Saturday, November 9, 2019

Imagine I was a temple (By Arjun)

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I like to go to temple, but I have never thought to imagine I am a temple. If i get a chance to choose which temple, it will be a great honor. I will imagine to be the Brihidishwera temple.

I am build in Tamilnadu. I will see many people coming to me and praying god and goddess.
I was build 1000 ys ago by Raja Raja Chola.My height is 216 feet and 130000 tonnes of granite was used to make me.
I have a puzzle architecture and a wide base, which does not make me tlite even afer 1000 yrs.

The tallest stone in me is known as Kumbam.
It is is 81 tonne in weight. So put my stone up, they made a ramp as tall as the temple. Elephants, horses, and oxes pushed the stone up.

The bull of my temple is taller than a basker ball ring. I am not intersting?

Do you want to visit me?