Friday, October 23, 2009

My Emotions

Shampooing is the activity that I hate the most. Every morning I have a quarrelling session with my Mamma, convincing her not to give me head bath and not to use Shampoo.

Using face wash and face cream are secondary things that I hate.

Recently I have got few rashes on my face, which leads my Mamma to be over protective and wash my face often followed face cream.

Yesterday when she was giving me bath, I just got pissed off with the way she handles my face. I started crying crying crying….non-stop for 15-20 minutes I cried and my Mamma chose to ignore.

I was in the bathroom all drenched, while she simply left me alone and finished her morning chores. Later on she came and pacified me. Though I was not pacified, I somehow left the topic and went to school.

Now, in the evening, again the same saga started.

Mamma: Aryan come, wash face, and apply cream. (Doesn’t she understand that I have my own individuality?)
Aryan: No I am not washing it now.

She insisted few times and she went to kitchen for cooking.

After sometime I approached her for helping me fix some puzzles.

She simply said: “You are not listening to me, why should I listen to you?”
Aryan: “Sorry mamma, I will listen to you, but will not wash face.”
Mamma: “Then I will also listen to you, but will not play puzzles with you” (This is Tit for Tat or what???? What is she planning to do? )

After that our terms deteriorated more and somehow she managed to feed me some food.
When papa came, again I approached her for some help and she tried to be over smart by ignoring me.

I just felt very very SAD. For the first time in three yrs, I am feeling this serious SAD emotion. I hope you understand…

I sat on the sofa and did not talk to anyone for 15-20 min.

Papa asked: Aryan, what happened?
Aryan: Mamma doesn’t love me, she scolds me a lot. I am SAD!!!
Papa: What, you are Sad? Who told Mamma doesn’t love you?
Aryan: Aryan told myself !!!
Papa: Ok, Mamma come here and say sorry to Aryan.
Mamma: Sorry, Aryan, let us have a mutual understanding by listening to each other!!!
Aryan: No, you go away. Papa we will buy new Mamma from shop.
Mamma: Sorry dear, come let me hug you.

When she hugged I busted with all tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t continue to be SAD without crying. It was a mixed emotion, a feeling of love, insecurity, sadness, inferiority…..

Somehow got pacified and I slept. But, I still have that grudge with my Mamma now… When will this feeling disappear? Even Mamma is eager to know that!!!! Can anyone help?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vacation Updates

It was an impromptu decision by my parents to go to Nagpur by hiring a cab. Well, the reason was, my Aayi and Baba missed us a lot and they wanted me to be with them for Diwali.

All set go…..

We had a gala time for the three days when we were in Nagpur.

• We went to many temples. I saw one big sleeping hanuman god. Then I saw one gigantic ganapathi god with a big belly.
• I played with my cousins: Shithija (the trainer), Shruthi, and Divya. (Ringa ringa roses and train train were my favorite games).
• As usual, I could see, cows, donkeys, goats, buffalo, pigeon, parrots, bullock cart, cycle rickshaw etc etc. I enjoyed every bit of it.
• I was little scared for lighting crackers, but managed to show some courage.
• We lighted mud diyas and my badi mamma drew a couple of beautiful rangolis…(Blue color used more ). My mom forgot to take some snaps…
• Saw two movies, “All the Best” and “BLUE” (But couldn’t see much shark in it)

Random conversations

1. At Hanuman Temple

Aryan: Papa, what are they doing?
Papa: They are giving bath to Hanuman god.
Aryan: Head bath?
Papa: Yes, and see Hanuman god is not crying while taking head bath. So when you take head bath you should not cry. You should call hanuman god and he will give you all the strength.
Aryan: Ok, I will not cry during head bath and will call hanuman god for strength.
Aryan, after sometime: So when should I call Ganapthi god? When I feel sacred of thunder?
Papa: Ok, yes call Ganapthi god when you feel scared.
Aryan: When should I call Saibaba god?
Papa: Call when you are sad.
Aryan: When should I call Saraswathi god?
Papa: ahhhh….call everyone whenever you want please…..

2. On the day of Diwali

Aryan: Mamma, where is my new dress?
Mamma: We didn’t get time to get new one. Wear this, tomm I will get a new one.
Aryan: But mamma, today is Diwali right?
Mamma: Ok, let us ask Baba, if he has got new one.
Baba: Sorry, Aryan. In midst of cleaning the house and painting, I didn’t get time to get a new dress.
Aryan: Baba, today is diwali right? And for diwali we should wear new dress. Isn’t?
Baba (Feeling very sentimental): Ok, let me go and get it now.
Hearing this conversation; my badai papa, went and got one new dress in midst of Lakshmi pooja.
Then my Baba, went and got two new dresses for me. Fish dress and car dress.
My one question about not getting new dress on diwali day has so much weightage???
Well, it was not intentional. My mamma told, we wear new dress on Diwali, so thought will ask them.

3. Shopping with Baba’s friend

My baba has a very very close friend called Pittalwar Kakkaji. He is such an intelligent person that My Mom and Pappa admire him a lot.

Kakkaji: Aryan coming with me to confectionary? I will get some cake for you.
Aryan: Ok, let me change and come.
I sat with him in the Motorbike and went to a nearby confectionary.
Aryan: I want cake and ladooo biscuits.
Kakkaji: Ok, we got them packed. Now what else you want?
Aryan: No nothing.
Kakkaji: Just go, see, and tell me. Pick anything that you feel like eating.
Aryan: No nothing.
Kakkaji: Not even blue gems?
Aryan: No, you said you will get cake right?
Kakkaji: Ok, let us get some gems and chocolates.
Aryan: No, I don’t want.
Kakkaji: See, you have three of your cousin sisters at home, so let us get some chocolates for them.
Aryan: Ok, then you can get it.

