Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Twist in my Vocabulary

Anything I say now, I add one “eeee” to it.

Ant becomes anteee (Once I saw some ants in the front balcony and shouted loud enough for my next door neighbor aunty to come and enquire whether we called her…!!!)

Papa becomes Puppy (gosh …this name is also applicable to Dog’s little one, isn’t???)

Green becomes greenny

Gems becomes gemssy. Gemssy is my favorite chocolateee now. Yesterday I made my Papa to get five big packets of Gems (According to him, it is Rs 75/- hole in his pocket, just for some stupid chocolates.)

Anyway I enjoy the eating part.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I was on vacation. Went to Nagpur to attend my Dadaji’s retirement ceremony. Enjoyed every bit of it. I got to see so many people and places when I was in Nagpur.

Another Transformation: I guess, soon I will master the Art of stammering. For Mama, I say MMMMMAmmm. So before even I say one word, my mama decodes my mind and understands it, but she chooses me to complete the sentence. I think she has improved her understanding and decoding skill after I started stammering….

Mmmammma is kind of tensed about this behavior. She talked with my new school teacher. I was happy about her tete -a -tete talk with my teacher. I expected my school teacher to say “Aryan should take a long sabbatical for a year”.

Unfortunately that was not the case. She said : Don’t worry Aryan’s mom, I will handle this change efficiently!!!!!

Bad luck …

NB: Swaram Anunty, I will do your tag soon. Thanks for tagging.