped me in the living room and started making dosa…(Why she has to make all such things. Why can’t she eat whatever grandma makes?) This time I slowly followed her holding her dress. She took me in her hand and made me sit in the kitchen granite slab.

Ahh….. I got to see lot of things. Small colorful bottles and boxes. I was all excited. I tried to pull one by one and my Mom was telling me not to do. She became angry and dropped me back in the living room.
Now I was sure that my Mom is angry. How can I please her? Idea!!! I went to kitchen again smiled at her, went near to her, and I thought will give her one puppy on her cheeks.
But before even I could give her my sweet puppy, she became really angry.

She was telling me that “You don’t give me any personal space, you are always behind me, I have to cook, you don’t sleep during day also, this is not the way. Be with your papa or grandma….and go..”

My grandma was also in consensus with my Mom’s statement. Thus after this episode my grandma makes sure that I am little away from my Mom. She takes me away often and tells my Mom that kids should know to be independent and alone.

Readers help me; Did I grow big enough to be away…?.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What to write……

Am I Ruskin Bond., who is capable to write out of nothing? Am I Shakespeare who writes out of everything? Am I Mama who writes technical documents? .No no, I am Aryan Karmore who writes about himself. But what should I write now?

Should I write about the new board book that Papa got me?
Yes, here is the Book review.

Publisher—I don’t know…why do you need that info?
Contents—Picture of different animals.
Cover—I like the way it is designed, especially the cover. A white Rabbit cover.
The pages are strong and sturdy for my tender hands. I cannot tear the pages like a do with the news paper.
Contents—This is a good picture book, good enough to excite me. When I am having food, my Mama shows me all the pictures along with their names. So far I can recognize Tiger and Cat. Cat is my favorite animal. My mama makes the odd noise (Meow) when she talks about Cat.

The other day when I saw a cat passing by, I was really excited and jumped with joy.....
When will I see a Tiger passing by?????

FYI—I have the other books in the same series: Number, Alphabets and Vehicles.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Making Round Round and Round…

By 13 months of my life, I have different names….
Aaru, Apple, Aryan, Bambboo, Chiku, Kannanukutti, Kuttivalu, Krishna, and Ganesha…..

The last two names resembles God’s name right? She calls me Krishna because she says I am like him. Why Ganesha!!!! Oh, yes I was born on Vinayaka Chathurthi day. Thus Mom says my ears are also like an elephant. Do you guys feel like that…

Anyway now that I am Ganesha I thought I will do some of his pranks..

Oops, I forgot to tell you something..I started walking alone…Thanks to all the readers who wished and encouraged me to walk…….Thanks Noon and Anonymous…

So, back to Ganesha story. Yesterday when I was about to sleep, my Mom told me a story of Ganesha and Karthikean….A story about them fighting for a Mango. The clause is, Whoever makes three rounds of the universe will get the mango. Karthikean sets out with his peacock, but atlast Ganesha gets the mango because he makes three rounds of his parents instead of the universe. He thinks that his parents are his universe..
For me also the idea is the same. My Mom is my universe……

So today morning as soon as my Mom sat down to drink tea, I started chuttifying (Making round) her. I was thinking she would give me mango…But she gave me biscuit!!!!

She was very pleased to see me making round and round and round….she hugged me…and kissed me.

First of all for the past two days she is very happy because I am walking alone now…..
But MOmmmy..oh Mommmy….wait and watch till I walk and run and discover all the little things in our house.
I will make you go berserk…Hehheheheheh

Monday, October 1, 2007

Decorating me, is it a time pass????

The other day Mom was very excited…the reason unknown!!

She came home early from office. She had a few stuffs in her hand. I jumped to her with joy and she said , “Aaru today is Krishna Jayanthi. So I am going to dress you like god Krishnan”.

In fact Lord Krishna is my little friend. Everyday when Mama lights the lamp I see him sitting inside our temple. I love to hear his songs when I am sleepy. My Mom calls me little Krishna. Is that the reason she was planning to dress me like that?

1. Anyway she started first with my HAIR—She was trying to put some flowers on it.
My response—Did not allow to do so. I got irritated.

2. Then she started with my FACE AND BODY—She was applying some yellow cold stuff on me and called it chandanam!!!!
My response—Was blant and I was trying to rub it.

3. Then she started with DRESS—She tied a cloth along my waist and called it Dhoti.
My response—I was extremely annoyed, as I was feeling odd without my shirt.

4. Then she started with JEWELS—She took her pearl set (I don’t know what it was, some white round stuff) and was trying to put it around my neck..
My response—I was in limbo. What is mamma doing to me?. Dressing me like lord Krishnan?

5. At last she dipped my legs in rice flour mixed with water and made me walk all through the house. I slipped many times but she held me tightly…

But by the time the whole drama was over. I was cranky at my peak…
Aryan was no longer Aryan. I was an angry Krishnan…. And I started crying and shouting… throwing all the stuff..

Here is a snapshot. Its me and me…looking like a cute Krishna…..right…but mamma….where is the stick that Krishna holds on his hands ?????