After coming home, I just ate the cake, shared it with Shitija, and also gave all the chocolates to my cousins. I didn’t even touch the gems.

My logic is simple. Once I say NO, nothing can change my decision.

Well, a three yr old should know to say “NO”. Don’t you feel so?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another name for me

“I am a little caterpillar; short and sweet…
This is my tail and this is my antenna…(I hope caterpillars have antennas!!!)
When I come out of my cocoon, I will become one butterfly….
Which color butterfly? Can you please tell me ????"

I like to sing the above poem in the tunes of “I am a little teapot…short and spout….” (Friends, if you don't know this song, come home for exclusive training....)

Question: How did I get this caterpillar name????

The answer: Radhika aunty (Anisha’s Mom) gave me this new name. After that, I was so happy; I was running around giggling whenever I hear her calling me Caterpillar!!!!! Isn’t it so good????? Thanks Anisha's Mom.

Today is blue day in my school. Infact, for me it doesn’t matter. I am always in BLUE and I make sure my Mom is also in BLUE. They should simply inform us when it is NOT a blue day……

Mamma’s Day out

A party organised by my school for all Mammas. It was on 10/9/09. Kids are supposed to sit at home with my Pappas and Mammas are supposed to go to school.
I liked this logic, where Mammas go to school.

As it was a Saturday, Mamma’s office was closed and thus she decided to go. She made breakfast, fed me, and left home by 10 A M. It was a potpourri, where each mamma needs to cook one of the dishes from the menu list. My mamma and cooking???? They are poles apart. She decided to get some sweets from Keshav Reddy shop…thanks to that confectionary opposite to our house.

I was at home with Pappa. I did not disturb him at all. I saw some animal Cds and watched cricket with him. Aryan is a Goo shi now. (Good boy in my code language)
At 1’ o clock, Pappa called Mamma.

Pappa: When are you coming?
Mamma: Another 1 hr?
Pappa: What, Aryan is hungry?
Mamma: Give him Maggie.

Pappa made Maggie. I ate honey loops, Maggie, chips…all those foods that my Mamma tries to avoid from me.

At 2:30, she enters the house happy and smiling.

Party Synopsis: They had a beauty workshop for young mommies, followed by lots of games, activities, prizes/lucky draws…My Mamma also grabbed a James Bond CD (tan…. ta ….daan,, ta ….daaan) as a prize. She got to meet so many masti mommies: Manasa’s mamma, Aarav’s mamma, Sadana’s mamma, Mohit’s mamma, Kush’s mamma, Anshu’s mamma, Anisha’s mamma, Utsav’s mamma, Sandhya Madam and four more mamma’s. (She remembers their name and face, but forgot their kid’s name. Sorry mommies for this faux pas. My mamma seriously needs a memory back up).

My mamma enjoyed a lot and I hope my school organizes such Mamma parties often, where I can also join and see what all these mommies are up to. Well, on such occasions I will not guarantee that I will be a Goo Shii….

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holiday Status Report

Me, being a Host

1.Y aunty with M friend— Y aunty and M friend came home during holidays. I was waiting for their visit. For the first time, my school friend was coming to my house and I was little not sure how to react. They got a beautiful book for me along with blue gems. Thank you Y aunty for the gifts. Together we played in the tent and also I shared my mud truck. But, when the turn came to play and share with my Tetra cycle, I cried …and refused. You know, I need to learn more in this aspect of sharing……

2.R Uncle visit—R Uncle works with my Mom in her office. He dropped with his wife, M aunty. I cannot claim I was a very good boy when they visited. Like a tail, I was always behind my Mamma. R uncle asked me about green dress akka and Monkey episode (Well it has become so famous!!!) R uncle also gave me a very innovative gift—“A difference puzzle, which puzzled me a lot”. I love it and I play with it very often.

“Why everybody bring gifts when they come home?” I asked this question to my Mom after they left. Well, my Mom chooses to ignore such stuff and she did the same here. She should have given me a convincing answer. She needs to learn a lot about how to manage me. I don’t think she can get the MBA (Managing Brilliant Aryan) certificate in near future. The MBA course evolution history is here. I am happy anyway. Thanks R Uncle and M Aunty.

3.My cousins—My cousins, Shruthi and Shithija, came home. I loved playing with them.

Shitija is so much enthusiastic and thrilling that I am dumbstruck with her activities. She never leaves anything untouched or unexplored. Though one yr younger than me, she gave me climbing exercise training session. Now I climb on the wardrobes, grills, windows, dining table, computer table,…..I loved her training session.

Shruthi is bigger than me by two yrs and she knows lot of stuffs. She reads and writes pretty well and is mostly engaged with this activity.

Altogether we had a gala time and I miss them now.

Name game

I have found a new name to my Mom—Mamma Shark

Reason one: Recently she took me to a shopping mall where I saw a big Aquarium. I asked her where is Shark? She pointed towards one big black fish and said, “This is Shark”. (Well, later from my Papa I understood that we don’t get to see Sharks in aquarium.)

Reason two: The other day, she wore one black dress. Completely black dress. First, I called her elephant, and then I called her Shark. I could recall that Black Shark that I saw in Aquarium. So now I call her “Mamma Shark”.

Every day morning when I wake up, I ask her: Mamma Shark, Mamma Shark, no need to go to school today?

Mamma Shark: Aryan fish, you have to go to school today.

Aryan Fish: Mamma Shark, you are a baa Shi…( Baa Bad boy in my code language)

Mamma Shark: Call me Shark, baa shi, elephant, or whatever; you have to GO to school.

Can’t help, but just listen to her………

More and more to write, but Mom is trying to be busy bossy….