Monday, May 26, 2008

Life Goes on...

My Mom is busy with her office work and she devotes more time in office instead of working and blogging for me. Does she work more in office because they pay her? Well I don’t give her a paycheck, but don’t I give her a mixed dose of happiness and frustrations?? I can say happiness more….(Heee….All that comes out of my mouth is not true)
Ok the point is, today she left early to office. I hardly got up and had my tea and she was gone. I cried little when she went and later I was happy with my Chella patti.

When my chella patti says, Johny Jhony..I say “Yesh Papa”…
When she says, Stop says the red light…..I say “Go shaiys”

Note I have mastered to say two letters together instead of just abbreviating one word by itself.

We had a gala time and I was playing Ring Ring a roses with my Chella Patti. Everytime I play this game with her, I make sure that we play it again and again and she also falls with me each time when the rhyme finishes.

Soon the time passed and my Chella patti began to dress, she combed her hair, wore another saree .I guessed something fishy.

Yes, Even though my Mom went to office without dropping me to day-care, my Chella patti is planning to drop me.!!!!!!

I cried and did all dramas, but she dropped me and said, “After I go back to Trivandrum, what will you do dear? So please don’t break your daily routines just because I came. I came to take care of you only in the evenings”.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My life…Aryan—Is so important to my….?

“Aryan come out”. That was Uma madam. I came out of the day-care and what did I see…
Can you guess…?

Yes, I saw my Chella pati. She was standing outside and waiting to take me home from day-care. I ran towards her and climbed on her. She is the one who always carries me.

I was all surprised and amazed. She came from Trivandrum, just to take care of me in the evening. When they read on the blog that I am being scolded by my Papa, my grandfather couldn’t take it. He told my Chella patti to come and take care of me, in spite of he being alone. He logic was, as he is big boy, he can fend himself while I need my Chella patti now. (So writing on blog does help a lot)
There she came..and I am happy and jumping with joy.
Thanks Thatha…and ofcourse thanks my dear Chella pati not for the train that you got from Trivandrum, but for the love that you shower and the importance that you give me in your life. Otherwise how can you leave my Grandpa alone in Trivandrum on your marriage day (Today-22nd may) you being married to him for 31yrs…

Happy anniversary…my dear grandparents.

All Mommy friends please do wish my Chella patti on her anniversary. She is great and I have no words to extol her virtues.

NB: 1. Another person who is relieved by the arrival of my Chella pati is my Papa. He no longer needs to take care of me. Hearing this my Nagpur grandma was also very happy.
2. To make the things easy for my Chella Patti's train journey of 31hrs, my Periyamma from Kochi came to station and gave her food when the train reached Kochi and my Mom's chitti(My Chella pati's sister)from Coimbatore gave her food when the train reached Coimbatore.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guessing Game

I saw in Aryan Times about a guessing game and I thought I would also hoist a game like that…
Here we go:
What do the following words mean to me?

Edited to add—Hint requested by Swathi Mommy
1.All words are short form of the real word. For example CAA—Means CAR to me. Dea—Means Dear to me….I guess you must have understood my pattern now…..
2.One word can have more than one meaning. Depends on the circumstances. You can guess anyone of them and it should be fine.


Any of my friends can pick this game....

So here are the answers

Coocco— Crockraoch
Sho— Shoe or Soap. Depends on the situataion
Babu— Bubble
Boo—Blue (The blue crayon that I roam with)
ShiiShii—Two meaning. One when I want to poop, other when I want my Mom to sit with me. Based on my face expression she understands this…

Periyammas Score—3/7..Between for badboy it is BAAboo
Cantaloupes Ammas Score—4/7
K3 Mom—3/7
Swathi Mommy—3/7. One good things is she could guess my BLUE craziness...

Periyamma,Swathi mommy and k3 amma are in second position while Cantaloupes Amma gets the first..HUGS to you...

Monday, May 12, 2008


Like mama-mia said, I am like a fevicol with my Mom. My Nagpur Grandma has gone to Nagpur and now time for another transition. My Chella Patti will come only next week and till then My Mom and my Papa will manage me…..Their management is strict, unlike my grandmas. Here is the proof:

My mom comes from office and picks me from day care and I am happy to see her. But after coming home, I don’t allow her even to go to loo. Forgot about making tea. If I want tea (Yes ,I drink tea not milk), then I allow her to make.
Then she has to sit with me and do coloring, teach me animal books , make virtual zoo with all animals, make parking lots with all my cars…etc etc etc….There is no way she can escape and enter the kitchen to cook.

After my Papa comes, my Mom thinks she can leave me with him and go for cooking, but I don’t agree to that. I simply sit on her lap and stare at Papa. Yesterday My Mom and Papa tried their level best to make me understand that I should allow my Mom to cook. But I was very adamant…Then my Mom fed me the food which was prepared in the morning and My Papa made Maggie as dinner from them. Again I was adamant that I will not allow my Mom to eat, but by now Papa’s blood started boiling. He said, “ AAARYAAN”..

Ahha..I have never seen him so angry like this. I was all scared. He said, “ Aaryyyan come her..I slowly went near to him. He said, ” Sit here and play with your toys. Mama should eat now.”

I sat near to him, was planning to cry, but Papa will scold if I cry unnecessarily. I simply sat and was looking at my toys. For the next ten minutes, I did not even utter a word. I was afraid, was angry, was sad…

My Mama had her dinner. I went near to her and looked at her for solace, but even she ignored me. She said, “Listen to Papa”.

They both are one set…and I am left alone with no one to back me. If my grandmas were there, they cook and allow my Mama to spend time with me…..They shoulder me whenever I need support…..

Oh god when will my Chella pati or Nagpur grandma come. I am in the stringent hands of Mama and Papa…


Heheeee…..I am jumping with joy…
Mummyjann mommy awarded my Mom as a nice person…I was reluctant to post this in my BLOG….(Still I secretly say thanks to Mummyjann)
Then Asha mommy awarded me as nice….Hip hip hurray…Now I will post this award and will pass to all my blogging buddies.
Here goes award:

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good
blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that
care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a
positive influence in our blogging world!"
Now it's my turn to pass on the award and let people know that I think they are nice.

From my mommy’s side:
2 Bs mommy
Angel Mama's list is never ending..Let me say from my side

One girl friend and one boy friend logic…..

Chubby Aryan’s Mom already got this award….But still I would say he is my best little friend…

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My First Vehicle—Tetracycle

My Papa got me a new Bicycle or I can say tetracycle— a bicycle with additional two small tryres. Thus my tetracycle has four tyres.
But the cycle is too big for me even though my leg touches the pedal.

Whenever Papa comes home from office, I no longer insist him to make me sit in jula, but I insist him to make me sit in cycle.
I hold the handle and papa pushes the cycle. I got round the whole house.
My Papa askes me, “Aryan, what is the color of cycle?” I say,” rrrred”.
The next question would be invariably how many tyres my cycle has..and I say FOUR.

I guess at this age, parents buy Tricylce for kids…But this was my Papa’s master plan to buy bicycle with additional tyres. The irony is Tricycle costed Rs 1600 and tetracycle costed Rs 1700 ..Just Rs 100 more for an extra tyre. My father was all excited and got the tetracycle. He claims that I can use this till age four…
Ahh…long way to go..

NB: Will post the picture soon. My Mom is lazy to click one.