Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Month

Hip hip hurray…..It is my birthday month. This month I will complete 5 yrs of my life. I have many disadvantages than advantages.

1.For anything and everything my Mamma says, “Aryan you are old now, do it yourself.”
2.She expects me to help her, in cleaning and doing other chores when she is around. I can no longer afford to have a messy room. Moreover, if crayons are around, Arjun would eat it…
3.She wants me to eat all alone and that too spicy food.
4.She wants me to take bath and wash potty alone.
5.She wants me to take care of Arjun, when she is not around…
6.She doesn’t even allow me to CRY. Even if I cry for something, she simply announces..”BIG BOYS DON’TCRY”..I feel little inferior when I hear this and I stop crying. But sometimes, I can’t help but CRY!!
7.Last but not the least…..she will make me sleep in a separate room from August 27th, 2011. Not sure how we both are going to succeed in this attempt.

However, the good things I feel about growing old is:

1.Arjun calls me Dada
2.I am growing tall like a giraffe…
3.I am getting more power like Chota Bheem
4.I can read now. Atleast three letter words and books related to those words.
5.I can recite one full story to Arjun
6.Last but not the least, I can boldly tell my mamma about what I want and what I don’t.
Sometimes, she also forgets that I am old enough to make decision. If I say I don’t want to eat, she forces, If I say I want to watch TV, she denies…

One rigmarole Mom she is. Today morning she even forgot that it is PT uniform on Thursday. She made me wear the normal uniform and I trusted her decision. Later when I realized that today is Thursday, I had to change it…One slow processor mom I have!!! Probably she is growing too old!!!!!