Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Boodha Saga

On 26th October(Arjun’s Birthday), we were at Shiridi, hence cake cutting happened yesterday. It was fun to invite all my friends for Arjun’s birthday. Arjun was elated to wear the new suit that Baba got for him. He calls himself Maharaja…. Just completed 2yrs..and he claims to be a Maharaja. One funny fellow he is.

He can parrot everything he listens and can respond well. One such instance:

Mamma: “Who is there at Shiridi?”

Arjun: “ Sai baba”

Mamma: “ What does Sai Baba do”

Arjun: “ okkacchi pannuva (Will be sitting)

Mamma: “ So what do you want from him”

Arjun: “ GIP GIP (gift)

Mamma: “ And for Mamma what you will ask Sai Baba”

Arjun: “ Kammal (Ear ring)!!!”

Aryan: “ and for Dada”

Arjun: “ Boodha (Ghost) for Dada”

Aryan: What!!!!

Boodha AKA Ghost is an eternal part of his conversation.

He likes Boodha a lot, he likes Shaaka (My neighbor Akka) as well. Any connection? !!

If he sees any lady covering her face with duppata, he calls her Boodha and that too goes near to her and shouts at her. Sometimes, few akka’s open the mask, seeing him shouting.

Every morning he points the window and says, “ Abba, anga boodha ukkachi pannarudu. (Amma, ghost is sitting there.)” (Is he dreaming something?)

He is not at all scared of any Boodha (probably he has not seen my Mamma's true colors), but tries to scare others by saying Boodha..Boodha…Boodha…

He has different types of Boodha as well. Out of all, black and snake Boodha are his favorite. He tries to scare us in between, by applying all of Mamma’s cream on his face and makes some funny noise saying Boodha Boodha..Well seeing this Mamma gets scared for different reason!!!

Morning he wakes me, by saying : “ Da get up boo” (Dada get up Boodha is coming). What he speaks god only knows!!!

Let us see how long his Boodha saga continues. At this age I used to think about cars and colors and here my bro is thinking about colorful Boodhas!!!