Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things That I don’t Do

As my chella patti came from Thiruvananthapuram (TVM), I am getting more pampered. She praises me a lot. She really loves to play with me. She amuses me with all the possible ways to make me laugh.

She says “Aryan, nee rumba chamatu, padutharathai illai (You are very good and you are not at all naughty)

Hearing this my Mom asked my chella pati, “ Excuse me, you are telling that your lovely grandson is not naughty”?

My chella pati replied, “Yes of course. Did you get a chance to see how other kids behave in this age? No, right? But I got a chance and I am still getting the chance to see a toddler of Aryan’s same age. (A toddler, named Adithya, stays near to her TVM house). Aryan is so Pavam (innocent) and silent. He is in his own world of books, animal toy, cars, some stupid plastic bottles, lemons, match stick box etc etc…”

So I was eager to listen what my chella pati was saying about my fellow toddler-Adithya. So was my Mom..

So these are the things that I don’t do and Adithya does

1.Tearing the newspaper.
2.Putting anything and everything in his mouth. Especially excavating dust from corner of the house and putting it in the mouth.(Poor fellow he must be hungry always)
3.Spilling water, whenever he gets a chance to do so. Thus, no source of liquids can be kept in his vicinity. The other day he spilled the Sambar it seems. . . .

Hhee…I don’t do all these things. But why don’t my chella pati understand that there is always a silence before a storm…Just now she landed from TVM right?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Transition period again

Today I am 15 months old and lot of happenings are taking place at home.

1.My Nagpur Grandpa and Grandma are here in Hyderabad to amuse me and to take care of me.
2.My Papa is going to US (Where is this place …yaar? I hear this name—US, many times) for a period of three months.
3.My chella patti is coming from Thiruvanthapuram today. Mom was saying that she has got a wooden bus toy, two car toys and a dress for me. Curious to see that…I will elaborate about it in my next post.
4.Then after my Father goes to US, my chella patti would resume her duty of taking care of me and my Nagpur Grandma and Grandpa will go back to Nagpur.

Oops transition period again….Have to switch gears between Marathi and Tamil. My chella pati knows only Tamil and Malayalam while my Nagpur Grandma knows only Hindi and Marathi...

“Aryan, be prepared and adopt the change”

I remember my Mom saying that change is a constant event that happens in life. But I will really miss my Papa and my Nagpur Grandparents!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I understand many things…

Why does MOM think I don’t know the world around? In fact many a times she doesn’t cotton to my language. Simply because I cannot say any other words apart from Mama and Papa doesn’t mean that I don’t know to express my thoughts…..

Yesterday evening my Mom went to light lamp. Everyday she does that and she tells me “Come Aryan we will pray ummachi and light lamp”. So I marched behind her. First she cleaned and wiped the temple, then she drew rangoli, then she made thiri—small thread made of cotton. (As unusual I asked her to give me some cotton to play). Then she poured oil in the lamp and she started searching for something. I exactly knew what she was searching for.

One another timepass for me is to roam the whole house shaking a matchstick box in hand. This continues till I see some thing else exciting and thus I drop the box. Someone else picks up the box and keeps it safe. Yesterday it was my grandmother who picked the matchstick box and kept it on the top of the computer table.

So now back to story…When I saw my Mom searching for matchstick box, I ran to the computer room. I saw the matchstick box on the computer table. My tiny hands couldn’t reach the table. There were so many things scattered on the table and matchstick box was one among them. It was kept on top of a newspaper. Somehow I managed to get hold of the paper edge pulled it. The matchstick box along with so many stuffs fell down.

“Aryan where are you and what are you doing?”, that was my Mom shouting from pooja room.
I was all excited to get the matchstick box. I grabbed it in my hands and went to her and gave her. She was so happy to see that. More than happy she was surprised and was thinking how come 14-15 months old baby understand that we need matchstick to light lamp.

She kept on telling that “I did a good job good job….”Yes of course I helped my mom and did a good job, but why is she forgetting that I know and understand many things. I see her doing the same process everyday and I know that after you pour oil in the lamp you have to light it with a matchstick. I am no longer a Baby…I am a grown up toddler…Don’t you agree with me?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back after long hibernation

Lot to write about my travel experience. This time for a change we went to Nagpur by sleeper bus not by kingfisher airlines. We boarded the bus in the night and morning we reached Nagpur. This was the first time I am traveling in the sleeper bus. The cot was not as big as my house cot. After the tedious journey we landed in Nagpur.

It was fun in Nagpur, especially to pull my little sister—Shithija’s hair. Shithija is 11 months old and she comes near to my Mom. How can I allow her to be with my MOM. Thus my only aim in my life was to pull her hair and shoo her away.

I saw different kind of animals like:
Sparrow (My mom told it is a small bird)

Hen episode was admirable. My Grandfather knew my likings towards the Hen. So he brought one Hen for me. Thus running behind the hen was the second aim in my life.

Scooter episode—Me and my mom sat behind my Athai’s scooter and my Athai took me to silver shop to buy payal for me. Am I a girl to wear payal? Need to ask this question to Mom. Anyway sitting behind in scooter was dangerous. I saw bus coming near to me, Truck sliding past me. . .but my Athai had no fear for buses and trucks. She simply zoomed away in the scooter….

I also saw cycle Rickshaw there.

Altogether we stayed for 11 days in Nagpur and now I am back to Hyderabad. I am at home in my mama’s lap as I am having fever.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ice-Ice baby

These days so many people try to fool me. But will the clever Aryan ever be trapped? No way

Here goes the story:

Today my Mom called me ice ice baby, not because I like Ice-Cream, but because I play with ice cubes.
My craziness to roam around the house with plastic bottle is still there. Today morning
My Mom took the bottle from my hand, took some ice cubes from fridge and dropped it inside the bottle. I stared at her. Then she started shaking the bottle. I was very much excited to see the ice cubes moving here and there in the bottle and I liked the noise it made.

Leaving me alone with this new game, my Mom went away. I roamed the whole house shaking the bottle and making the odd noise. My papa did not like this game, but my mom thought this is probably something to keep me occupied.

Ahh..what happened after some time? I could no longer see the ice cubes, and thus no noise. I was sad and cranky. I went to my Mom again. Then she went near to fridge again, took the ice cubes from the tray, opened my bottle, and put more ice cubes inside.
Ice cubes reloaded…I like it….
After some time same thing happened. Ice cubes vanished!!! So the processes of reloading continued again.

My Grandma—The silent spectator of this event came near to me. She said, “Aryan bring the bottle here”. I thought this time she is going to load the ice cubes, but instead she took some small stuff from outside (She called it pebbles) and put it inside the bottle. Closed the bottle and gave me.
At first I was excited and I didn’t understand what was happening, but the joy of shaking ice cubes bottle was better than this one.

My grandma was trying to fool me!!!! I got angry, threw the bottle and ran away. Thus my mom calls me ice ice baby….

Another name to my list.