Thursday, June 21, 2007

No time to write

I am back after a long hibernation. It is all because of my Mom. She is busy with her own things. When I stare at her with a questioning look about this behavior, she just says two words—Hyderabad and Interviews. What do these words mean?

She has no time to take care of me; she leaves early and comes late. At home she is busy with some books. My Papa is not to be seen for so many days. Mom says Papa is in Hyderabad and soon we would go there.

Hyderabad is a city. We are going to relocate there. I still remember the harrowing task of shifting from my old residence. Now have to go through the same task again.

So, bye bye Bangalore. The relocation will not affect my blog, I guess!!!

(My Mom promised that when we relocate we will travel in Kingfisher Airlines.)

NB: Now I walk little—those tiny baby steps help me reach my destination.