Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Boy 2

After school, I went to Wonder 6 Daycare. My Aayi and Baba had reached there. They had got sweets to distribute in daycare, as Wonder 6 discourages chocolate distribution.

Sujatha madam had made an excellent card for me. Yamini aunty also called me to wish.

Around 4 P M, mamma came and picked me from daycare. When I reached home, I was astounded by the decoration that Baba had done. He decorated the house with balloons and lights. It was so sweet of him.

Pappa came home by 7 and I was playing with papa. By 7:30, Abilash and Sharsh came home with their mamma’s and I started playing with him. We cut the cake and I tend to be a good boy, distributing the cake and other snacks.

Well, my eyes were on the gifs that they got. (My mamma says that I am such a shameless mannerless boy, but can’t help. I get very excited, when I see something wrapped in gift wrapper).

When they gave me gifts, I said thank you and gave them the return gifts that my mamma had got it.

They had got one building set, a CD, a pencil box set, and a vehicle book. Thanks a lot my friends.

Then it was time for Swaram akka to come. After my dinner she came. She wore a blue dress and had a small sparkling blue bindi. She was looking cute!!!! Infact I told this to my mamma, later on.

Swaram akka asked, “ Mamma told you are happy to hear that we are coming. Are you happy?”

Aryan, “ No I am not!!!!”

Mamma, “ What Aryan!!!”

I giggled and went away. It was fun to pull each other legs.

Swaram akka asked, “Where is my return gifts”

Aryan, “ I don’t give return gifts to big people.”

Swaram akka had got loads of gifts for me. I even forgot to say thank you to her after seeing the gifts. She helped me open the wrapper and I was very excited to see so many gifts.

A set of two karadi tales books about krishna with CD.
A jungle book puzzle set
A locomotive assembling set (This is really marvelous)
A small cute ecofriendly bat and ball.

Thanks a lot Swaram akka and Kanagu anna. Kanagu anna called me to wish, but I was behaving like one lord. I did not talk to him. Hope he is not angry with me.

Soon Su Mama came and all of them had dinner. Aayi had prepared yummy dinner.

Overall it was such a memorable birthday. I will post the photos of my gifts soon!!!

Thanks to everybody who made my day!!!

Edited to Add: I forgot about the return gift I gave to Swaram Akka. One white Balloon... Infact as I didn't wrap it in a gift wrapper I totally forgot about it. Swaram akka next time I will do that!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was city tour from school. They took me around Hyderabad and showed me Hussain Sagar, Bhagavan Buddha , tank bund……etc etc.

No wonder they were taking about pearls and Hyderabadi biriyani…..

This week is the week of “people who help us”.

My mamma asked, “Who helps you the most Aryan?”

Aryan, “My Mamma helps me the most.”

Pappa, “He is one Mamma boy. God knows when he will be out of your spell.”

Then I told them about the other people who help us, like doctor, postman…..

Next week is the week of Musical Instruments.
Oh forgot to mention. Today is my birthday.

I got up very early. Without crying, I went to mamma. Took bath, got ready, packed my tiffin box, water bottle, and got ready all alone. NOTE: I did all these things without crying.

Then I did Namaskaram to Aayi, Baba, Mamma, and Papa.

My aayi got new Bob-the Builder dress for me. I like it very very much. My mamma got Xylophone for me. My papa got lots of activity books and one story book. Now the ratio of activity books: story books is more. They want me to do only activities or what??? Anyway I liked all my gifts.

My Thatha and chella patti called me. My badai papa, mamma and my cousins called to wish me. My Periyamma and periyappa called. My mamma’s friends: archana akka and Rajiv anna conveyed their wishes to Mamma. Swaram akka and Kanagu anna called yesterday ….Hoping Swaram akka comes home today to meet me…

Overall it was so good in the morning, until my Mamma opened the chocolate packet.
She started telling me to give to others. What????

I got so tensed. One by one all my chocolates were getting finished. She is telling me to give to my school bus friends, to my class friends. I started crying. I said I don’t want to share the chocolate. I said that we will get them mentos mint, the chocolate that I don’t like. I don't mind sharing them.

My mamma is scaring me by saying that, if we don’t share chocolates in school, all my gifts will vanish away when I come home. Do you think is it true?

Evening we have a party at home, with few of my friends. Today morning, when Mamma showed me their return gifts, I asked her:

Aryan, “Mamma, will they give us gift, so that we can return these gifts?”

Mamma, “Aryan, it doesn’t matter. Even if they don’t give, don’t ask them. We should never expect any gifts from others, we should just give.”

Seriously I never understand this concept!!!!!!!!! My mamma is hoping I will understand when I grow. Do you guys understand????? How much do you think, I should grow to understand this concept of sharing?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mamma Vs Madam

Aryan: Mamma, do you have pearls

Mamma: Pearls?

Aryan: Yes, pearl kammal (ear ring) pearl mala (necklace), pearl bangles…

Mamma: Yes I have.

Aryan: Then can you wear it today and go to office. You will be sparkling.

Mamma: But why are you saying this now.

Aryan: My madam wore pearls yesterday and she was looking very beautiful. She was sparkling.

Mamma: Ok Aryan, I will wear it.

Aryan: Thank you mamma. Onnodu officela ellavarum choluva, neenga rumba azhaga irukel endru( In your office everyone will say you are looking beautiful today!!!!)

Mamma: Ok, but when you see someone good you should also tell them. Did you tell your teacher yesterday that she was sparkling because of pearls?

Aryan: No Mamma. But if she looks beautiful today I will tell her.

Mamma: Good boy

Thus I made sure my Mamma wore her pearl set to office today. Thank god Pappa had got it for her!!!

School Saga

Last to last Tuesday, we had fun day out. We went for a field trip to Kondapur big campus. I was adichi paratinudu (Tamil word; sorry guys, I don’t know to translate) running to be first in the race. Not sure whether I reached first or not.

Then from Tuesday night, I was down with fever and cough. Three days of mamma’s office leave and working from home saga continued.
Then I went to school last Tuesday.

I have so many problems when I go to school. No one understands…

•In between the class, I feel hungry but I fear to tell my teacher.
•When naptime comes, I don’t feel sleepy and if I sleep I like to sleep for a long time.
•I get scared of one naughty boy who teases me always.
•And on top of everything, I don’t like to write. At home, I write from A-z. I can say I trace, not write. I feel comfortable tracing rather than writing on my own....anyway I have to pass this phase of life I guess…